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  1. I find it's easier to cap S/L in Fire than in other secondaries, and beyond being low-maintenance, it's consistent and chunks out some damage while it's there. Other secondaries may have more bells and whistles, but who needs them for farming?
  2. If you take Swipe/Strike, do you slot them at all? Trying to draft up a Claws/WP and find myself short of slots if I throw any in the Tier1 attack.
  3. roleki


    That's along the lines of how I have my Dark/Storm slotted, Gale with an Accuracy, a KB:KD and FF+Rech, Tornado slotted with 4x Expedient Reinforcement (6.25 +rech) a KB:KD and a FF+Rech, and Lightning Storm with 5x Apoc (10% global recharge) and a KB:KD. On top of that, I took Fissure and put an FF+Rech in that. Tornado almost always procs the FF+Rech, and between Gale/Fissure, I can usually stack duration to where I'm consistently above 200% recharge in combat. All that said, perma-Haunt is kind of an oddball goal when the same effort nets you 3x Lightning Storms and perma-T
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but I had/have a hell of a time finding a permanent home for Superior Critical Strikes in Dark Melee, and for a while there, it seemed like Shadow Maul might be it. I've since moved it to Siphon Life, but it feels like I will need to move it again. All my other scrappers seem to crit waaaay more often than Dark, either naturally or off a Strikes hit. There needs to be an "ATO placement superthread" or something because even on test, it could take hours of data collection to suss out the best placement for the ATO in just one primary, let alone the 33000 other
  5. This is Dr. Jonas, my CIA-themed Mind/Poison/Stone controller, mainly used for soloing. Not much in the way of Def/Res, but between Mass Hypnosis, Mass Confuse, two ST holds, two AoE holds, a spammable AoE fear, and multiple sources of -ToHit, it's rare that he gets hit by anything and even rarer that something hits him twice. It'll be less fun when the proc nerf hits but in the meantime, it's a mob evaporator and a lot of fun to run.
  6. Combat Teleport/Jaunt is perfect for characters that want to stay at range, but have a PBAoE nuke. Boom boom boom *poof* BOOM *poof* boom boom boom.
  7. He also identifies you on sight, negating the need for ID in the first place. "Hold on, Tootboy, no further without some ID."
  8. Per Discord, estimated to be down for an hour, 9:00AM EST to 10:00AM EST.
  9. Unless it's to stall level progression (to accumulate threads/shards or something?) there's no longer a point to disabling XP. You get the same inf with or without it. This point doesn't get enough attention in these threads. In the time it takes you to clear a 4/8, you could clear nearly three of the same map at 2/8. That's almost 3x as many drops and inf in the same amount of time, and more spins at the wheel mean more chances at purple/pvp recipes.
  10. Apparently there are, yeah. I craft every yellow recipe and convert it to rare, then pitch it on the AH. Whatever white/yellow salvage I have left over beyond 10 of each, goes up for 6. I don't bother crafting orange recipes unless it's something I'm going to use on a character. Whenever I get over 1.96BN inf, I buy Super Packs until I'm back down to 1.96BN. At this point, I roll characters just to store the excess ATOs. You aren't going to market-shame THIS guy.
  11. Fire/Trick Arrow Corruptor. Rain of Fire onto an Oil Slick is a pretty good move on its own, but then you throw in all the debuffs AND scourge? And you'd still have Fireball, a full ST attack cycle, a PBAoE nuke, and an Incarnate nuke left in the tank? Not only does the "fire/OSA" thing work well together, but almost everything takes place at range AND /TA isn't looking for a whole slew of slots, so you can concentrate on set bonuses out of the primary/pool powers. It's just a really, really good pairing.
  12. I can't find the thread that discussed it, but shortly after I rolled my first farmer on HC, there was a thread wherein people talked about a mechanism that cinched off reward rolls on content that was repeated. I can't recall the terminology, but the gist was, you got more purple drops after an update or after you do a mission or two between farms. This seems to have borne out; my parked newbs get more purples than the farmer, and if I take my farmer to PI for a couple missions, they start getting purples more regularly. Since I can't find the thread, I don't rule out the possib
  13. Awesome! Thanks for pointing those out!
  14. Is there a repository or method of determining what the power icon images are named, so I don't get a red X when I do something like: /macro_image <Icon Name> OSA "powexec_name Oil Slick Arrow$$powexec_location target Oil Slick Arrow" The text-button macros were fine, but now I'm getting incarnate powers and the tray is getting a little over-populated, it'd be nice if I could macro_image the powers rather than have them in the tray WITH the macros.
  15. What farm are you hitting? Are you moving between mobs fast enough, i.e., not waiting for everything to be dead from one mob before moving to the next? As long as you've got Blazing Aura and Quills, the rest is pretty much just timing/tactics.
  16. Thanks; it's a little shy on DPS to a pure farming build, but does what I wanted it to do. Mids is a great tool for finding that last bit of +Def or +Res 🙂
  17. I have both Spines/Fire and Rad/Fire, and on balance it seems to me there's really not much functional difference between the two; I found it easier to cap resistance/melee in Rad/Fire and hence doesn't need Healing Flames quite as often, and that's about it. Spines is slower to kill straggler bosses, but in a farm it's not worth killing stragglers anyway. I prefer the timing of the attack chain in Rad/Fire, but that's more to do with the fact that I've got about 500 more levels of combined time running Rad/Fire than I do the other. The good news is, if you have a fully kitted-
  18. It's not a "no expenses spared" build - it might run you 630M if you paid street value for the enhancements and boosters - but my rad/fire caps S/L (and of course, Fire) resistance and has a shade over 45 melee def. It can do pretty much any farm map you want, and won't instantly fall apart like wet toilet paper outside of AE. ETA: As far as Rad/Fire goes, it's pretty straightforward... target something in the middle of the group, tap Fusion -> Burn -> Atom Smasher -> Devastating Blow -> Radioactive Smash then Fiery Embrace -> Burn -> Atom Smasher -> Devast
  19. Completely off-topic, but one of the first things I did when my /EA was of age was hop into an MSR... I can only imagine how janky that would have been with four or five of us generating 50 pseudopets every 30s or so.
  20. This is my Rad/Fire at 90 S/L/F + 45 Melee Def; I had to +5 some enhancements to hit 90 S/L but I couldn't run around THAT close to a blue number and NOT do it. Overall, it's a little shallow in Recharge (123 after Hasten) and I left a little damage on the table chasing caps, but it'll clear a 4/8 cave map without hitting Healing Flames even once. It's primarily a farming build but I've taken it out on the town with zero issues. This build also addresses two of my biggest pet peeves: running out of endurance, and missing an attack; with Destiny Ageless and just a Kismet, I could have take
  21. So nice to have insight into what pseudopets are up to again; also interesting to see the Rube Goldberg stuff related to newer sets like Electrical Affinity. Good show, @UberGuy!
  22. I can't speak to SS, but on my EM/WP (and pretty much all my Brutes) I 6-slotted my attacks because the best defense bonuses seem to hang out in that 6th slot. As for Defense numbers... if I know I'm not going to be on teams (or at least, not going to be on teams where anyone else is doing anything) I try to go up and over the soft cap on Melee if I can; for one thing, as a Brute, Melee is where I will be. For another, Melee attacks generally hit harder than ranged/AoE attacks, and mobs usually have more melee attacks than ranged. Lastly, I usually am trucking 4/8, and unless th
  23. There's also the elephant in the room: a Tank that has a sizable survivability advantage for a small damage penalty (say, +25/-8) compared to a similarly-built Brute might be the better choice for your run of the mill door-clicker, but in situations where you can sustain a 400/ 500 damage buff, that Tank might as well be a vanity pet. But, you're really only going to get a sustainable damage buff of that type in a very specific scenario and you don't want to balance based on THAT.
  24. Yes, name names, so we can get them the help they need!
  25. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but when I've taken comparable Scrappers and Brutes through a 4/8 farm map, on top of having higher resists and more HP/higher raw regen, my Brutes tend to spend MUCH less time making survival clicks, much less time trying to round up mobs, and are consistently 100-300% above my Scrappers in global damage bonus. Scrappers crit and are capable of way more burst damage, but seems to me Brutes are more consistent. In terms of clearing a 4/8 cave map, my experience has been that Brutes clear them faster/more completely (and therefore get more inf/
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