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Customizable Floating Combat Text


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Everyone knows what this stuff is.  Its the numbers that float up from characters heads as they take damage or receive healing and absorb.


I suggest to make it customizable -  change  the color, size, and whether its displayed at all.  It should have several categories that each have their own customization.  A few of these categories already exist but arent customizable and i suggest to seperate some into more specific floating text.  Some examples are:


Your healing on yourself

Your healing on others

Other players healing on you

Other players healing on others

Your damage dealt

Your pets damage dealt

Other players damage dealt

Other players pets damage dealt

Enemy damages you

Enemy damages others

Enemy healing


Just off this short list i could make all my healing dark green and others healing on myself light green and turn off others healing others.  Then make my damage dealt larger and other players damage dealt smaller.  Give enemy healing yellow and enemy damage on others a light red.


There is potentially more things that could be done as well since the combat log already separates all these numbers.  Such as color by damage type or enemy rank.


If i were to guess,  turning off others healing others would be the most popular option.  I imagine that has been suggested before,  but i consider this to be the full version of that suggestion.




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