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  1. So not only screenshots. Yeah i too have hidden passages but i let them have the excitement of finding some 😃 It looks like whoever helped in addition to yourself. Hope this helps.
  2. Proudly presenting L'Alliance des Justiciers. Some rooms may need minor improvements but most of it is here 🙂 Character name: Sylph Global Handle: @Zed Super group: Alliances des Justiciers Shard: Torchbearer Passcode: ADJ-792 Contributors: None (Fair warning: particles heavy)
  3. Hello, I'm trying to repaint the jetpacks Sky Raiders and players can have, but so far what i have does the job poorly... I mean it does work, but my paint seem super corrosive on some parts ! Source texture: piggs\stage1f.pigg:texture_library\ENEMIES\Sky_Raiders\Back_Raiders.texture I tried to create a texture from DDS DXT5 256x256 and 512x512, no luck so far. Any pointers appreciated 🙂
  4. Hello, I'm seeing a weird behavior for /cce commands and apparently it's only affecting slot #5. I haven't tried with slots above that. TL;DR: - It doesn't seem to depend on the emote you use. I tried CCLightMagic and CCVanguardSigil. - Slots #1 - #4 work as intended. - For slot #5 right after the 15 sec timer ends you have a 15 sec window to re-activate it so it actually triggers, or else the timer goes back to 15 sec again and nothing happened. I'm terrible with words so here's a short clip demonstrating it: https://gfycat.com/desertedadorableharlequinbug (thx Gfycat for naming this "bug" lol) Real time, no edit. As you can see i've waited about 30 seconds before a second attempt. Edit: i broke it somehow... now it does that on all of them...
  5. It sure won't be as intensive as mobile games. Rumor is, CoH through wine android is on its way ! *cough* *ahem*
  6. In the costume editor, chest details > symbols, Fleur de Lis should be spelled Fleur de Lys Wikipedia entry (french) Source: am french 😛
  7. Err... no. I don't recall that was mandatory actually... Thanks much... this thing was starting to drive me nuts.
  8. Oh thanks i didn't know that ^^ ERRORLOG FILEERROR: texts/English/menus/NToon.mnu File: texts/English/menus/NToon.mnu Parser: unrecognized token ntoon in texts/English/menus/NToon.mnu, line 1 Huh ? Also lots of unrecognized token "{//" in badgereporter.mnu which does work...
  9. Hello there. I'm not sure it's actually a bug or me doing nonsense, but i've ran out of ideas on this one. I'm trying to set up another popmenu: Menu "ntoon" { Title "Toon init setup" Option "Init" "toggle inspirations$$alttraysticky$$gototray 1$$gototrayalt 2$$gototrayalt2 3$$chatloadfile D:\coh\chat.txt$$tabselect LFG$$unhideall$$hidesearch$$bindloadfile D:\coh\extra_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\ttofix_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\chat_extra_keybinds.txt$$+zoomout$$camreset$$camdist 21" DIVIDER Menu "Extra keybinds" { Option "ALL" "bindloadfile D:\coh\extra_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\ttofix_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\chat_extra_keybinds.txt" Option "Cumulative patch" "bindloadfile D:\coh\ttofix_keybinds.txt$$bindloadfile D:\coh\chat_extra_keybinds.txt" DIVIDER Option "Custom - main group" "bindloadfile D:\coh\extra_keybinds.txt" Option "Bio armor stances" "bindloadfile D:\coh\bio_stances_keybinds.txt" Option "DP ammo swap" "bindloadfile D:\coh\dp_ammo_keybinds.txt" } Menu "Extra settings" { Option "Chat (beta)" "chatloadfile D:\coh\chat_beta.txt" } } Please note: i have others in the same directory and this is the only one that doesn't work. Also every time i change something to it i restarted the game. So i don't know, maybe i forgot a quote, a space, somewhere ? I reduced it to its simpliest form: Menu "ntoon" { Title "Toon init setup" Option "Init" "toggle inspirations" } Now i'm starting to wonder... cause this doesn't work either. I've also tried to rename it (= rename file + rename menu name) into something else, no luck. Got any clue ? Any help is welcome...
  10. Giving Robot Woman® a test course. Build provided in attachments. No incarnates enabled No force feedback +recharge (which doesn't work in anyway) Hasten toggled on No boosters on enhancements -- Global recharge: +185% -- Call Reinforcements stats: Recharge: +96.70% (235.8s) (total recharge buff: 281.7%) Duration: 240s -- Summon Blaster (Mace Mastery) stats: Recharge: +96.70% (235.8s) (total recharge buff: 281.7%) Duration: 240s Hey, Robot Woman®, could you help me make Call Reinforcements and Summon Blaster perma ? Don't do this at home folks. This build is awful and it used to be my actual one. For testing purposes only -- recharge maxed out but nothing else. Sure it'll be useful if you're looking for something specific. 👍 Red 4 1 7 - Arachnos Bane Spider Soldier (Bane Spider Training) (2).mxd
  11. Not even remotely close because i hate maths it doesn't do calculations but i have a side project to preview builds. It uses the Electron framework, which is basically a Chromium/Node tandem in which you embed webpages. Super easy for beginners if javascript is your thing. But i highly doubt it'll go further, it's been made for the single purpose of knowing what enhancement is left to purchase/craft for a build and it's doing this purpose pretty well so far. Also, this framework is multiplatform, but with no foot into the mobile world (yet ?). I wish... I've looked into Cordova for a bit which would be its closest relative with mobile capabilities but the list of prerequisites and stuff you have to install and setup for it was enough to give me a major headache.
  12. @AaronarIt's for the sake of effects' accuracy only. As @Caulderonesaid, it won't affect anything else and has no visible effect except in the Totals window. Also, for the record, the same inconsistency was there for Arachnos Soldiers. Updated !
  13. Also don't forget to associate .7z with 7-Zip (in Options > System) Weird™ indeed. And a new one. By the way Weird applied to Mids is patent pending ! Edit: Stalker > Radiation Armor > Fallout Shelter: available level fixed Blaster > Electricity Manipulation > Force of Thunder: effects fixed, added toggle button I fixed that in a previous commit. Yesterday maybe ? Same issue as for Force of Thunder. Basically power is marked as autohit for caster so any effect you put in will affect self and target. Yeah i don't like it either.
  14. Huh, sorry, i always forget the numbers in the DB changes depending on the AT you select on the planner -_- Fixed.
  15. Huh ? It is there already for me. As for scale vs magnitude, the common behavior is magnitude=1, or very close to it if you want precise adjustements, for anything but mezzes.
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