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  1. Generally I wouldn't chase +regen on a /Regen I'd be after +recharge to get your click heals and click regen back asap. I know the old Live forums had thread(s?) about juggling Archmage(accolade power), MoG, and Shadow Meld plus uniques, Maneuvers, Weave and sets as base to maintain high if not capped defenses 24-7(or close to). PS: Computer up and died so can't see your build currently.
  2. My Claws/SR had/has both Aid Another and Aid Self ... they make great mules for +health, +regen set bonuses 🤪 My computer has gone and died on me so I can't see the build. Ensure your ddr is 95%+. If it is then aim for about 46 or 47% positional defense or if wanted the I-cap for around 60 to 61% defense. (That would give you a couple percent to buffer against defdebuff). Generally from what I've seen you rarely would need the i-cap vs the soft cap. There's so many buffs flying plus inspires you'll be there and likely well beyond. Unless you plan on trying to solo Incarnate league content then maybe. I generally shoot for a net end recovery of 2.5 end/sec or better. I wouldn't go in heavily for recharge (Quickness and +LotG recharge plus incidental bonuses should be plenty) but rather +health and +regen. Between health, S/L resists, +regen you'll be very sturdy. I.e. there's a big difference between 1700 health and 18 hp/sec and 2100 and 30hp/sec when it comes to survival. Don't drop Divine Avalanche too readily. 1) unless you plan on Never running lower level content/TF's. 2) Unless memory serves me incorrectly DA will take a LotG +recharge ( defense IO's in general). That is not to say not to keep it maxed for damage. 3) if for some reason you are NOT at the I-cap (perhaps as a design intent plus somehow not picking up Barrier, shields from teammates, etc..) you're still a quick DA from cap at least vs melee and lethal. Okay enough wall of text, hope it helps.
  3. Currently there are 3 different IO's offering -resist procs I believe. I believe the 3 different IO's should stack with each other but not themselves. Edit: Not familiar enough with Beam to know if it can slot each of them or not
  4. I'd also agree with the above posters, including the comments about end use and the fear in tornado ... tornado and PA kind of working at odds with each other you'll be safe enough but occasionally find them aggro'ing adds when mobs are close as they give chase. /Rad does have AM which will help with end management
  5. To Kaballah's list I would add Kismet +6% "accuracy" (which is actually +6% to hit). It's really hard to have too much To Hit bonus.
  6. But oh so much fun to get multiple foes and you crit!!!
  7. Doomguide2005


    This is a very tough scrapper pairing. I've never done Inv but I've been on my Claws/SR and watched a SG mates DM/ Inv tank Recluse on a STF that could easily have been a Masters run. (Memories are too old to recall if it actually was)
  8. Or turn everything off ... the value of what's left might provide a clue to what's turned on/bugged
  9. Probably the big thing I see recommended is the kb to kd IO's so as to reduce scattering the mobs to keep them close for Tornado and LS as well as not sending them out of Freezing Rain. Then when possible the FF +recharge proc to help get them back up again
  10. Yeah, Freezing Rains contribution to damage is indirect. It debuffs defense and resistance with the resistance making yours and your teammates attacks do more damage. The -resist IO's when they trigger further boost damage of attacks against the debuffed mob.
  11. Yes. I'd go recharge, endred and procs, particularly the Achilles -resist IO . I'd also find out how recharge in the power effected the proc rate something I'm still learning about myself.
  12. And something not mentioned often but I think is true is /Regen can do very well to lower levels as an exemplar particularly with Broadsword and Katana owing to Parry (combined with the slots and global recharge of an exemplar build) .
  13. Storm is going to be a major contributor to your damage output and as a controller tornado and lightning storm are going to come later than on a defender, well after SO's are useable. So while SO's will help up damage the bigger jump will be after those Storm powers well as Freezing Rain are slotted and in use.
  14. If you're an /SR brute you should readily be able to reach the soft cap. It's almost possible to do so with basic (non-set IO's). Having computer issues at the moment so I can't see the build, but I'll post some thoughts later
  15. I can recall watching a friend load up on break frees, enter Rest, pop all those break free then move while still kneeling in Rest into the lava and survive 🤪
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