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Im calling you out


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Yo my name is Mr. Technoid and im about that action, im on everlasting in atlas park.

This is a message to those soft bois Aeon Unchained and colonel Justice, i dont care where it is or how many bois you bring if i catch you out on those streets im busting you onsight meet me in atlas park how bout dat??

Aeon can get it Justice can get it and that boi shadow pheonix can get it too.

Whats good??

ill see you when i see you, and bring that galaxion boi too he can come get some as well, you cant stagger this swagger.

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Sir, it appears to be trying to communicate but it is not any known dialect on record. Should we try to hail them?


Negative Uhuru, disregard and place a warning beacon that the planet is quarantined. Scotty, warp 12 anywhere.

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