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  1. I'd love to look closer at the build. But can't use Mids, computer's dead. Appears the damage is vs +0's judging by the screen shot. Accuracy showing as based off 105 (i.e 1.4 nuke acc mod * 75 base). How's it look vs +4's?
  2. Never heard there was an actual bonus for shorter times. Speed runs are more the result of efficiency. You could take an hour and kill all/most and get one completion bonus or do it in 10 minutes and get 6 completion bonuses. (The fastest ITF time listed in the thread elsewhere in General Discussion is sub 8 minutes)
  3. Just going to post this again. It's in an article currently in the HCwiki lifted from a forum post on Live by Castle. Threat = Damage * Debuff mod * AT mod * AI mod * Range mod * (TauntDurationRemaining * 1,000). Enemies keep a threat list and will aggro onto the character with the highest threat value on their list. While there are more than a few values in that equation that aren't known or well understood (AI mod and Range mod, in particular) there doesn't appear to be any modifier in the equation for "Buff". An Empath, or any character, will generate some threat merely by being present and 'detected' by a mob (and this where the unknown AI and Range mods probably explain some of the behavior noted by @Scientist). What the Floor values these mods have is unknown near as I can tell. A number of Powers also not only provide +stealth but provide negative threat. The article makes no mention if negative threat stacks. I'm also going to go out on what I suspect is a very sturdy limb and say the AI mod (and several of the other mods) are probably equations of their own simplified for the overall equation and probably include things like ambush modifiers and trigger values for running away when a level 50 obliterates the Hellion in AP (to pick an extreme case).
  4. Well one clone is a Rad blast/RadEm user with Enervating Field, Lingering Radiation and all the -defense blasts you could imagine. Could certainly floor your defense and make everyone hit you. Even well resisted that would be a lot of incoming damage. That's one quick thought from someone who has yet to do it on HC but ran it numerous times on Live.
  5. Google is a weird place. I confirmed this while listening and watching my son with his speech therapist. They were singing "old McDonald had a farm" and somehow the discussion turned to 'what does a Camel sound like. Google has the answer which had everyone looking at me suddenly when I played it ... ðŸĪŠ
  6. Just going to add a few thoughts. Focused Senses does provide +perception and should help against Stealthed Foes and against being Blinded. Arachnos being the major offenders here. Tactics at 50th might exceed the +perception of Focused Senses but I am not sure as it varies by AT and I've no idea how tanks scale. It can be upwards of nearly 50% stronger which I suspect is the defender end of the AT scaling. It also passes this benefit on to any teammates/allies in range a huge benefit against Arachnos and others causing the 'Blind" condition. Unfortunately I am limited to a phone and can't look at Mids so unsure if you've capped your DDR, but given your slotting I'd be very surprised if you haven't (at 95%). If you have most likely you'll never get significantly defense debuffed by anything ... you'll be dead before that happens in all likelyhood. Although I think Billz could speak to that better than I. My only experience there is as a solo scrapper, not tank but I've certainly managed to annoy towers worth of Cimerorans and multiple mobs of Arachnos and the like with my scrapper. As for Weave and the defense cap, you currently don't have either +defense unique so adding both is a quick +6% defense (all).
  7. I don't even bother with putting it on auto anymore. Between capped defenses, global recharge for plenty of time to click at my convenience and the ability to click if I get scrapper locked and forget while moving between spawns means on a very rare occasion I get bounced embarrassingly on my arse. Even more rarely would I get mezzed (and now that's solved by a click when, oops, needed).
  8. Plant/Storm, Claws/SR, Earth/Storm, Electric/Fire, Cold/Ice, Dark/Rad, Fire/Energy, Fire/Kin are all older sets I've enjoyed. There's (unfortunately for the indecisive) a bunch of newer sets and proliferation in the last few issues from just pre Sunset to here on HC. Sentinels are a whole new AT. And the leveling pace even without 'power leveling' is rapid if one desires it. In short pick 1 or 10 and level them all and see what catches your attention. You've got literally a 1000 slots a server and transfer between servers are earned steadily making moving between servers easy ... let your altitis run rampant.
  9. 😁😁😁😁😁 Welcome home. Pretty much any AT and power sets can farm. Particularly if you don't really care how fast and you are talking a level 50+Incarnate build. We have Empaths doing solo runs of the ITF at max difficulty. That said for getting back into things your melee AT's are generally going to have an easier time of it for someone returning to the game and don't need to be as tricked out/Incarnate builds where system mastery is as needed to do it. Basically jump in and have fun. PS: While my computer wasn't quite so ancient it was old enough to go kaput on me and I was nervous about playing on a lousy slow hotspot connection. While getting started downloading an old SG mate reminded me the game was playable on dial up ... yeah it's that old and it ran smoothly until the computer's legs gave out on me
  10. Does that suppress all your graphics and not just Hurricane but Steamy Mist etc.?
  11. @MoonlighterI may have missed it but what power sets, AT are you running?
  12. While story content at any level would be great if resource intensive what's being asked for, I believe, is more variety in level 50 (high level) zone mobs, in particular in and around Portal Corp.
  13. For me the bio or lack thereof is often related to why the character was created. Some most definitely have an origin story and background. Others were created to see how X or Y or X/Y power sets work and a backstory doesn't really exist though I may develop one over time. The some what unfortunate commonality is even if they have an extensive story is it rarely gets written out in the bio. I just want to get in game and continue the story (or see how the sets play). But every now and then I get motivated 🙂
  14. Never played in a game where that was the case, but that is definitely what I see pointed out as the cause for this concern in CoX.
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