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  1. So has "The care and feeding of your Scrapper" been reposted to HC or do I need to go to the Live forum archives for that bit of nostalgia?
  2. That's a very nice build above. I tend to lean towards recommending slotting Resurrect with an EndRdx rather than Rech simply because combining inspires makes it very easy to get an Awaken and then fire off CM and most of the time the team isn't going to sit around for multiple minutes waiting on Resurrection to recharge to get everyone back up. But overall I doubt it makes much difference what you place in the slot. Mostly I see it as a way to rapidly get one critical (at that moment) character back in action ... the Dark with Howling for example with multiple down or who ever is holding Recluses' aggro during a Statesman's TF. And even with Vigilance the End cost could still be substantial. Similarly I'd go with Range in CM though I doubt it makes much difference in reality. It cuts the time on an already very short recharge time by a miniscule amount vs maybe reaching that character just out of 'normal' range. The only changes I'd really try to lean towards would be slotting in Recovery Aura and Adrenalin Boost both of which I'd like to see with more overall Recharge (and slotting) but that would be a detriment to the goal of the build i.e. defense in particular. Maneuvers, Weave and Scorpion Shield would be where I'd look loosing a slot from each (the Def/EndRdx/Rchg IO) which with Agility is a very small net gain to the values gained from that slot. Incarnate stuff is a case of overkill most of the time with all the buffs flying around in leagues.
  3. The only other thoughts coming to mind are try using the temp power "Power Analyzer" or similar power (Surveillance iirc) . Been awhile but I believe those are the correct names of those powers.
  4. Interesting, I actually stopped placing PB on auto as it tended to interrupt what ever I was doing. Every now and then I get reminded I forgot to click it. I'd get bounced across the map by some KB as a reminder. Interestingly I rarely got mezzed which says something about about the amount of KB vs mez in the game.
  5. I find that first I get to the softcap via powers, no set bonuses necessary. The next decision then becomes whether to use sets bonuses for a very high recharge build or to focus on building for max survivability. I've found I typically go for survivability. I never really felt my end usage at lower levels was anymore problematic than any other randomly picked paring of sets. Some are easier and some can be more rough.
  6. I'd probably go with only -4 mag protection (or bump it up to 12). The vast majority of the time 4 is enough and often when 4 isn't neither is 8 points of protection.
  7. I think my sarcasm meter is busted. It has pinned itself to the red zone and just twitches occasionally.
  8. I am unable to open the build on my phone. But I'll take a look at it soon as I can. From which powers are you gaining that protection?
  9. IIRC the breakpoint is around mag 0.67. Enough so, for example, Focus from the Claws set would KD but not KB.
  10. We're you hitting him with Howling Twilight? Unfortunately life and a dead harddrive conspired to keep me out of the game towards the end and I was curious about the being unable to hurt him much part?
  11. Having read your first post (and the thread) I'd say there's a conflict between the desired play style and Traps. A Huntsman would definitely be a better match for someone wishing to "stay far away and shoot". Traps at least while trying to move fast needs to be right smack in the middle of the action. The AR side of things is very much a ranged set and with Traps is probably best for inviting the next mob(s) over to join you in the debuffs.
  12. Grab the accolade Geas of the Kind Ones. In addition to the Recovery boost and a not insignificant +to hit bonus it offers a +100% recharge bonus.
  13. Oh that sounds like a lot of baddies getting dropped (via Wormhole) into a pile of Acid Mortars, Poison Gas and Trip Mines.
  14. Found a copy of my planned but not realized build (life and NCsoft) to update my Fire/Nrg for i23 or so. Need to take into account the new proc mechanics and quicksnipe. Thoughts? Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Soulfire Lily_FireBlastEnergyManipulation (v1.00.i23 Incarnate) - Blaster (Fire Blast).mxd
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