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Under the Radar Reviews [Vol 2, #1] FLORIDA MAN! (and sandals)


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Thought I put this in its own space, since it's like WAAAAAY down at the bottom of Josh Jones's personal voyage through AE. (plus I can use other toons for UtRR...and not get my ass kicked [maybe]).




Dude in background is like: Where he been? I dunno where he been.

Other guy's like: .......(man, when's lunch?)....

Lady in fronta Josh=Get. Off. The. Counter.


Gonna take her advice. I mean, s'been about a year or somethin.


So, what we got, what we got?


Evidently, a gun and an entourage (okay, I'M sorry - a WEAPON [I know some a' you's prior service, yo...or you watched Full Metal Parka...or somethin'...)


What to do, what to do?


Okay, L11. Gonna search SFMA, my level.


Well, hot damn. Why not, bruh?


*First off, kudos for being the first (and perhaps only) arc to include the phrase "Lickable Science." I used to teach 4th graders. They're all Ph.D's on that, man.


So, contact Catbird sez, KIDNAPPING! And I say YO! And off we go. Who cares if the verbiage says EXTREME WHATCHAMAHOOIE WITH LOTS OF BAD MOJONESS?


Or who cares if send off text says this?:


I assure you, Josh does not adjust (um...right?)


P.S. Going into mish, I have exactly one Insp, and it's this color.


Know what I like about these guys?


They just stand there and let me shoot them. They're like, "You not tank. Ugh! Not movin'!"


First glowie text=Making friends with the dog. Since I am clicking a crate, thought, I figure Fido must belong to Schrodinger (hey...he MIGHT have a backup pet...). But it's not, as it turns out that SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERNEVERMINDJUSTNOTPUTTINGITDOWN (but seriously, this dog is part of the reveal at the end, so...woof...and stuff).


First room INSP count: 5 (3 of them?  (sigh) blue)


Few more rooms. Knocking out Clocks.


KB -- the squishy soloist's BFF.


Okay, so Doc FL may be tough. But I got myself an ace in the pit:


All about timing, bronnaise.


Oh, and uh...


Um...she's gonna help (eyes front, man...eyes front!)


So, Ms. Science isn't going to Comic Con. Excellent. Follow me, sandals.


UPDATE: Insp count as of now. 10 regular...



And one super insp:



Pummel more clocks. Then I ping L12 in the boss room, race ahead of L.S. to get to FL man (and let's be fair, her name's Kelsey - and this wasn't HER choice of garb-find her lab coat is a mish objective...{that I kinda want to fail?})


Anyhoo, all LEVEL-INSPED up and...


"Tough Opponent" goes under the heading of propaganda (or typical marketing)




Turns out this is a transformer mission.


More than meets the eye, my friend.


THA END: So, long story short, I get Kelsey's lab coat back (yea, that Lickable thing was a...a...hell, I dunno what that was). Florida guy had a REALLY good reason for his hijinx (like possibly being high as well as drunk). The moral of the story? Choose your friends, wisely (and don't knock guns, man. guns are guns).


Verdict: 4/5 I'd say, due to the only thing under Tweaks (below)



*Nice customs. Like, really. Mixed in with the clocks, so not overdone. And I liked the costumes (um...some more than others).

*No typos. Easy to find spawns.

*Nice clue progression. Gives hints, then a reveal.

*No wonky spawns.




*It is 1 mish. That's it. So, I say, Fie on thee, because you're a cheater pants. Everyone knows you'd make a mistake if you had 2. Or 3, or...500! (kidding)


Play this if:

*You want to run one damn mission, and that's it, f***er!:-)

*You like a cool, light-hearted romp.

*You're Josh Jones --'cause what else ya gonna do.


Don't play if:

*No reason not to, really. It's short. It's well-crafted. It has grins. 


Oh...wait...don't play if: you're a farmer.:-)


That's quick hit #1, folks. Might tool around for another here in a short-short. If not, please: play the story arcs. There's some great ones out there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're not gonna Pac-Man XP's (use 2XP, and you'll be fine, man), but you might discover what SFMA regulars already know. The population has some talent. Storytellers, comedians, lore masters, and noir masters. We've got new maps now, and new tools a-comin', so grab your friends and throw us a bone. A really big one. Like that axe-steak thingy you can get at restaurants (word of advice: NEVER try to take one of those off a live cow...yeah...).


Adios, heroes & vills,





Edited by cranebump

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