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New Heroic SFMA [ID: 50665


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Design Notes:

  • LEVELS AND TESTING: Lvl range is 10-20. Tested with a L16 Sword/Shield Tank and L25 DP/Dev blaster (Exemplared to 20). Haven't tried with a lower level yet (namely 10), but the test toons are both DO's/SO's (with the latter having the most SO's of the two). Only issues occurred were when I got careless about drawing too many bad guys at once (which was rare), or got hit with the occasional stun power.
    • Speaking of powersets: to reflect the character gaining knowledge of the enemy, the bad guy labels of the custom group change from generic for all of them (i.e., "Robber") to specific names for each (ex: "Gunner"). This reflects character knowledge and experience growing as they become more familiar. It was a bit of extra work, but I kinda liked doing that. No promises for future arcs, though.:-)
  • Did many runs of Mishes 1-3. MANY. Only a few of 4 and 5, so I expect there may be some typos (lemme know). Tried to keep it relatively simple as far as maps and spawns.
  • Be sure to check out your Clues screen at conclusion of Finale. It's key to the ending. I normally don't use these type of clues at the end of the arc, but didn't have any other way to wedge everything in, since the final screen features a conversation with the contact.


  • INSPIRATION AND BACKGROUND: Piggybacking on this nugget in the lore: Martins occasionally moonlights as the Shadow Commando, a hero unlicensed by the FBSARan into this while completing Twinshot with my trad-play tanker. When I looked into this, found there was just nothing there besides this reference and the one in Twinshot mish Investigate the Gadget Receipts.
  • Basic Framework is liberally stolen from Lethal Weapon BG (made sense, since Rogers and Martins are homages to characters in the series). NPC names are all scrambled versions of chars from the series. Gave Rogers and Martins first names to expand upon that (Murphy for Murtaugh; Rigsby for Riggs).
  • Created skins for Rogers/Martins, aging both of them a bit (gray hair). Couldn't access their specific holsters and such, so had to get creative. Changed up Martins's hairstyle and dress, to reflect him maturing over time.
  • Mish titles homage inspired by the name of historical drug ring introduced in this arc. Anyone who knows 70s singer-songwriters will figure these out fast.:-)


Thanks in advance,


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Looking for SFMA content over multiple arcs? Search for the following under "cranebump." LONG FORM: Ordinary People [3 parts] Investigation of a series of thefts leads you deep into a vengeful plot that threatens all of Paragon City. Will you and Kings Row's "ordinary" heroes be able to stop it? Leviathan [5 parts] The  assassination of a local politician with national aspirations sets off a media frenzy among everyone's favorite reactionary network, NewsAnon. Among their targets? You. Mobius [5 Parts]:  Visions of past, present, and possibility collide, as you and the Autumn Wards unravel the mystery of the 7-year time gap. The Cage Series [3 parts]: The Iron Widow is back! Or...is she? Your vigilante philosophy is put to the test in this tale of shifting loyalties and outright deceit.  The Bleed [3 parts]: Your investigation of arcane fissures in IP leads you to uncover a 100-year old secret shrouded in magic, blood, and betrayal. Noble Mettle [2 parts]: A Sky Raider raid on the Paragon Commodities Commission turns from simple kidnapping to a complicated scheme involving mercenaries, "Communists," economics, and chemistry. Fallout (in progress). One Shots:  Of Guns and Asa Ronan; The Tenuous State of Grace; Garden of the Will; Gravity; The Book of Bond's; The Lost Girls; Injustice Systems; Wednesday’s Wyverns; Of ‘Dine and Men; Dark Legacy; Shadow and Silver, The Re-education of Westin Phipps, Potter's Field

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