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Powers for Fortune Teller Char


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Hey first time posting, happy to be back!


I am working on a Fortune Teller themed character and was struggling to choose powers that: fit the theme and. more importantly, highly useful in team play.


I would like the powerset to be the jack-of-all-trades, offering soloing capabilities, strong team support, a splash of pvping viability.


Some options I was considering:

Night Widow: Fortunata

Psi/? Blaster

Psi/? Corruptor

Illusion/? Controller

Mind/? Controller or Dominator

Empath/? Healer


It doesn't have to be totally thematically compatible, for example, I'm willing to do a Mind/Rad Controller if it offers the strongest support option to a team.


Simply looking for opinions on the matter, any and all replies are welcome and appreciated!


Thank you!

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At it's core, someone who can see the future is going to have high accuracy and defense bonuses, and/or will be able to give said bonuses to the rest of the team.


Someone with super reflexes and the leadership pool would probably be the purest expression of the concept. A sentinel and their inherent power would seem to be the perfect fit. Your attack power could be whatever you like. I'd stick with "natural" sets, probably archery or pistols.


All that said, anything can work. Hell, you could be an empathy defender and say that when you heal or Rez someone the damage never actually happened, what everyone just saw was a vision of a possible future you prevented with your warnings. You could be a mind controller and say that you're using your knowledge of the enemies secrets to manipulate them.

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I was just going to add the super reflexes bit...

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