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Quick Numbers Question: Endurance Red or Endurance Mod for Nova

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Math makes my head hurt and a search for "Endurance Mod" on this board gave no results.
So easy question for someone good at math:

For my Nova forms slots, should I put in End Reduction or Endurance Modification?

I'm guessing that the Endo Mod will be inferior compared to Red if I'm just running the power, but once you start attacking, will the Endo Mod make up the difference in my overall Endurance Usage.

Right now (esepcially if I'm getting a speed buff) I'm finding I'm having to use End Inspirations to keep up with my Endurance usage in a full power rotation using the AOEs.


(NOTE: I'm only talking about the slots for Nova Form power itself, obviously I'm using End reductions in the attack powers themselves.)

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