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  1. In the costume editor, chest details > symbols, Fleur de Lis should be spelled Fleur de Lys Wikipedia entry (french) Source: am french 😛
  2. Err... no. I don't recall that was mandatory actually... Thanks much... this thing was starting to drive me nuts.
  3. Oh thanks i didn't know that ^^ ERRORLOG FILEERROR: texts/English/menus/NToon.mnu File: texts/English/menus/NToon.mnu Parser: unrecognized token ntoon in texts/English/menus/NToon.mnu, line 1 Huh ? Also lots of unrecognized token "{//" in badgereporter.mnu which does work...
  4. Hello there. I'm not sure it's actually a bug or me doing nonsense, but i've ran out of ideas on this one. I'm trying to set up another popmenu: Menu "ntoon" { Title "Toon init setup" Option "Init" "toggle inspirations$$alttraysticky$$gototray 1$$gototrayalt 2$$gototrayalt2 3$$chatloadfile D:\coh\chat.txt$$tabselect LFG$$unhideall$$hidesearch$$bindloadfile D:\coh\extra_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\ttofix_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\chat_extra_keybinds.txt$$+zoomout$$camreset$$camdist 21" DIVIDER Menu "Extra keybinds" { Option "ALL" "bindloadfile D:\coh\extra_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\ttofix_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\chat_extra_keybinds.txt" Option "Cumulative patch" "bindloadfile D:\coh\ttofix_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\chat_extra_keybinds.txt" DIVIDER Option "Custom - main group" "bindloadfile D:\coh\extra_keybinds.txt" Option "Bio armor stances" "bindloadfile D:\coh\bio_stances_keybinds.txt" Option "DP ammo swap" "bindloadfile D:\coh\dp_ammo_keybinds.txt" } Menu "Extra settings" { Option "Chat (beta)" "chatloadfile D:\coh\chat_beta.txt" } } Please note: i have others in the same directory and this is the only one that doesn't work. Also every time i change something to it i restarted the game. So i don't know, maybe i forgot a quote, a space, somewhere ? I reduced it to its simpliest form: Menu "ntoon" { Title "Toon init setup" Option "Init" "toggle inspirations" } Now i'm starting to wonder... cause this doesn't work either. I've also tried to rename it (= rename file + rename menu name) into something else, no luck. Got any clue ? Any help is welcome...
  5. Giving Robot Woman® a test course. Build provided in attachments. No incarnates enabled No force feedback +recharge (which doesn't work in anyway) Hasten toggled on No boosters on enhancements -- Global recharge: +185% -- Call Reinforcements stats: Recharge: +96.70% (235.8s) (total recharge buff: 281.7%) Duration: 240s -- Summon Blaster (Mace Mastery) stats: Recharge: +96.70% (235.8s) (total recharge buff: 281.7%) Duration: 240s Hey, Robot Woman®, could you help me make Call Reinforcements and Summon Blaster perma ? Don't do this at home folks. This build is awful and it used to be my actual one. For testing purposes only -- recharge maxed out but nothing else. Sure it'll be useful if you're looking for something specific. 👍 Red 4 1 7 - Arachnos Bane Spider Soldier (Bane Spider Training) (2).mxd
  6. Not even remotely close because i hate maths it doesn't do calculations but i have a side project to preview builds. It uses the Electron framework, which is basically a Chromium/Node tandem in which you embed webpages. Super easy for beginners if javascript is your thing. But i highly doubt it'll go further, it's been made for the single purpose of knowing what enhancement is left to purchase/craft for a build and it's doing this purpose pretty well so far. Also, this framework is multiplatform, but with no foot into the mobile world (yet ?). I wish... I've looked into Cordova for a bit which would be its closest relative with mobile capabilities but the list of prerequisites and stuff you have to install and setup for it was enough to give me a major headache.
  7. @AaronarIt's for the sake of effects' accuracy only. As @Caulderonesaid, it won't affect anything else and has no visible effect except in the Totals window. Also, for the record, the same inconsistency was there for Arachnos Soldiers. Updated !
  8. Also don't forget to associate .7z with 7-Zip (in Options > System) Weird™ indeed. And a new one. By the way Weird applied to Mids is patent pending ! Edit: Stalker > Radiation Armor > Fallout Shelter: available level fixed Blaster > Electricity Manipulation > Force of Thunder: effects fixed, added toggle button I fixed that in a previous commit. Yesterday maybe ? Same issue as for Force of Thunder. Basically power is marked as autohit for caster so any effect you put in will affect self and target. Yeah i don't like it either.
  9. Huh, sorry, i always forget the numbers in the DB changes depending on the AT you select on the planner -_- Fixed.
  10. Huh ? It is there already for me. As for scale vs magnitude, the common behavior is magnitude=1, or very close to it if you want precise adjustements, for anything but mezzes.
  11. So i decided to do a full check on Sentinels' Epic pools... and it didn't dissapoint. Psi Mastery > Mind Probe: no longer accept blaster sets (thanks @Redlynne) #oops Leviathan Mastery > Knockout Blow: somehow it did accept until now Ranged AoE sets in addition to Melee ST ones. Fixed. Ninja Mastery: fixed typo for "Paralizing Dart" Ninja Mastery: Tashibishi, Sting of the Wasp, Paralyzing Dart, The Lotus Drops no longer accept untyped sets. Don't ask, i don't even know what this can be. Question. Search. Rularuu. Bleeding edge updated. Again, thanks folks for proofing this 🙂
  12. @Byakuya523 I'm pretty sure MRBU - at least the full package with exe and the database - *only* works on 64 bits systems.
  13. @Byakuya523are you using a 32-bits mids by chance ? This error seem pretty similar to the one to the one posted earlier here under linux.
  14. As far as i know, there has never been a way to do so. Not sure either how the forum import work or that could be a way to bypass this limitation.
  15. Hi there. Fixes and updates in the bleeding edge channel today, some related to messages seen here. Fixed. Not exactly a decimal shift, scale versus damage isn't exactly a 10:1 factor or something like that. Fixed anyway ! Also a damage value was missing for PvE. Done and thanks for the idea 😃 ---------------------------------- I tried, can't reproduce the issue. Fyi, the JSON files in the data-folder are auto-generated by Mids and are related to user configuration, not powers or enhancements data.
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