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Anniversary Badge / Expericened Temp Power


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Some of my characters are not getting the pop-up for the anniversary badge and are also not getting the charges added to the Experienced power. It's not consistent though. When it happens, the character does get the badge but not the popup or power. Some of the characters have not logged in since last year and still have Experienced. But I have other characters where the charges were added so the existence of the power isn't the trigger. Maybe the length of time they have been offline?

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I came to report the exact same issue. It happened to me last year and just happened twice in a row to 2 alts I haven't logged in since last anniversary (May 2021). Exactly as Griffyn reports:

-Log in on a character without the current anniversary badge (both had not logged in since May 2021)

-No Badge notification in the chat channel nor anniversary pop up shown

-No Experienced charges awarded (still had 5 from last year - I know they were there from last year because they were already in a side tray. Newly awarded characters have to be dragged into side trays).

-Looking in my badge list, the Unquenchable badge is awarded as of today


My best guess is that the check to see if it was already awarded has a defect so the notification, pop up, and Experienced is skipped; though the badge award must be done separately.


@Griffyn Did the characters that had this issue log in since last anniversary? That is the only commonality I can see as to why it appears to happen intermittently.

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