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Lag spikes because of effects?


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I have  apretty decent machined, but recently been having a lot of "lag spiking" mainly centered around powers effects and the like? Is there a fix for this or do I just need to turn game settings down? I mean every other game I have I play with high to ultra settings. But seems to make this game spike like crazy

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Sometimes it helps to enter the /sync  command. (I created a macro for that and a couple of others.)

A couple of times when the 'mapserve' pop-up comes on screen, I hit the sync command and a couple of others, and go back to the game. (Doesn't work every time, but I'd say 90%) I used to use them all the time on my old computer and they still work.


/macro GFX reloadgfx  (this dynamically reloads the graphics...your screen will go wonky for a few seconds, but it is is supposed to. Don't be alarmed)


/macro SYNC sync


/neterrorcorrection 1  (For better connection to server)


/neterrorcorrection 2 


I really hope these work for others as well as they have for me when needed.

y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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