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  1. How about keep the damage where it's at, and ADD crits? Or, some kind of "reverse Scourge" where the more health something has, the more damage a Sentinel does? Or something, I don't know. They gave Controllers Containment when that AT was flagging, and now you're as apt to find a Controller as you would a Scrapper or a Blaster. Me, I'm "happy" with my Sentinels because I treat them like Defenders that traded support powers for armor, instead of lamenting that they are underperforming Blasters or ranged Scrappers. That said, I acknowledge that a team/league would benefit far
  2. Used to be, you'd hit one and you'd need a spotter across the zone to tell you where it landed. You could legitimately fire one so high in the air and so far it would get stuck in the War Wall between zones. But they dialed down the KB somewhere along the line, and now you can barely get one to fly more than 200'. I get WHY they did it, but I wish they'd have a server event or something where everybody in Echo: AP got a 10000% KB enhancement just from being there. You know, for old times' sake.
  3. I have an alt build on my En/En blaster that went this route. I logged on once and there was a Zombie event in progress right underneath me, so I Nova'd, forgetting that the +KB build was active. For some reason, nobody was happy with Zombie Rain. In any event, as was posted earlier in the thread, you don't REALLY need to use the KB:KD enhancement if you're smart about how the KB works, but I usually just slot them anyway. I've already given up chasing MAX DMG! by rolling an EN in the first place, so, what's another 4 or 5% of enhanced damage/acc/rech lost? That said, I love my
  4. I'm like 500 miles from my machine and builds so I can't post it here, but I have what I think is a pretty decent Spines/Fire/Energy Mastery brute that can do fire and s/l farms without problem, running just over 46% Melee Def and just over 86% S/L resists, nothing boosted. Way I figure, by and large the most damaging incoming attacks will be ST Melee, and if I can minimize the effect of those, I can survive the AoE/Ranged stuff just fine, and that seems to be the case when I get on the maps; I might click Healing Flames once in a full cave map. Way I did that was not monkeying a
  5. Not forgetting that at all! On those few occasions I needed PFF, by the time I realized I NEEDED PFF, I'd already taken enough damage that the next couple hits, even at ~60% strength, would be enough to make me a grease spot. Back before the Incarnate system was a thing and even yellow IO sets were only for the affluent, I used to 'farm' the wall in Cimerora with my Fire/FF controller; if even one of the Lieutenants-or-better broke containment, they would break containment for the whole mob and next thing I know, I've got multiple jerks farming ME. Even the minions had 6000 atta
  6. 'Worthless' is a pretty strong word, but only by a shade. In 180-odd levels of running Fire/FF controllers, I've only ever activated PFF in earnest maybe 10 times. That said, I've done so understanding that even with PFF active, everything still has a 5% chance of clobbering me... so I usually only activate it if escape is possible.
  7. In response to the question in the thread title: "As a LotG mule."
  8. This is why I have just been spraypainting https://forums.homecomingservers.com/installation-guide/ on the sides of train cars and bridges throughout the upper midwest and Canada.
  9. If you click on the menu link in the upper right of CoD, you can set it to not show PvP (or show PvP and hide PvE) totals; I find that makes it a LOT easier to parse out what a power actually does.
  10. What's weird is, I somehow manage to have a good time with CoH despite not staggering through content repeatedly. Like right now, I am in the process of optimizing a Beam Rifle/TA Corruptor. So much -Res! Now usually on a /TA I would sell out for positional defense and take Alpha Cardiac to shore up endurance, but all that -Res baked into the build kind of screams out for higher base damage to really take advantage of the mechanics involved; that means Musculature off the bat, and you have to address the endurance issues through set bonuses. Since +End usually doesn't come with
  11. roleki

    Trick Arrow.

    Fire, mostly, but Beam Rifle is right there with it. Conveniently, both will ignite Oil Slick Arrow.
  12. Not to derail, but I was part of the verrry long Alpha/Beta of Fortnite, and it felt like they had done exactly what you suggested, except instead of focusing on the top two or three answers, they tried to stuff EVERY 'want' into the core game. It was huge in places, unwieldy at times, fun in a general sense, and had the potential to be somewhat deep... but then they just shoehorned PUBG into it, and nobody even knows Save The World even exists. That would have to be one heck of an abridged dictionary to consider "fun" and "enjoyment" synonymous. Consider the fo
  13. My brain is just six different monkeys on various stimulants with their tails tied together, so forgive me if this rambles and/or doesn't make a lick of sense either in general or the context of the thread. Honestly, it's the monkeys more than me. When CoH went away, I spent the first few weeks or a month trying various games, never finding anything that seemed capable of holding my interest the way CoH had. Eventually I quit trying to find a replacement game altogether, and started a new hobby - buying Lego collections off eBay/garage sales, cleaning them, sorting them, reconstituti
  14. I'm 48 but it feels like I have 2XP enabled and a bar full of patrol XP.
  15. I guess what I like *most* about Sentinels is the flexibility the builds allow. In terms of survivability, Sentinels start out where my Corruptors/Blasters/Defenders could only hope to end up if I chased +Def or +Res set bonuses exclusively. If I want to chase +Recharge or +Damage, or heck, +Movement, I am free to do that because I don't have to go nuts trying to keep the Sentinel upright. Second thing, since survivability is pretty much built into the character, I am free to try new things out of pool powers and Incarnates, unlike pretty much every other AT where I am shoehorn
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