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  1. Gasp! CJ might be a useful super power, but SJ is a legit SUPER power. Nobody ever exclaimed Superman was "...faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, able to resist Immobilization with a small defense bonus and fine maneuvering adjustment capabilities."
  2. I prefer playing my en/en as ranged, just because the cast/activation times of /en melee are so abysmal in comparison to what the primary can do in that time. That said, comic book blasters have always been primarily blappers: Iron Man is a blapper, so is Captain Marvel. I am sure there are more 'ranged-only blasters' but the only one I can think of offhand is the Human Torch. Bottom line being, almost everyone in comics who blasts, also blapps.
  3. If you make good use of Obliteration and Attuned Touch Of Death sets, you can stack up some impressive Melee defense, S/L defense, and S/L resistance numbers. Add the Resistance to Fire from /Fiery and you've got yourself a decent, inexpensive farmer that can walk in both the S/L and the Fire farms. My Rad/Fires are built around Obliteration and Touch Of Death; I'm sure there are builds that could run circles around them at farming, but mine do alright for what I want to do, which is level up alts and keep the drops coming.
  4. Right now it's only for Defenders, but, it sounds like it would be a pretty interesting controller secondary; wondering how that would work with Ice or Elec? Hate the name though, that needs a rewrite.
  5. The Supergroup Registration Form is 27B/6, a reference to Terry Gilliam's Brazil.
  6. I wouldn't say they are "inspired by" or "cribbed from" any of the various incarnations of it, but I intentionally design and name all of my characters as if I expect to run into The Tick and Arthur at some point while I patrol The City. It amuses me to be on a PuG full of "DeathmanX" and whatnot with my diminutive smirking Tootboy, whose backpack emits occasional puffs of "smoke" vented out of his containment suit.
  7. Get accolades, badge it out, tweak your build for maximum X, create an alternate build, Ouro into interesting arcs, run TFs/Raids, explore AE, farm up inf for alts, try your hand at PvP, run PI radio teams like a madman... There's all sorts of stuff to do once you think you've done everything. I don't think anyone can say they have done EVERYTHING CoH has to offer.
  8. That's SuperJump, for me. Whatever math they did to smooth the ascent and descent, it's just perfect. Just like on Live, as soon as I was able to take a travel power in HC, I grabbed SJ and bounced around for a good half hour, probably smiling like an idiot the whole time.
  9. I love the idea of Teleport as a power, but there's no reason it needs to have THAT dramatic of an endurance hit in a PvE zone. You shouldn't have to de-toggle to have stamina enough to make it across a city zone. It's decidedly unfugging heroic.
  10. Track the general attribute "Inherent" and that's your Fury. I'll do more testing tonight, see if I can track what was described above on my dudes.
  11. 20-100 a DAY? How many converters were you burning through? I only use converters to make marketable stuff out of crap like Air Bursts and Essence of Curarii, stopping when the result would sell for 1.5M+, and I still burn through 30 or 40 converters just to reach that meager goal. Unless there's a trick I am missing, you must have churned through thousands of those little guys!
  12. That said, the law of supply and demand is not working QUITE as it should on HC. For example, the selling price of a LotG +Rech has steadily crept from about ~4.5M to ~7M over the last two or three months. The +Rech is so ridiculously overpriced that even the LotG bits nobody uses have gone from 2M to 4.5M, presimably just to convert them over. Thing is, there are easily 1500+ copies of LotG +Rech at the AH, and only 300 or so of the End/Rech or whatever. In either case, supply far outpaces demand, but the prices keep going up. It's almost like somebody has a stake in keeping the price high, to maybe subsidize the dozens of converters they burn through trying to get the system to poop out a LotG +Rech?
  13. I don't know if I'm 'doing it wrong' or what, but I took Flash on my Ill/Dark *and* I had slotted Blind with 4x Gladiator's Net and both the Lockdown and Decimation procs, the idea being, if something turns its eye on me, I want it stopped, now. My dudes do a fair amount of damage without me, so I run more towards mitigation on Ill/Dark. As far as Ill/Dark advice goes, I concur with pretty much everything everyone here said. You'll want PA *available* as often as possible, so look at powers/sets that can easily add bits of Recharge. For example, if you take the Flight travel pool and Superior Invisibilty, you can get an easy 22.5% +Rech just from throwing LotG into Hover/Afterburner and SI. I took Fireball or whatever from Flame Mastery just so I could fit a Ragnarok in it and get an extra 10% +Rech there. It's like that. Another thing I would echo is: don't hold Howling Twighlight back waiting for a teammate to die. It's too good a power to be wasted like that. Also, work it so that Soul Absorption is at/near the top of your combat chain... it's not a heal, it's a +Regen that is drastically more effective the more bodies it hits. Last thing, Tar Patch/Spectral Terror. Spectral Terror is waaay underrated as a form of soft control, remember to use it often BUT be prepared to chase things around if you don't have a Tar Patch down to keep them from just booking outright. Overall, you could do much worse than Ill/Dark as your first controller, but don't take your experience with Ill/Dark as an example of how a 'typical' controller runs. It's a weird beast among weird beasts.
  14. Now that I have had time to think about it, it occurs to me that I am bound to see weird results with anything dealing with endurance and recovery, on account I have Superior Conditioning/Physical Perfection and Stamina all slotted with PShift procs and Miracle/Numina's/Panacea procs in Health, then Ageless Core Epiphany on top of all that. For all I know, one, some, or all of those could have occasionally hit one after another after another and given me weird numbers in my Attributes window. I will say that, slotted in my damage aura, the notification text for when the +End/+Regen only appeared in the combat logs every 10s.
  15. I just hated the aesthetics Redside, and the one villain AT that held any appeal to me (MM) was a major disappointment in execution. Don't know what I was expecting, but, not THAT.
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