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Everyone scatter! P4 is here!


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I thought the moaning about P4 changes was a little overblown, and testing on some other ATs bears this out, but last night I got my first chance to run my Dark/WP Scrapper after the update, and holy crap... everything scatters like crazy.


Seems to happen when I draw new aggro from mobs adjacent to the one I'm working on.  When the original mob drops below the aggro cap, some of the ancillary mob closes to melee to bring me back up to the cap, but as THOSE are defeated, their buddies never close to melee to replace them.  End result is me drawing fire from a constellation of single mobs 80' away or so, and if I move, they'll chase me to the extent that they get 80' away again, but they never close to melee range.


I think some of it has to do with Touch of Fear, or at least, I didn't start seeing such behavior until I scared some Warwolves and they went scampering clear across the map.  I don't know if the ranged guys are just REALLY respecting the priority of the Warwolves or what, but, even when the fear'd mobs return and are defeated, nothing that's lobbing ordnance at me ever closes to melee range, even if I'm not otherwise engaged. 


Anyone else seeing something like that?

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