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Munitions Mastery: invisible weapons


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On a Dual Pistols Blaster with Munitions Mastery, the AR model for the Munitions Mastery powers is entirely invisible. It can be forced to appear by customising it at a tailor, but that causes one of the pistols to disappear. I assume this is a bug with having three customisable weapons introduced with Issue 24's pool customisation, and that the game is currently only equipped to deal with two.


Edit: Specifically, the right pistol and the AR are both saving to slot 13 in the costume file.

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Munitions Mastery has an odd interaction with Beam Rifle too. Both weapons are trying to use the same weapon slot. All your attacks will use the last weapon you customized, and whichever category you didn't pick, you'll see a phantom charge for that weapon in the tailor (though you don't actually get charged for it).


Actually, I'm fine with the Munitions powers coming out of my beam rifle, or allowing the APP to unlock assault rifles for use with beams. It's annoying that I redraw the same weapon for Munitions powers though, and not great for people who wanted to carry an armory of separate guns.


If you really wanted to knuckle down and do a bunch of work, you could move Munitions to another weapon slot (should probably do that anyway, for the sake of Dual Pistols), give it a No Redraw option, and also allow Beam Rifle and Munitions to add each other's weapons to their respective categories.

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