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  1. I hate leading teams, but weirdly enough found myself leading leagues throughout the Mender event earlier this spring. And when they ended, I haven't led a team since.
  2. This right here. I understand people's obsession with games about Wizards and Trolls and all that crap, but I was a comic book kid first and foremost, and no game before or since CoX has even come close to scratching that itch. Not CO, not DCUO, not the Arkham series, not even the PS4 Spider-Man game. I'm especially thankful that HC has been here amidst all the 2020 that's going on out there. If I weren't able to log into my En/En blaster, hop over to AP and punch a minion halfway across the map, I don't know what I'd do.
  3. I can't afford to pay handsomely, but, I would pay looking-goodly for any resource that fleshed-out and updated Red Tomax's Power Quantification pages, ESPECIALLY if that resource split open the pseudopets and made them reveal their secrets. It's been 15+ years, I need to know what "Summon Sticky Arrow" actually DOES! ETA: Of course, if you didn't lift another finger on this project of yours, it's still an awesome effort and much appreciated!
  4. So far I've preferred my Dark/EA over my Fire/EA; both are workable, but the Imps have a tendency to split up and go wherever they want, which makes keeping them upright more of a chore than it is on Dark/. I could see where Elec/EA would be a good combo, as well. Keep in mind, since EA has Faraday Cage, you can go ahead and get Destiny Ageless when the time comes, and whatever endurance issues you have should go away.
  5. It might be helpful to know what you've tried before, and how far you got with them. Would hate to write a 6000-word essay on Ill/Traps or whatever, only to find out you did that and didn't like it.
  6. I'm at about 2 hours 15 minutes on my Rad/Fires, and that's with just 4 attacks (one of which is Radiation Siphon) and going the Focused Accuracy/Physical Perfection route. I could probably shave several minutes off by swapping out Consume or whatever for another attack, dropping RSiphon for RSmash or Proton Sweep, and getting an AoE from an epic/patron, but I've not been inclined to do so, figuring 2:15 is pretty decent on its own. But, since I have two of them, I could probably try it on one and see if it makes a huge difference.
  7. No, the EA available to squishlikes - Electrical Affinity. Big old bubble that lasts four minutes, recharges in 4 seconds, and has Immob/Hold/Stun/Sleep/TP/Knock/Repel protection along with +Res to everything but Toxic. You fire it, and go about your business until you move again. No toggles to drop, no chewing through endurance, frees you up so you can take an actual USEFUL Destiny power like Ageless instead of a panic button.
  8. They're even more fun when you bake Mez protection into the build 🙂
  9. Ill/Dark is an extremely adept soloer AND good on teams AND good on Leagues. It's just... really, really good. If you're looking for a controller you can take anywhere and do anything, Ill/Dark is that. Another super-soloer is Ill/Traps; its capabilities aren't as comprehensive as Ill/Dark, but it will plow through just about any content you throw at it. A seriously underrated build with layered synergy across both power sets. Setting traps while your PA takes the heat is just one part of it; the -ToHit from Spectral Terror and Seeker Drones combines with the +Def from Force Field Generator to make you darn near unhittable if anything survives long enough to notice you. And if you don't intend to solo ITFs/AVs or whatever, Mind/Poison is sneaky-effective in just about everything else you'd want to try, and a decent poster boy for the concept that Mez means more than just Holds and Immobilize.
  10. Way I figure it, if a support character is already packing mitigation, the Fighting pool is a bit of gravy to throw on after Hasten, Maneuvers and Tactics. On support characters that lack consistent mitigation, Fighting moves closer to a necessity. For instance, I could not and did not need to fit Fighting into my Rad/Rad Defender build, but I couldn't take my EA/Sonic Defender out of the garage without it. It would be easier to lean into Fighting on support characters if it didn't have the dead weight of Kick/Boxing, but, it SHOULD be a little painful to get access to extra Def & Resists.
  11. What kind of mime theater are you hanging out in?
  12. Grav/Storm may not be able to solo an AV, but it'll melt anything else you throw at it, and a hell of a lot faster than Earth/Storm, especially these days. Put KB:KD in all the right places, and you can just rain hell in a little 20' section of the map that nothing can survive in for long.
  13. Wholeheartedly agree with the post quoted above. I love TA... as a Controller secondary. You need to put the lid on several mobs at once? /TA is the way. Want to debuff one mob thirty different ways? Roll a /TA. But even as someone who grew to love the set on Live, on HC I was like 15 alts deep before I got around to recreating my beloved Ice/TA, simply because I knew that by the time I hit 37 or so, my entire contribution to a team could be replaced by a pair of Inspirations. I'd really like to see what the average TA character is leveled to, within ATs and as a whole compared to other support sets. I am willing to bet that an outsized percentage of TAs are collecting dust somewhere after slotting OSA. It just doesn't DO a whole lot with higher-level mobs, and I think that's the biggest drawback of the set. I don't mind that I have to light my own Oil Slick, even though I have to first find an ignition source somewhere else in the game, then waste an attack cycle to get MY slick to do what other damage slicks do automatically; that's just the price to pay for having a Slick that can do nuke-level damage to everything in a 25' radius. I don't mind that EMP Arrow carried over the end/recovery crash from EM Pulse, even though thematically it makes absolutely zero sense that firing one arrow would wipe me out whereas another doesn't; that's just the price to pay for having a second, ranged AoE hold. I don't mind that the Recharge of key powers is so dang long; I can't think of a reason it has to be that way, but maybe it's the price to pay for a secondary that can do everything from range. I don't mind that /TA doesn't buff the team; it was conceived and delivered as a dedicated debuffing set, and that's all it should be. I *DO* mind that the game's dedicated debuffing set is miserable at the most important debuff in the game: -Regen; it should have one of the (I'd argue THE) best -Regen effects, full stop. Otherwise, as a TA you're just a useful stand-in until a Cold/Dark/Rad shows up to REALLY help the team. In terms of 'fixing' TA, I would rather not see powers swapped out or changed wholesale, or team buffs introduced. Get it some compelling -Regen, increase the target caps and AoE radii as @Luminarasuggests, and I think it would be just right for those players that know what TA does and still decide to ride it out. As for attracting new people to the set in the first place... I don't know. If they had it to do over again, I would like to have seen TA delivered with some of the same mechanics that Dual Blades brought, where executing A and B followed by C applied an AoE debuff on top of whatever the individual powers did themselves, or, maybe have it amp the duration or lower the recharge time or proc a build-up effect, or some other gimmick. Nothing excessive, but, you know, something to keep the kids pressing the buttons.
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