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Sensu Bean


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First off, can someone remind me how to paste Mids on the forums ??


I just hit lvl 46 on my defender, named Sensu Bean.  I have a few questions on slotting, what powers to keep, suff like that.  Once i figure out how to use Mids again, ill post the build i'm currently using.  First question, i find i picked O2 Boost, over Gale, but i find i rarely use either skill, how do you slot O2 Boost ??  Second question, do you guys use Thunder Clap or Tornado, if so, how do you slot them ??  Third question, do you guys keep Energy Torrent and Explosive Blast, and if so i find i'm slotting them 2 Acc, 3Dmg, 1End Rdx ??  You will also notice that i picked up the medicine pool, found it fit the character concept.  However, i find i'm barely using those skills.  I think thats all for now.

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ok, lets see if this works:


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

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At work so I don't have access to mids, but...

Gale imo is better than o2 boost, you can 2 slot it with a kb to kd IO and a Force Feedback proc, and it works as a pretty good damage mitigation tool. Mind you since you're /energy blast, it's usefulness may be a bit redundant.


Thunderclap is useful if you have another source of stun to stack with it, as TC has a mag 2 stun it won't stun bosses on its own.


Tornado is an amazing damage tool, however it really requires a kb to kd IO so that mobs don't get tossed from it and it can maximize how many damage ticks it does on a target or targets.


Energy Torrent is similar in design to Gale, although the cone is 45° vs Gale's 80°. Energy Torrent does a little more damage though, i would have one or the other personally and I like Gale's Arc better.


Explosive Blast isn't the most damage but it's useful for it's AoE potential.


You have a choice on a storm/energy defender. You can go ham on KB and if you master it will make you a better player, but requires significant positioning to effectively use some of your powers. A vast majority of the player base though will not have patience for you to do that especially if you're not a master at it to begin with as it can scatter mobs and slow the XP and influence/hour.


You can pay in as a power tax to change kb to kd, and it does have some good usefulness, however it's going to prevent you from 6 slot bonusing on any power you put a kb to kd enhancement in.


A tip, if you are hovering above your targets and hit them from above, you can smash them into the ground, otherwise positioning mobs to be in a choke point like a room with no exit or a corner can be a good use of kb, just communicate your intent with whatever team you might be on. Otherwise solo, wreck chaos.

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