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The Incendiary Breaches


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Been a while but I'm back with another multi-arc story! Of course I'm all out of Mission Architect slots again... (Worth it, though.)


Story Details
The Incendiary Breaches
Morality: Heroic 
Levels: 25 - 45
Keywords: Non-canon, Ideal for teams, Custom characters
Length: Very Long (2x 5 missions)


  • The Incendiary Breaches, Part 1: Planting Bombs (Arc ID 50973)
    Episodes 1 - 5
    A domestic terrorist organization is attempting to intimidate the PPD into releasing an incarcerated ally of theirs by bombing and threatening to bomb various locations throughout the city. Assist Lt. Binh Ngo Quang of the Paragon City Fire Department and thwart these efforts by locating and defusing planted explosives, searching for and rescuing civilians caught up in these threats and apprehending the miscreants responsible. Pretty straight forward for herowork, right? Right?
  • The Incendiary Breaches, Part 2 - Bombing Plants (Arc ID 50974)
    Episodes 6 - 10
    Events continue to unfold while assisting Lt. Binh Ngo Quang of the Paragon City Fire Department. The actions taken by the Knights of Nitro earlier have inadvertently led to the emergence of an unfamiliar threat now let loose upon downtown Paragon City. Something vaguely humanoid and green now roams the streets, bringing conflict, destruction and a forgotten history lesson of sorts in its wake. What's more, this particular something is making the Devouring Earth nervous. 


Story Features
- Familiar baddies in pre-existing groups as well as restyled to be part of brand new groups.
- Custom character designs across 7 factions, both heroic and not-so-heroic. Over 100 custom character designs between these two arcs!
- Lots of story text and flavor text (everything has info if you right-click) but not an insane amount that is actually required to read while in a mission. This means you don't have to stop fighting bad guys or exploring maps quite so much to get caught up on the plot (e.g., reading Clues, NPC dialogue, etc). Some of the lore hinted at but not fully explored in the arc(s) may feature in future Mission Architect stories.
- Less commonly used mission maps. Some missions involve very large maps, even, providing plenty of opportunity for beat-em-up fun and - gasp - splitting up.


- The first mission of Part 1 is legitimately and immediately failable, imparting a real sense of urgency. Be advised.
- All of the missions of Part 1 are soloable but it is highly recommended that you bring a team for Part 2. There are some big, big fights in Part 2 and you're going to need some serious damage output to overcome some regen.
- Do note that these arcs max out at Level 45. This means NO incarnate powers. Sorry/not sorry. 

If you give this a play-through, let me know if you encounter any errors, strange NPC behaviors and typos. There are a great many constraints and limitations in Mission Architect and I did the best I could. 

Please be kind in your comments. Enjoy.

Interested in more? Check out:
Sergeant DaCosta's Task Force (40 - 54)
- Agents of Change, Part 1: The American Way (Arc ID 48597)
- Agents of Change, Part 2 - Taken Identities (Arc ID 48598)
- Agents of Change, Part 3 - A Foreign Soil (Arc ID 48599)

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