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Character creator Broadsword back sheathed swords not allowing for zoom - just weapon stance done

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I don't believe that this is working as intended, so I am reporting it as a bug: The character creator Broadsword back sheathed swords not allowing for the + zoom option in character creator, when I click the + sign to zoom in to see details, instead I am getting the fighting stance pose, it defaults to that pose with every sword.  This is on a HC live shard created character that I transferred over that is level 50 on Brainstorm. As soon as  I click the - (minus) sign after having the powers activated/fighting ready stance + bug active it goes back to the neutral pose with the weapon again on the back.

BS/Bio Scrapper Sonje - Dragon Warrior level 50 - I did not end up doing any chances to her costumes after this so she is still default without a sheathed weapon. (attached picture)


On doing character creation on test of a new character, I was also unable to zoom that character - as it just exhibited the same results this character was a new BS/Bio Scrapper



BS Sonje no zoom.jpg

Buddy the Elf makes debut for HUB Late Night


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This is similar behaviour to how looking at wings work in character creator. If you have wings selected, hitting zoom either sets you to hover or has you land. When you switch to looking at a different costume option, you'll land.


So this just has you sheath your sword when you switch to a different costume option.

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