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Focused Feedback Guidelines (READ THIS FIRST)

GM Widower

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Hello. As we enter into yet another fun and exciting beta cycle, we would like to lay down some best practices for ensuring that this process is as productive as it can be, inspired by both dev and player feedback from previous cycles. (As I hope is obvious, the Code of Conduct and all its rules about being excellent to each other still apply as they do everywhere else.)


1. ASSUME GOOD FAITH. The devs do not have a dastardly plan to destroy the game, nor are they trying to spite you personally. Acting as if they do is not useful feedback.


2. BE CONSTRUCTIVE. Going on about how the devs are idiots and you have the One True Vision for the game is not helpful; trying to engage with the changes and the reasons given is.


3. BE SUBSTANTIVE. If you want to say how great something is and nothing else, there's a thumbs up react. On the other hand, if all you really want to say is "this whomps! you suck!", the thumbs down react exists.


4. DON'T JUST READ THE PATCH NOTES, TEST THE CHANGES. Even if you're sure you are going to hate something, it's best to get some actual data from it rather than just go off a gut feeling.


5. DON'T GIVE FEEDBACK ON OTHER PEOPLE'S FEEDBACK. You're here to discuss and debate the changes with the devs, not each other. The devs are big people (Huge, even) and can stand up for themselves.


Violations of these guidelines or the CoC will result in hidden posts; repeated or flagrant violations may lead to harsher penalties. We will be keeping a pretty close eye on any points of particular conflict, so keep these in mind.

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