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Give Fusionette the Blue Donut (And Her Boyfriend)

El D

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So, this is a silly/minor cosmetic suggestion, but after running a Market Crash in Kallisti Wharf last night I trained up at Fusionette... who is using the original donut emote.




Except now, we've got more options! Including the Blue Sky donut, which looks like this.




Given how her entire aesthetic is 'blue and white,' I just figured she ought to have the matching donut.


Heck, toss in Faultline chilling nearby with a whole box of them so he can hang out with his girlfriend. Could even make him another trainer or a contact for future Kallisti mission content (or an interactable NPC with an amusing dialogue tree based on prior completed arcs the pair appear in).

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Global is @El D, Everlasting Player, Recovering Altaholic.

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