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  1. Pretty much any 4-man team especially IO builds can work but if building a small 'super team' ... I'd have 1 armor/melee/damage character and 3 support or 4 support characters. Next I'd want defense and resists shields/buffers so the team is capped for defense with strong if not capped resists. Healing and end recovery are nice extras particularly if doing challenging content with settings like no inspirations, Temps, or incarnates allowed. I'd tend to avoid Empathy unless you use 3 or more at which point they get nearly indestructible buffing each other and their team (ge
  2. End of my lunch break here, but I'll be back. Earth and Empathy are 2 of my favorite sets.
  3. A few random thoughts. If you plan on primarily teaming, especially on larger teams focus on recharge for mitigation. Defense is fine and all but, Stalagmites is a relatively fast power. The animation is relatively longer and it roots you but it is only 0.733 seconds into the animation before the foes are hit by the stun. Earth has many patches you can drop from around the corner or under total cover where retaliation is impossible. Arctic Fog --> with a stealth IO or Super Speed and you are invisible to the majority of foes so you are almost always initia
  4. @InvaderStych I'd go a step further even and say we want Diverse Teams in the sense of over multiple team compositions and not necessarily within the composition of an individual team. Everything from 8 Empaths or FRads to 8 entirely different ATs with everything in between included, all viable, even if each composition has varying degrees of success.
  5. I like them as an interesting change of pace to the usual mission content. I dislike them for the reasons pointed out in the thread and would love to see some solutions implemented, some suggested above. Save by 'fixing' the vault so it closes or reinstates a protective force field around the item (maybe the force field is really an absorb shield and hence destructible but gives you time to return to handle an ambush). Maybe guards driven away return to their station(s) after your character drives off the supernatural threats. My friends and I would joke about wanting a bu
  6. And you do benefit from doing it over and over. Eventually you can do it without purchase of the recipe, reduced cost, shiny badge(s) and portable workbench. So not quite what the OP envisions but there are benefits for 'becoming better' from repetition. And I for one appreciate the lack of necessity for what would essentially become grinding to get skills increased across a very large number of skills.
  7. And my Claws/SR scrapper 😋 (And pretty much any other SR using AT). We ain't afraid of no defense debuffs (we're a Scrapper, we ain't afraid of nothin' ... till it's too late of course). Her favorite part is that damn autohit Nictus.
  8. ðŸĪŠ They've just suffered from being attacked by a foe who isn't several levels lower than them ... since Rommy is the same level, ouch, ouch, ouchie.
  9. Hmmm, Dark Armor, Dark Miasma, Illusion Control, Mind Control, Mental Manipulation, Presence, Dark Melee, Darkness Manipulation, and Leviathan Mastery all have Fear causing powers. Pulled from the HCwiki and as the article is incomplete this list may be missing a few power sets --> such as Darkness Control which has several powers with a fear component (including Haunt and Umbra Beast) that I know about. Could be wickedly effective even as a small team. Silly amount of To Hit debuff potential resulting in a whiff fest after the foes are attacked and get one return attack to retaliate.
  10. Lol 😆 Though to be fair a single AV vs 8 Controllers of any sort is already in serious trouble in terms of getting perma Held unless they've something above and beyond PToD vs holds to help them out. That's ~25 mag every 3 seconds or so just from their single target holds.
  11. @Riverduskgot it in while I was typing 👍. Earth and Illusion both have something going for them that no other Controllers have. Their pets. More specifically pets whose attacks taunt their target. All of Stoney's attacks carry a mag 4 13.2 sec taunt in addition to their other effects and damage. PA again all attacks carry a mag 4 taunt some at 27.2 sec the rest at 26.66 sec. PA's decoy also has +500% threat modifier for 0.45 sec. I'm guessing the last is to grab attention as the decoy appears, while the rest (the attacks) keeps the attention focused on PA for the du
  12. It was the only zone since I started playing (late i3) that my main was not the first to visit. Tried to zone in and the computer crashed leaving her in 'elsewhere' After several tries to log her in and support tickets I eventually logged in another ... and it rapidly became a favorite.
  13. Well it is a 3.5 ppm proc so at minimum I would expect similar proc rates from damage procs with same value. Both Touch of Lady Grey and Shield Breaker have the same ppm value per CoD
  14. One other thing not mentioned is Earth (Stoney) and Illusion (PA and Phant) pets are the only ones whose pets have Taunt built into their attacks. PA in particular is a long lasting taunt effect, but Stoney is no slouch either.
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