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Crucible SF info screens attached to each portal graphic glitch


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Hi, tested on two chars, same result. Tested UK time 09:30 tuesday 19 July after latest update.

If you place your character very close/touching the RIGHT SIDE HALF ONLY (as you look at it) of the info screen attached to the front of any of the SF portals it makes the whole gui on my monitor occilate up and down rapidly.

Take a step back from the portal info screen and it stops, step forward to touch the info screen and the up down occilations start.

To clarify, as you look at the portal info screen just move character very close/touching with leg or foot ( might be the foot clipping into/through the screen and touching the portal base) as the screen is at floor level, anywhere on the right side half of the screen causes the glitch.

This effect is the same on all the Portal info screens in the Crucible.


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