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Storm, Nature, Water Blast, Seismic... help me mixing them :)


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I have several ideas and characters in mind, but only limited time, as everyone ūüėõ¬†


I want to play Nature/ and Storm/, and I want to pair them with /Water and /Seismic


How would you pair them and why?



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Not sure there's a wrong answer here, as any of the four combinations will work well. I'm currently leveling a Nature/Seismic (currently lvl 43) and having a good time with it. /Seismic has many opportunities for procs and offers a fair amount of mitigation via KD. I might be inclined to pair Storm/Water in order to stack Freezing Rain with Whirlpool.

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Storm/Water, Nature/Seismic.   You keep at least minimal healing and utility with both pairs.  Water give the heal and utility to Storm, while Seismic gives Utility to Nature that already has a heal.


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