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Hybrid Incarnate XP


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So, during the Map Server event, I noticed that my new level 50 character opened the Alpha slot with a quickness. Certainly not going to complain about that. 

While I was looking at the incarnate XP roll in, I noticed something that may have been occurring for years, but I'd never noticed. 
Given that 2xp is supposed to expire when you ding 50, I'm not sure why, but I was earning no influence during the Map Server event. Further investigation suggests that when the incarnate slots are unlocked, the inf will begin to be earned. 

So, armed with a few threads, given the scale of 10x, I thought perhaps it might be worth using a few threads and some inf to unlock the slots faster. Well, at 1M per 2%, I determined it really wasn't worth it to me. But, then, I looked again, and noticed that there was no way to blow influence and threads to unlock the hybrid slot.  

It's not a complaint; just something I noticed. So, I figured I would make this suggestion: enable us to blow some inf and/or threads and unlock the incarnate slots. It can be the same horrific exchange that there is for the Alpha/Judgement/Interface & Alpha/Destiny/Lore slots. 

As much as I'd love a "1 Billion for t-4 in all" as an inf sink, that might take one too many carrots away from this donkey and remove any motivation to move. But spending some inf to open a slot faster, even though it's a waste of inf, it would be something I would use from time to time. 

Even more often if it were just inf as opposed to inf & threads. 

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