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  1. May your friend rest well, and may you take comfort in your friendship...
  2. I can't even express how awesome I think this is, and I am honored that you took time to create a pic of Healix. (I haven't been here or most other places because real life has not been kind lately and I have a plate that has overflowed. I'll survive it, regardless. LOL)
  3. Thanks and gratitude go out to all the Devs and GMs who put their time and effort here for all of us....
  4. LOL...the devs had many fun and much laughs on live
  5. In Talos, the Serpent's Teeth is a rocky area north of Helen Point. It has some high rock formations that you can watch sunrises and sunsets. Also has a nice pool and waterfall. (Also a very nice, solitary place to 'sits and thinks) Very good area for some screenies.
  6. Perfect Match's battle cry should be, "Strike me and see where you light!"
  7. I made a couple of macros for fx/no fx Hide: /macro NoFX "suppressCloseFxDist 100" Show: /macro FX "suppressCloseFxDist 0"
  8. OMG! This is Healix! (also Angelikah) SO good to see you! @healix is still my global and all my characters are on Excelsior....in honor of Stan Lee. On live, I created the Wings over Paragon sg, and a few old members are here now. My sg here is Wings Memorial Annex...welcome home!
  9. I would LOVE to see a belt with gun holsters. Also, a 'backpack' that looks like a katana/sword sheath. (I was so happy when the arrow quiver was added}
  10. These are all amazing....you guys rock the creativity so hard!
  11. I took this screenie after an 'arrest' the first thing that popped into my head was 'keeping your nose to the grindstone......so
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