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Praetor Tilman's "Down in the Slums" Mission


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This isn't really a bug per se, but it is an unintended consequence.  Page Three made some Arachnos Wolf Spiders female, and some Arachnos Fortunatas male.


In the mission "Down in the Slums" by Praetor Tilman, you are tasked with capturing an Arachnos Fortunata.  The one I got in that particular mission was most definitely male.  Yet, when I turned in the mission, Praetor Tilman/Mother Mayhem says: "This little girl you brought me is very interesting, as is the news that she has.  It seems she met with our little Vanessa DeVore herself."  The dialogue continues with many more references of the Fortunata being female.


So you may want to re-write the dialogue to be more gender agnostic, or lock down the Fortunata appearing in that mission to be female if possible.

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Good Catch. Maybe they can set it to only spawn the female version for this mish.

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