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  1. This is also true of FF's bubbles; if you fire PB before applying them, your affected teammates get enhanced +Def for the full 4 minutes.
  2. I would say, Confront on a Scrapper is pretty useless, but not as useless as say, Black Hole and similar 'mob phase' effects. I mean, the worse that can happen with Confront is you lose a little DPS trying to aggro something that's already dead and doesn't know it. Phasing a mob is just, ugh. Worthless.
  3. I am all for anything that actively makes Defenders and Controllers less viable once you've invested 40 or so levels into it. Otherwise, the game might get unbalanced and skew in favor of DPS classes.
  4. Oddly enough, my weakest overall toons are my Fire/Rad farmers... taking them off the farm is a humbling experience. I'm bringing this up because so far, of the 15-odd 50s I've rolled up since coming back, the farmers are the only two that I don't feel confident taking anywhere and everywhere. Say what you will about Incarnate Abilities and power creep, but they really do make it easy to patch glaring holes in a given build or AT. That said, I do have some /favorites/ to just log in and do whatever with... my Fire/FF controller and my En/En blaster being the current go-to's.
  5. Not to detract from a perfectly cromulent rant, but in my experience, Controllers generally range from "present during the proceedings" to "potential MVP" depending on whether the team has a competent Brute/Scrapper. In my opinion, if there's a red-headed stepchild in this power-crept meta, it's Tanks. The ability to herd a room into a killzone is diminished in importance somewhat when every AT has access to a nuke, making every area of a map a killzone. The ability to inherently hold aggro is diminished in importance somewhat by the ability of most teams to melt through mobs in less than the span of an attack chain. The ability to inherently survive alpha is diminished in importance somewhat when nearly every character can soft-cap defense, resistance (or both) and can slot a Preventive Medicine proc on top of it. There was a time when a team wouldn't dream of clicking into a mission without a Tank; now, you see a Tank on a team and you just hope they're not run by one of those people who still think it's 2007 or something.
  6. Having read your comment, I still don't understand how you arrive at Crushing Field as the power to cut when even the revamped version of Dimension Shift is still the second or third worst power in the entire game, full stop. If the power percentages @ 50 thread is any indication, Dimension Shift is the least-commonly selected power in Gravity by a wide margin, appearing in only 37.33 percent of (ostensibly) final builds. Crush, the second-least utilized power, comes in at 53.17 while every other power is at 82.17 or above. Meanwhile, 91.5 percent of final builds found room for Crushing Field So even as the statistically least-utilized Gravity power, the fact that Dimension Shift generates enough angst to warrant threads decrying its usage on the forums should be a good indicator that it is THE prime candidate for replacement by a Travel-ish power.
  7. It's especially odd (thematically) that Gravity doesn't have an inherent flight/teleport power considering /Kin gets two travel powers, sorta. That said, if I'm going flight, I go for Afterburner just so's I can slot an extra LotG+Rech, so it's not like the picks are completely wasteful.
  8. As a controller secondary, /TA is a solid complement to just about any primary, and that's right out of the box. It may not have a killer top-end or a defining power that everyone can point to as a signature move, but anyone who has given it a fair chance would have to admit /TA helps them keep the chaos in check by providing solid debuffs and additional controls. That said, if I hopped on a PUG and saw a Defender, I'd be mildly disappointed to find out they were TA/, because that's like having a controller on outdated TOs.
  9. I would think that /TA should have enough debuff to keep mobs from doing ALL the bad things to your Imps, especially if Smoke and Flash Arrow stack at all. Just make sure you disable redraw in the character editor interface, or you will go insane.
  10. But that's a whole 12 hours from now!
  11. Fair enough. Given that explanation, Acid Arrow would be a "single source" and would not stack? Trying to figure out offline how much Res debuff I can sling on a single target if my global recharge is 135%. Ice/TA needs all the help it can get.
  12. I have brewed up a respec on my Ice/TA and it looks like I will have enough global recharge to have 2 Disruption Arrows out simultaneously. If a mob is in the AoE of both, will it get two stacks of -15% Resistance?
  13. I get double base damage off mine, but it doesn't notify as "containment."
  14. I slot Seismic Smash with Hecatomb Acc/Dam/Rchg and 5x procs; against orange bosses it hits for about 615 or so per activation (~115 x2, ~71x4, ~105x1). I can't say all 5 proc every time, but I've never checked and found that one had NOT hit. Slotted up with procs, it hits like a truck.
  15. While we are kind of on the subject of catalysts, are these programmed to drop at some interval after logging in with a character? Seems I usually get one within 15 minutes of logging in/doing stuff.
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