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  1. Would this be a Line drawn in the sand? Sorry couldn't resist 😋
  2. I would guess you're probably right. It's very likely linked to spawn and or AoE caps (at least outside Incarnate content). But why +1 over. If for an AV why not just adjust the AV ai in threat mechanics? What is different about 1 over vs +3 or +1/team size? Did they have a specific reason or did it just work well in internal testing? Inquiring minds want to know 😜
  3. And to be clear that Rule of Five applies to the name of the bonus not the actual numeric value. My Empathy builds often try to employ 5 LotG and 5 Panacea both of which are 7.5%.
  4. I'd be more curious as to why they picked 17 as the cap. Why did folks who were presumably much more familiar with the values and mechanics of the game pick 17 over 15 or 30 or 200? I pretty sure even when it appears they just tossed darts at the board they had a more specific reason(s). If not then even that conveys meaning as to their thought on its significance. Beyond that I see no strong or particular reason to change the existing value(s) to the threat and aggro mechanics.
  5. Almost, there's one more --> Siren's Song. And to 'add' to the misery neither Shockwave or Siren's Song carry the -resist debuff. Apparently adding KB and Sleep are sufficient to make it too much to retain the -resist.
  6. Well it is massive but also heavily resisted, particularly against a +4 end game AVs. Probably netting you about -3% up to around -6% with a +3 incarnate shift vs a lvl 54 assuming a starting debuff of around -44% (which, iirc, is about what a well enhanced Hurricane is worth for a Controller)
  7. This, at least the few times I did PvP back on Live. And really that's the issue PvE side as well. A lone sapper can be very effective at draining end. Problem is even if done very rapidly damage is also very rapid (especially against lower ranks). And one defeats while the other renders the foe helpless. Pretty much only foes which have a lot of health relative to their endurance is draining to helpless fast enough to become an effective form of mitigation while reducing the target health. This is most true of AV's where they have 10s of thousands of health. It becomes much easier to sap a few hundred endurance than 30000+ health even if both effects are highly resisted.
  8. Didn't even need to be a Tank. I was maybe level 6 in issue 3 when I saw my first huge herd. I was in the Hollows when this level 50 Stormie came flying by with what seemed like every Troll, Ogre, Skull,CoT and Outcast from the Skyway entrance to almost the Atlas entrance in tow as I plastered my lowbie self to the War Wall hoping not to be noticed.
  9. Well yes if you're running a classic mode type of character or on SOs only or any of a number of things players might be doing these days to bring back the old feelings ... But if you're an "issue 26" Blaster with invention sets and capped defenses maybe not so much. Getting them to stay and get fried by Hot Feet, Burn and Fire Sword Circle while taking the risk they might smack you one is likely considerably more desirable. It's one of the many ways the game has changed, often dramatically, over the years. But yes I'd want the mag 3 Afraid in there. There are many ways to make them stay/reduce the scatter if wanted and the option to do it old school if desired remains. Remove the Afraid and the later option no longer exists, old school simply gets pounded by angry AI.
  10. This and it is a bit set dependent. As an Elec/Fire Blaster all my secondary except the t1 Immobilize are either melee or PBAoE. I will be in middle of the spawn. And further many of those attacks are also DoTs or tics as well ... so the whole waiting for the HF tics is practically happening anyway at least until I get very used to getting a feel for when the DoT is going to down a mob. At the moment I'd hate to think about how much of my dmg ends up burning corpses.
  11. Duh! Somewhere in the back of my brain I knew that ... how else would i run into Kheld ATs in issue 3 when my newbie self was in the Hollows or see level 52 Malta running through Kings Row.
  12. So when you reach 40 ... still returning to normal play? Or maybe only 'advance' to issue 5 or 6? when they added play to level 50? 🙂
  13. Or going to Monkey island to get the badge.
  14. So a cat girl (cat boy?) Claws scrapper? More seriously I've done this on Live though it was a different SG than the Iron Eagles mentioned above. You had to leave the SG upon defeat. Your choice at that point to either delete or just leave and keep playing outside the SG. Mine, a Traps/Fire got to 20th then whoops over aggro'd and didn't ... withdraw soon enough. The SG did have several lvl 50's including a few Incarnates (though iirc only the Alpha slot was available the last time I was aware of who got to what).
  15. 🙄 yes, if within their perception range you'll create some minimum threat even with the fact all the parts are multiplied by '0' damage ... it's suspected the floor is actually set to 1. I've used that fact on lowbies to pull on Live before vet attacks and similar options didn't yet exist. Fought a lot of Vahz in particular as a scrapper that way. Of course on a team you're likely at or sharing the bottom of the threat list of any foe when not attacking.
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