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Sudden crashes at random: graphics freeze but game still "playable" with audio


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I've been having this from time to time for about a month or so, but now this has been 5 times that it happens in the same mission (Dr Graves 3rd Arc, Ambush Dr. Graves) at different points in the mission, but most are when Graves starts talking.

When this happen nothing much you can do but kill coh process and start over.

The fun fact is you can still play as normal - sort of - you just won't see what you're doing.

These days -except today- it's usually once per day, sometimes none when i'm lucky.

I'd gladly send bug reports but it doesn't even let me do so.


If anyone has tips or tricks on how to mitigate this i'm all ears.
I'll keep going see if i can finish this mission.


GPU: Radeon RX 6800, driver 22.8.2.


Thank you

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Crash count, extra details.
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