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  1. Thanks, I suspected it was not an issue. From a glance @Akronos has ~54% global accuracy in their build and I probably missed a bonus or two. Gale is less accurate but even there I'm thinking with Tactics running hitting shouldn't be an issue. I'm less confident if they have to turn it off due to end running low however. Dropping a Kismet in CJ might not be a bad idea to counter losing Tactics for whatever reason. Endurance (and missing) on a team is also a bit less critical or likely as other buffs are more likely around. Other small stuff - I see 8 pts kb protection which I ge
  2. I'm not @Coyoteor @VV and have no internet outside this phone to look at or download the build but a few thoughts (and a question or three). Two big questions -> 1) what's your final hit chance in Mids with something like Frost Breath (no accuracy enhancement in the power itself)? I'm thinking it's solid owing to global accuracy plus Tactics but ... and 2) What's your net endurance recovery (I'm seeing a lot of toggles with weak endred slotting. No expert on procs and opinions vary but I thought the consensus was procs in Freezing Rain was 'meh, not worth it'. Owing in
  3. Could make for some weird Hellion Golf ... "Wow hole in 5 with one shot, how did you say to score that again?" Or maybe it is more like skipping stones on the lake in Perez Park "Oh! Had a 5 hopper until it hit that hydra"
  4. And some Blaster pairings just scream "go ahead and just try to play me at range" You could build an Electric/Fire blaster from day 0 in this game. You could build lots of other */Fire blasters but 8 of the 9 powers in the secondary are not ranged or targeted AoEs. They're either PBAoEs, self targeted buffs or melee. Only the t1 Immobilize can actually directly effect a foe at range. Playing one strictly at range, well sure you could do it, you could play an Empathy defender with 1 blast or a Pool Boy pool attacks only build or a petless Mastermind. But it's a real hard sell s
  5. And some powers do it as well. Specifically Surveillance from Munitions Mastery blaster epic. Memories a bit foggy but I believe one of the VEAT powers does this as well.
  6. Mostly about when you take your powers. You get to use powers when within 5 levels and greater of when you acquired them. For example if you exemplar down to run content you'll keep Tactics down to as low as 11th since you picked up Tactics at 16th. If you put off until say 41st you'll only have it from level 36th on up. So the order you take them in game becomes more critical if you do a lot of exemplar content vs anything 45+ (where you can access all your powers). And the lower you regularly go increases the importance of when you take your powers.
  7. You seem to have elements of both in your build (low exemplar and endgame focus). Any powers you particularly want to keep/have or don't want? Edit: There are two threads down the page offering lots of advice and potential builds to take a gander at.
  8. And then exemplar frequently even to lower (~15th) levels? Or mostly endgame content? And welcome home hero!!!
  9. Some of this is because Regeneration buffs, especially strong ones (as in IH levels), are rare, very rare. Now I've fallen a bit out of touch so I may be over looking a new set, but to my knowledge there is exactly one set with the powers needed to boost an SR, Invulnerability or other defense set to IH levels of regeneration. That set is Empathy whose combo of Regen Aura (+500%) plus Adrenaline Boost (+500%) is an unenhanced 1000+ regen rate and about 1600% once enhanced. Give those to a capped SR. It's just plain easier all around at almost all levels to give significant +defense via buf
  10. Came across some CoH game nostalgia of a different sort. Written on 3×5 index cards: 1101 Neuronia's arc 4075 Save the Warrior Clan 13011 Operation Antibody @Coronaviridae 13710 Herolympics @Psyonico 2266 A Few Clowns Short of a Circus @Trickshooter etc.. lists of some of the many player created AE arcs I'd played through
  11. Typically the bonus carries 1 of 7 size names, i.e. Tiny, Small, Moderate, Large, Huge, Gargantuan, and Ultimate. So Tiny Recharge Bonus, Large Recovery Bonus, or Small Accuracy Bonus. So we have two numerically identical bonuses with two different names --> Luck of the Gambler: Recharge Speed and Huge Recharge Bonus both with the numerical value of 7.5%.
  12. Perhaps I wasn't clear it's the combination of Accuracy and To Hit that gets very potent. My example used a proc 120 (Kismet), enhanced Tactics using scrapper values and enhanced FA. If you now add an accuracy buff of 20% from anywhere (sets, enhancements, another hypothetical power) and you will hit most +4 foes 95% of the time. You could subtract out Tactics and replace it with Invincibility and have a similar result (and I'm not very familiar with Bio but going to go out on a limb and say it's going to yield similar results). I think that's an issue. Of course it's already
  13. Well yes it's definitely in the benefits column in a manner similar to countering end consumption via recovery and +end bonuses. Thing is To hit bonuses and Accuracy bonuses are very different. One is additive the other multiplicative. On the other hand that is one of the things that proc monster builds need. They can 'suffer' from both end usage and ability to land their attacks. Having good global accuracy as well as endurance +end and +recovery via sets would be a real benefit no doubt. It just makes me leery because of 1) how easily accuracy combined with rather plentiful
  14. Perhaps incorporate this into the contest "And in the category of Best Description ..."
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