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  1. Just to be sure... you're looking for a gold-colored background no matter the alignment right ? I may be able to do that. For my own, i'm looking for a way to get the purple UI for powers and enhancements similar to what /uiskin 2 provides. But obviously this doesn't stick through alts, re-logging, and last time i tried it did reset itself after a while. That seem to be a lot more work than just the background though...
  2. That's what i did first and i ended up with this capture. Guess i need smaller chunks...
  3. Hi, So i wanted to send badge tips to a friend, but my message is too long by 1 characters. Shoot. Let's remove that extra space. What now, it's "too long by 2965 characters" ? (which i'm pretty sure is the length of the whole thing) I've heard an image can be worth 2965 characters a thousand words so here it is 😁 https://imgur.com/a/lKNFQvo Sorry, too big to fit as an attachment and can't embed it either.
  4. Null specifically disables travel powers in the server tray, so you'll still get it for temporary powers. Kheldian shapeshifts get a specific option to disable them on the server tray.
  5. I had the same issue for a while then out of nowhere, it has been working fine for months, and counting. Not much you can do since it's probably server side... all i can suggest is you save your costume --before-- to validate the change so you can reuse it.
  6. I don't think it's hardware related. I've seen something similar on two machines with very different hardware. Sometimes when showing the 3rd tray (NOT the server tray with temps and extras), the animation can be very, very slow. It can last for hours if you stay logged in. But no big deal it's just UI stuff. Keybinds are working fine and no general lag. I have zero idea what triggers it or what "fixes" it but it seems not to happen in all maps, and mostly mission ones.
  7. I'm with Tequila and it's just downloaded updates for HC Beta. Most likely this one.
  8. Hello That's a bug i am not aware of, and which i cannot reproduce either. Try to uninstall, check the install dir has been emptied, then reinstall, see what it does.
  9. Hi there. Do you often play by night with a dim light in your room ? Can you hear voices in your head from your eyes bleeding, telling you to stop this visual ordeal you're inflicting them ? We've got you covered ! A. Smoke FX replacement As it states, it aims to replace the super bright smoke textures that may be overwhelming the field of view, without completely masking them. Originals: - Burn + Blazing Aura + Irradiated ground. Oooooouh, this 10G candela source, neon-like feeling. Like the ground is going to melt πŸ˜› -
  10. Thank you πŸ™‚ Side note: if you create a local mod and don't publish it, application shows an error box once, but if you click on it in the "uninstalled mods" list, the same error message will appear non stop until you force close the app.
  11. Hi Well the thing is... both are right and both are wrong, because this power has variable effects. Basically resist numbers are slighly off, but nothing spectacular: resistance would max at roughly 31% instead of 30%. This has been fixed in internal builds. However, the variable slider is by default at 0 so you could enhance it with 6 slots you'll still get nothing. Here's a short clip to explain it - hope this helps. 3hI5LgFZ1z.mp4
  12. Hello @The Philotic Knight, is there a way to check for mods updates without uninstalling and deleting them first ? That would be great. This may or may not have changed in between i got CoH Modder, think i got it the first time you mentioned it here and never updated since. Thank you πŸ˜ƒ
  13. Oh ok... wasn't aware of a rollback of any kind so i could have looked for a good while lol But still... you count at least a minute to zone in, 2 more to find the construction site - if you come down as a tourist not knowing by head the spots... that's my case - ? That's very short and definitely not enough if you want to go on a recruitment spree to fight it. I'll give it a shot someday if i'm lucky enough, see how it goes.
  14. Hey there. Follow up on the ticket i made about this so everyone know. The time frame to get the Paladin construction event is extremely short, and is stable on every occurence. As far as i know i noticed it the first time about 2 weeks ago. Maybe it has been there for longer, i don't monitor zone events all the time. 5 minutes, watch in hand, to try and prevent the Paladin from being built. You better be quick on the draw πŸ˜› For once i was able to attend it: maybe i was unlucky but what's (not) there is strange to say the least. I couldn't find any Psy
  15. Hello, For the bit i've checked so far some have the old fitness pool active, so it actually complains about a powerset that it cannot load. If you still have a copy of Mids 2.x you can open them, select something different for the 4th pool -any that exists in the current release- save and that should do it. If not, well that's going to be more complicated, yet not impossible. Your builds seem to have the plain text part in addition to the binary chunk so you can recreate them with the new version. Certainly not easy, quick or simple, but doable. It has been fixed
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