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  1. Those are so amazing...I love seeing the great looks people come up with!!!!
  2. Thanks so much for all you guys do! More awesomeness, more fun!!!
  3. I love how the sounds change when running on wood, grass and cement. Speed running back and fort on front of the tram ATM machines makes money fly out. Go to an Echo version of a city and listen at the tram bathroom door...you will hear flushing and 'gassy' noises...lol
  4. Flash, thanks so much for letting us see your wonderful creations!!
  5. Those are great! *so many clever and talented folks here, it boggles my mind*
  6. Healix is looking good! I chose the smiling face for 2 reasons...because I smile a lot, and I wanted her to look friendly and helpful. (Also why she is a healer 😁) Carry on, you talented rascal!
  7. I love this event and look forward to it!!!!
  8. Add me to the multitude of those who are truly grateful for all you do!
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