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  1. Transfusion requires hitting the foe. Numina's has no Acc enhancement. My computer is no more so I can't currently use Mids but do you have enough global accuracy to make your final hit chance 95+%? Similar issues in other powers. Procs are great but you need to hit for them to deal damage. Assault needs endurance reduction not recharge. Oppressive Gloom personally I would just go with the base slot. It's a big part of why you don't need melee defense. Between its stun and your mobility you shouldn't need much melee defense. Tactics I would have much earl
  2. Until you find yourself capping your damage in combat attributes (or at least nearly so) for most fights slot your attacks for damage not to enhance their debuff. Later Tactics should negate the need for defdebuff. Be aware the Numina's special is a proc 120. It will trigger 100% of the time and last 120 seconds thereafter. Meaning you need to fire Transfusion every 120 sec or less to maintain the buff from the proc. Probably not an issue but something to be aware of when using it in a click power. When using Mids I will turn on the accolades but usually turn off the cl
  3. Nope. There's a group/SG running "Issue Zero" characters along with various other 'hardcore' variants. Be self restricting can readily be done. What can't be readily done by a player is the opposite (i.e. Cake server stuff)
  4. Wouldn't surprise me but offhand I don't recall a poll. It has been discussed a number of times.
  5. Perhaps, if curious, about how many would be interested in SO play only you should include this as a selectable option. There's also a lot, a LOT, of devils in the details related to your second option -> yes depending on the restrictions. Overall I'm in the camp of: There's another CoX server that does this already (isn't there?). I really prefer not to further divide the player base to yet another shard. Null is already a pretty busy bird but this sort of option or as part of a notoriety setting would be better. Maybe add links to the several related discussio
  6. In general since procs aren't effected by AT mods Defenders benefit the most from procs. But procs are something I was just starting to look at when my computer died so I'm definitely no expert on them currently.
  7. No Dorothy you cannot click your heels together once. If you want to go to Kansas it has to be 3 distinct clicks.
  8. Not so much that it doesn't do anything as it is a very limited number of foes that do both more than 4 and still less than 8. Now if for some reason you're regularly fighting those foes because you enjoy some content where you encounter them more often it might be worth it or you're a melee oriented AT or build might go that way but often in those cases those are the builds that will go to 12. And if your build doesn't build to the soft cap or above you'll tend to get hit more often increasing the need for protection. And last, plain and simply, your tolerance for getting knocked around.
  9. Nah, that's just the power of IO's + the sheer variety of Defenders available in the game. There are a LOT of very solo capable Defender sets out there any more.
  10. On a Stalker with Hide I'd agree but on some sets and powers it's almost incidental-->Steamy Mist + SS + stealth IO or while niche can be useful, for instance, getting close enough to use Flash Arrow to Blind foes to the presence of the whole team.
  11. Yes, the Drone will detect you at 35ft. Note there are powers out there that debuff perception (Flash Arrow and Smoke, for example) and will 'Blind' them reducing their perception to 0ft. Careful using any procs in those powers as they can end up 'notifying' the mob, causing them the aggro on you. Aggro (your Threat) decays with time. If you have aggro and mobs are after you evading them while not getting hit and they will eventually give up (assuming they aren't ambushers targeting you). Not the speediest or current meta but 'hit and run' does work.
  12. Or are you referring to how some costume pieces that you used to earn (Cimeroran?) are now available at start and for nostalgia reasons want to 'earn' them again? Disclaimer: I'm not anywhere near as capable in the creator as many so ...
  13. Not to mention those inspirations are bigger and multi-functional compared to Kora Fruit. I'd still do it thou for the nostalgia and the scenery. And for other readers: -> Secret sub base in AP = Fort Trident on map. You can (or could at least) spend hero merits here at B.O.T.L.E.R. as I recall and start/talk to the TFC contacts as well (haven't poked my head in there in a while). -> Grandville torture room = secret dev office. Originally it was intact but with one of Live updates it was trashed and inhabited by Arachnoids.
  14. My Empaths need a lot more reason to actually bother with Rez when ... ... basically what @Yoru-hime said.
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