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Cold/Seismic/(Dark or Electric?) build help


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Recently made up a defender that ended up leveling pretty fast and already hit 32 on them (I'm a rather slow leveler normally) and realized: there's not much info I can find for builds that include Seismic since it's so new. Also took Leaping as my current only pool power, with SJ, CJ and Acro


It feels like I "want" a lot of the blast attacks which isn't leaving much space for other things? So, basically I'm looking for advice or a build that'd work well. I don't do hardcore endgame stuff and I have some dosh to burn but I wouldn't wanna like, instantly drop 50 mil or something on it, y'know? I don't mind picking a few sets and slowly buying them here and there.

Still only level 32 but leveling pretty fast this time, so probably would be looking for a sort of "all purpose" leveling/casual endgame build.

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     I personally don't know nor am I familiar enough with Seismic Blast to say much beyond sure looks like it is very proc friendly, similar to Radiation Blast.

    Cold Domination can be very slot light if desired.  Ice Shield and Glacial Shield can be just the base slot if desired -> a single LotG def/+rchg.  Or can add slots both to enhance the defense strength of the shields while adding set bonuses.  Since the shields also accept Resist Damage sets as well you can use them to slot a number of those uniques as well.  Infrigidate can be just the base slot as well but it is common to use this for slotting a number of procs (even in builds not otherwise using lots of procs).  Snow Storm this power is often skipped but has its uses with both fans and detractors.  I think in a casual less intense high end build it is probably more useful (teams that don't instantly vaporize the foes).  Very useful for bringing down flyers like Cabal Witches and is a potent slow for soft control.  Does well as a one slot wonder.  Frostwork another often skipped power that has its niche and can be a one slot wonder or set mule.  Arctic Fog not a place I'd generally skimp on slots.  Too many useful IOs and set bonuses to be had.  At minimum 4 slots and I'd probably find myself looking at 6 and wanting more.  Benumb the let's turn them into a squishy kitten power that makes Cold one of the go to sets when a team needs to deal with hard targets (AV/GMs).  Needs enough accuracy/to hit enhancement and buffs (globally or otherwise) to reliably hit the target and as much recharge as you can get.  Heat Loss high end IO builds can get away with minimal slots (~2) but much like Benumb you need to ensure it hits and get as much recharge as you can manage.  It can eliminate endurance issues for a build (and for teammates who stay close enough).


Edit:  Weee, managed to skip right over Sleet.  Another power that demands minimal slotting.  Most important is getting the recharge down and prior to Heat Loss with a short cool down I'd want to reduce the end cost.  I tended to lean towards 2 end/rchg plus or minus a recharge IO.

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