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  1. If I remember correctly, they don't combine the way that normal inspirations do, so they're a bit more annoying to deal with.
  2. Super Reflexes is not a late bloomer on Tanks. Tanks just don't have all their survival tools at level 10. If you're tanking positron 1 without being exemplared, you're going to have a hard time of it. The Vahzilok are nasty, and that's the first mission. Super Reflexes on a tank can hit the soft cap against all positions with Single Origin Enhanmcents at level 19. No Weave necessary (though you will need either combat jumping or manuevers) though it will take most of your slots at that level.
  3. More importantly, bonuses that come from having a lot of enemies around at once can make the game harder without making it significantly harder for people playing at x1.
  4. With Sudden Acceleration I don't think I'd be knocking anything away. It's just that Whirlwind has a truly obscene endurance cost.
  5. I made an air elemental, Dark Armour tinted to look like clouds, and I have build, and it's okay, but I have this urge to fit Whirlwind in, now that I've remembered it exists. I'm pretty sure I could drop enough powers to fit Whirlwind without hurting my build terribly, but... there's absolutely no way I'd have enough endurance to actually run Whirlwind, is there?
  6. Yes, it is possible to run Granite and Whirlwind (and Rooted) all at the same time.
  7. I thought Dark Regeneration still worked because the heal was unresistable.
  8. Oh, those are the Circle of Thorns caves. There's certain tunnels in Oranbega (like the T intersection leading into the Demon Portal room) where it gets almost impossibly dark.
  9. Yesterday I attacked a pair of level 23 Warriors in Talos on my level 20 Dual Pistols/Invulnerability Sentinel. I was using my attack chain of Executioner's Shot, Suppressive Fire, Dual Wield, and Pistols against the one while the other, entirely uninjured, ran off away from the hill down an alley. Which enemies choose to run seems almost entirely unpredictable.
  10. Having internally consistent writing is out of genre for comic book themed entertainment. All comics have at least one issue you pretend didn't happen.
  11. I did Loyalist Responsibility who ran missions for Bobcat and Neuron too (just an accident, but it worked out well for the character). They ended up helping Kang at the end of the arc and finished Praetoria as resistance, but just so sick of everything and everyone that they just ran off to the first ward rather than do anything that either side was asking of them.
  12. Yes, it's the route I'm building for on my Dark Armour tank.
  13. He does a lot of energy damage, and the +30% to hit from the blue tower is palpable. I've heard that you want 55% Energy defense, 90% resist energy, and at least 55 hp/sec regeneration.
  14. If you're going for a fully optimized build, you pick a level that you're optimizing for and you choose your enhancements accordingly.
  15. For set bonuses, it's the level of the enhancements, not the level you take the power at that matters. A level 50 luck of the Gambler slotted in stalker's hide will provide absolutely no bonuses under level 47. A level 25 (or attuned) luck of the Gambler will provide set bonuses from level 22 up even if slotted in a power that you didn't take until 49.
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