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  1. I don't mind sharing it, with the caveat that it's probably not built the way most would do it. I slot my 50s for doing stuff like MSRs and the occasional street hunt, so there's an emphasis on ranged attacks and ranged defense. Dual/Dark is pretty tight as it is, but when looking for ranged def, you end up doing weird stuff like 6-slotting Fearsome Stare. On this one I wound up at 52.34 ranged def, and, with all the -ToHit, it's rare that I take damage/debuffs/mez. Rare, not never.
  2. I'm pretty happy with my Dual Pistols/Dark Corruptor; tons of debuffs/soft control (-ToHit/-Damage/-Regen/-Speed/-Resistance/-Recharge/+Fear), with a quick-firing heal, a +Def/+Stealth buff, a ST Hold, and a pet that brings more of almost everything listed above. Between the -ToHit and the ranged def you can get out of some fairly inexpensive IO sets, it comes really close to being the tankmage Sentinels are supposed to be, but with actual RANGE in the attacks.
  3. Oh man, Ice/Storm Corruptors... with that +Recharge ATO and some prudent use of the FF+Recharge proc, you'll be chunking out Tornadii and Lightning Storms like a bodily function. Mix in some Sudden Acceleration KB:KD in the secondary, the ST holds from the primary, with all that -SPD from Ice, and Scourge on top of it... things just die awful when you're nearby. I like 4x Expedient Reinforcement, Sudden Acceleration KB:KD, and FF+Rech in Tornado... nets you a global recharge bonus, an almost-guaranteed 100% +Recharge bonus, and instead of chasing one target around the map, it'll j
  4. As someone whose bases are largely just empty rooms full of storage bins and transporters, it is absolutely stunning to me what you and your gang were able to do with the same base editor I use. It really is amazing work and well worth rolling a little fella on Everlasting just to go through the House. I've been back a couple times just to LOOK at it, and to "people-watch" as other folks stumble in and find their way into Hell.
  5. Absolutely insane. Job well done, whomever is responsible!
  6. I may be in the minority, but I felt TA was very playable before the buff, but only as a Controller/Corruptor secondary. The buffs definitely made it a more viable Defender primary (IMHO). That said, I think the recharge on Glue Arrow and OSA are right on target for what they do. As for EMP Arrow... eh, I'm not going to as far as to say they missed the mark on this, but with that duration and recharge, it's best suited for encounters where your whole group is going to be in one area for a LOOOOONG time, and there's just not a lot of that these days. I've kept it on all my TAs j
  7. Devouring Earth. Who wouldn't want to spend all day at the beach?
  8. Ha! My first character was also an En/En; I don't recall if Hellion golf was the FIRST thing I did with it, but, I do know I spent an inordinate amount of time street hunting in AP because it was so damn hilarious to launch a dude then blast them in midair. In any event, I owe the HC team a debt of gratitude for not only bringing CoH/CoX back in a stable, professional-feeling way, but coming up with kickass things, such as (among many other things) Electrical Affinity and the Artillery invention set. EA is the perfect support set for the way the game is played today, and Artille
  9. Not going to lie, I can't even imagine going through the last ~18 months without CoH. "Psychiatrists hate this ONE WEIRD TRICK!" (Clicks Power Thrust, fires Hellion across AP)
  10. I love my MA/WP scrapper, it's the most unassuming badass... looks like crap in Mids, has only like 7 clickable powers, but somehow survives everything and manages to look good doing it.
  11. If I'm being perfectly honest, I wouldn't say no to a Batmanuelmobile.
  12. That might be a thing, who knows. I don't think I've ever been on a PuG less than 4/8, and they just mow through everything regardless. It's why I'd rather solo my Brutes and Dominators, because rando teams just steamroll and that just makes it harder for those bar-builders to... build bars.
  13. True enough; I should clarify that when I said 'nerds' I was thinking more along the lines of Possessed Scientists in lab coats that CAN fly, hanging out with winged demons that CANNOT fly.
  14. Just because I spend inordinate amounts of time in Mids fretting over where I'm going to get that last 1.235% of S/L resist doesn't mean I think everyone should. If someone asks for slotting advice or a build and it's something I've done before, I am more than happy to send mine along, with the caveat that this is what works for ME. If it's helpful, great, if it's not what they are looking for, well, maybe it'll be what someone else is looking for down the road. It doesn't make me any poorer for sharing it, and except for the most gifted mental gymnasts, doesn't make anyone poorer for my ha
  15. Out on the street, going door-to-door with a group, I'd take a Scrapper over a Brute, because in theory you'll have team buffs out the wazoo that mask over the inferior survival stats and amp up your damage output. Out on a pylon or some other single target benchmark, I'd go with a Scrapper over a Brute, because for linear damage, a Scrapper will *usually* chunk out more DPS than a similarly-equipped Brute, due in no small part that the Brute ATOs are absolutely shitty, while the Scrapper ATOs are among the best in the game. But if I'm farming, I'll take a /fire Brute over any com
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