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Forum Bug - Email Links Not Working


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I noticed the last few emails I have gotten to notify me of replies to threads I am participating in do not work. If I click the link in the email that says "Go to this Post:" it gives me an error page: 
(see attachment) 
Now I realize I am probably the oddball in the group, but I read all my email in plain text by default. The link appears to be valid as displayed in my email client, however it won't resolve. BUT - IF I SWITCH TO HTML - the link then shows as a button, and works correctly. 


Clicking the notification icon on any forum page will also show the same notification and gets me right to the comment, but it's easier to go from the email. I am sure this isn't a priority but wanted to let you know it's happening and also share the workaround (swap to HTML email instead of plain text) just in case someone else is having the same problem. 

Oddly, the links BELOW the notification link appear to work without swapping to HTML. I was able to click the "adjust your notification preferences" link and it took me to the correct section of my account settings, while still viewing the email as plain text.  



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