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Beta Mercs bug changes, do they matter?


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It doesn't sound like it will make much difference unless I'm misunderstanding it. Out of everything in that patch, I'm most excited about the parkour run animation. Haha!


1. Tagging SpecOps' Flash Bang/Tear Gas as AoE. They were always AoE just not labelled that way.

2. Bug fix to show their AR during AR Auto Fire/Full Auto animations.

3. Speed up DoT damage. I think it will only affect Soldier's AR Auto Fire and Commando's Full Auto/Flamethrower. These are the only Merc abilities where the DoT ticks lasts longer than their attack animation.

So for example, say Flamethrower currently does a total of 150 pts of DoT damage over 7s. After the change it will do a total of 150 pts of DoT damage over 3.5s (Flamethrower's cast time).

4. Soldier's Equip and Tactical upgrades gets a power swap. AR Heavy Burst for ASMG Heavy Burst. Slightly worse from MM levels 6-32 since AR Heavy Burst is a stronger power. 



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