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  1. I guess that's why I like CoH so much; even though I am pretty much entrenched in Controllerdom, each of them has different strengths, so the game (to me) is about finding the best workflow for whatever character I happen to be on, and maximizing the efficiency of that 'algorithm' as much as possible. I suppose that would make me a min/max type, but, it's not always in the popular vein of soft-capping Defense or whatever. Sometimes I just want to see how many different powers I can use at one time to knock stuff on its butt (Fire/FF), or if I can keep a Lightning Storm, Bonfire, and Freezing Rain going at all three ramps for the entire duration of an MSR (very nearly).
  2. RNG can be a real jerk sometimes. That said, I have been told by a few people there was (is?) a mechanism in place to skew the odds against earning purples if you just do the same stuff over and over and over. That's tough to verify given that purples don't rain out regularly enough to differentiate between an epic dry streak and a mean old clamp; all I can say is, I seem to get purples more consistently on my farmers if I take them out of the AE for a chunk of missions/raids/etc then bring them back in. THAT SAID... a few weeks back I went on a zombie streak where I just farmed up a fistful of characters in a week, and didn't bother to alternate farmers... and got three purples in one door. So maybe the only thing that really exists is the RNG and our own varying degrees of luck.
  3. Has there been any indication what is causing this? I guess they had an outage last night as well.
  4. If your office workstation will run Calc, chances are it will run CoH. The rest, I leave up to you.
  5. Sorry, Taco Thursday conflicts with THAC0 Thursday.
  6. Can't wait to try this, but it is going to make me sad when AI builds more +Rech into a build than I already packed into it by hand. All my hours... gone!
  7. I don't know if it's because I find the movement animations so amusing, or if the idea of punching a Titan in the kneecap until it dies is funny to me, or if it's just that it's easier for me to come up with character names if the toon is a juvenile/diminutive adult, but now that I am like 50 toons in to HC, it seems that I prefer rolling tiny characters. Like, over half of them are tiny. And I am ok with that! But this morning I was brushing my teeth and the idea for a tiny plant/dark Controller popped into my head: Leaflet. Onliest problem is, I already have a juvenile Plant controller, Lawn Boy, and it seems to me, Leaflet should be even smaller, almost Tinkerbellian in stature. But Lawn Boy is already max small. Or is he? There were some characters in @Briggs Comic Con missions that seemed even smaller than what my usual dudes are, and I could swear I've seen smaller toons in the wild, skittering past me and mocking me for my not-as-tiny-as-they proportions. So I ask... is there a way to get characters to be even smaller than just dragging all sliders to the left in the character editor?
  8. Even if it were easy, it would need to be ported to Storm, to Gravity, hell, I think I saw an Emp knock people out of the bowl once. I had suggested an Accolade as a toggle before, and people nearly lost their minds. There's like a KB NRA or something, where any talk that isn't centered around getting MORE KB into the hands of players is shouted down with all the fervor of an addict.
  9. Of course! Why do you think I waited until Tuesday!? I nearly burst.
  10. Of course not! But, there are some people who think the world is flat, yet companies still intentionally produce globes for sale in stores, despite the obvious pain they're causing. I've come around on Sudden Acceleration in general, but at 1/6th of a power's enhancement (or more, if you underslot) and 4M a pop, that's a fairly high tax to not be THAT guy at the MSR. Me, I'm willing to pay it because A) I'm not really paying for it and B) it's worth it to know I'm not inadvertently the person getting yelled at in chat BUT there are a lot of people who still don't know how to deal with KB or how to leverage it for their benefit, so the topic comes up a LOT more than it should if it were a done deal.
  11. Which person? What items? Going to need proof of that happening. That said, blame for any inflation/price gouging/insane pricing will inevitably be laid at the feet of farmers, and not the people who gleefully toot about generating billions of inf in no time flat simply by playing the market.
  12. This came up in General a couple weekends back, wherein some vocally complained about unchecked KB, and others lamented having to dedicate slots to deal with KB, and still others suggested those builds prone to KB should learn to deal with it. So it was, you know, the usual conversation whenever KB is brought up out of the blue. Anyway, as someone who slots a TON of KB:KD enhancements, I got to thinking... would it be difficult to add a -200% KB:KD component to the Tactics toggle? Figure, that way those people who love KB when they are solo don't have to make adjustments when joining teams, and small teams that still benefit somewhat from the soft control KB gives them would (theoretically) mitigate SOME KB, and larger teams/leagues where KB is most usually frowned upon would (theoretically) eliminate KB entirely. It also fits into the theme of Leadership/Tactics, as in "You know what would be a good tactic? Making sure everything that's in an AoE isn't inadvertently blown out of the AoE." I realize, that would lead some characters to unwittingly/unwillingly self-nerf their KB, but, since the topic of KB still comes up quite often even with the SA enhancement in wide use, it seems something that could use some more spitballing.
  13. These are all great things to aspire towards, but I can't help but wonder how many players will stick around for that first month, and of those, how many will be around for the second and subsequent months? I know *I* would be on board, but I'm a weirdo. How many normal folks would kick in, and how many would just let it go?
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