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Electric/Sonic Build Request


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So that build breaks mids for me in terms of the advanced totals... Some comments... All my opinion of course!!


- Blasters are there to kill stuff. Some control is nice but you've invested heavily in slots on things that don't do much damage with Sonic Thrust & Tesla Cage. 

- Slotting wise, CJ generally only needs the one LoTG IO. The defence is paltry and not worth enhancing. For Stamina, the +Rec toggles that blasters recently got made Stamina a 1 slot power for me in most of my blaster builds.

- I don't tend to bother with Acrobatics. It's another toggle, and only protects against KB (which can be shored up with IOs) and Holds. Stun & Sleep will still get you. Clarion (Destiny) is a better pick for Blaster mez protection at i50, with BFs keeping you sane until then.

- Building for resist on a blaster is (I find) a waste of time. They have low HP and if you pick up agro, you will be dead very quickly no matter what your resists. The idea I play to is to kill it before it kills you. I tend to get Ranged & S/L Def for the majority of my protection and it works well most times. Better to have most attacks miss, than most attacks land at 50% damage or whatever. For that reason I'd drop the entire Force Mastery pool. If you're worried about cascading defence failure, and it happens, it's likely Resist wouldn't have saved you anyway.


If you're looking to get Scorpion shield and have fly, this is the sort of build I'd go for...




A bit of room to mess about with this. As it stands, you have 48 def to S/L and 43 def to ranged. All your big hitting attacks are max slotted. Sonic Thrust & Sound Cannon probably need playing about with or even dropping from the build depending on what you like. Sonic Thrust is a placeholder for 4 Kin Combats for the S/L def so if you dropped them both (you can't actually drop Thrust but you can ignore it) you'd lose a bit of S/L defence and gain one power pick and 8 slots. Personally I'd probably keep 'em with KB-KD IOs in there and use them to knock stuff down and proc the +Rech IO. No Hasten in the build, but I'm not sure it needs it as you have plenty to choose from attack wise.


Tough is a placeholder for the unique IOs and doesn't get turned on. Resists are utterly pathetic, but that's how I roll with most of my blasters and rarely have a problem. My ethos is to hit hard and fast.


No travel power other than flight, but with Afterburner it's not too bad and Hover blasting is fun although with Short circuit and the Melee AoE you might want to spend a bit more time in melee. My Elec/Elec is the most melee blaster I have and has a ton of fun.


Hope that helps!

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