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Vazhilok missions: Reapers not attacking


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In missions against the Vazhilok, there's a specific spawn combination--two Mortificators + two Reapers (at +0/x2 Notoriety)--where the Reapers won't attack. They become alert when I get into aggro range or attack--they'll drop bodies they're carrying and start looking around--but they won't attack, even when I attack them. They just stand there and let me beat the snot out of them.


The Mortificators in the spawn aggro and attack normally, and Reapers that spawn with Cadavers, Abominations, or other Reapers, or in a mixed spawn with Abominations/Cadavers and Mortificators, aggro and attack normally.


Not that we -have- to make Vazhilok tougher. Just seems kind of cheaty, taking advantage of those poor Reapers like that.

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