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  1. This. I'd say in the current game where everyone can hit the soft cap if they wish to this is the strength that is key for SR. Other sets can hit the soft cap with ease like SR, but none hang onto it the way SR does because of their Defense Debuff Resistance. SR will typically be dead long before any foes significantly reduce their defense off the soft cap. As an aside it's why I built my Claws/SR the way I did. Health sitting at 2100+, regen at around 32 hp/sec. She just needs an update for some of the new IO's ... another respec/rebuild.
  2. Power Mastery can do crazy good things to end drain and -recovery. As in -200% recovery from Short Circuit alone as well as boosting -endurance.
  3. Check around for @Bill Z Bubba's build. I think it's posted. Be a solid place to start. Mine is around here as well, but 1) it's a bit older more issue 22-23 and 2) focused more on mitigation (lots of health and regeneration)
  4. Yeah I'd give anything to be able to actually download the build and open it with Mids'. But unfortunately my computer died and my internet consists of this phone. Been keeping an eye on the thread about making Mids' a phone app. If you haven't you can go into Mids' and adjust your base to hit. The tab says something about exemplar and effects iirc. Set your base to hit to 39%. That's the equivalent of fighting +4's. (Base against +0 mobs is 75% by comparison). If your powers accuracy is still over 95% then you should be good outside of mobs that have actual +defense or to hit debuffs. Kismet provides a +To Hit bonus (not accuracy despite what the description says) The Kismet proc is probably the easiest thing to alter. Adding Tactics, more set bonuses for +accuracy being another couple options but that requires more alterations to achieve. Kismet is a defense set. The proc can go into any of your defense powers. Just swap it out where you think best ... I frequently use combat jumping, but I wouldn't want to lose the LotG, but if you have a slot to move ... .
  5. Totally agree with Werner ... following his advice is pretty much always the correct thing to do.
  6. 2 quick thoughts. First what's it say your accuracy is in Mids' on the power(s) in question? Second I didn't see a Kismet +6% IO in the build, add one (unless I missed it).
  7. Rereading all the tattoos on poor Mr Ed ... and had a chuckle as a ight bulb clicked on. Incarnate nuke 40 tgt, aggro cap 17 ... 23 foes nuked for free, sort of (the other 23 are merely waiting for the list to shrink)
  8. And get the +endurance accolades. 110 base End makes everything +recovery a little bit better.
  9. If I follow you --> 3.14 - 1.34 leaves you under 2.00 end/sec to use attacks (that aren't toggles as well). That is going to leave you dry pretty quick. I personally shoot for over 2.5 end/sec recovery. Going off lunch break, back later.
  10. Or how about Self Inflicted Golf!?? There's a mission where you find Rikti Bombs, on a large outdoor map with lots of elevated catwalks (a fairly common map). Anyway back on Live my Scrapper and a friend's blaster were doing it and we found one bomb up on some of the highest catwalks on the map. He was next to the bomb and ... we both about died laughing when his blaster with zero KB protection went flying when the bomb blew. And I mean FLEW! He must have sailed halfway across this huge map from the bombs KB with all the altitude he had up on that catwalk.
  11. I find myself currently unable to get online. The computer up and died on me and between Covid-19 and finances getting a new one is problematic right now. When you get right down to it out of the twenty-ish characters created in the 4 months or so since discovering HC (and computer death) there's only a couple names I'd be bummed to come back and find gone. 1 is safe having hit 50+, the second ... I'm thinking it's safe as it's unlikely to get copied, I think. Irony there is it's a remake of a Live character ... but on Live I made a typo when spelling the name. So if it gets copied by some oddness I'd be fine and very used to the using the mispelled version as her 'new' name as I really doubt both would be unavailable. The rest would just get a new moniker. Perhaps that another idea for things one could earn for vet levels. Maybe every 'x' vet levels earned the global gets a 'safe' token to apply to a sub 50 character who then becomes immune to rename.
  12. At one point Repeat Offenders created a redside version of Green Machine -->Greed Machine. 5 of us ended up in the mission trying fight ourselves. Whew was that an ugly, nasty fight though we did succeed after a couple tries.
  13. It varies, positional defenses on my SR's, last hit chance and then it can be many things often depending on AT in conjunction with 1 or 2 chat tabs monitoring combat stuff.
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