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  1. Hello With some costume combinations, when you turn off the SG emblem in the SG settings, it shows up a large white piece instead. (Is that a giant sheriff shield insigna ? 😛) Shown on this capture: Female model, Chest type Tights, Bodysuit Armored chest piece with decor, no chest detail piece. It does not affect world render though, only the model in the preview.
  2. Hello This label is more like a remnant of old version and has to be taken down some day. Background is forced to black no matter what you pick.
  3. I don't pvp so i'm no expert here. But just for this one, it looks amazing. Kudos as well for EA changes and overall power effects reliability.
  4. Hi there. Sorry for the delay folks, and i have updates for you. Erroneous description for Savage Melee > Shred (Tankers) --> Done --> Couldn't reproduce this one. --> Done I think i reported this back already. Added a vertical scrollbar for pools in case your screen is not tall enough to fit them all. --> FYI, 2 sec is PvP, 15 sec is PvE. --> This is normal. --> Done. Modifiers, recharge, values and even allowed enhancements were messed up. -->
  5. Hello, Thanks for providing the builds you're making experiments with so i can reproduce it. It's not a build problem, it's an issue with Mids' DB. To make it simple, neither PB/WS inherents and the enhancement had any awareness of the activation of shapeshifts so all the various bonuses would apply every time (when they should not). I managed to find a fix for it so it should be shipped within next release. FYI, affected enhancements are Kheldian's Grace: Form Empowerment, Superior Kheldian's Grace: Form Empowerment. Affected powers are Incandescence, Cosmi
  6. Hello, Just to be sure.... We are going to deal with two new enhancement categories or they are replacing existing ones ? Does that also means Swift will accept both + universal travel now ? No this can't be. People need to keep buying/farming overpriced Micro HO.
  7. Open the file explorer, navigate to %localappdata%\RebornTeam and delete the ConfigSP.json file there, then restart Mids. Doing so will fix it but you will have to reauthenticate for discord exports.
  8. English is hard... Not my primary language, i try the best i can ! No it's not lighting it... that would actually make it a *very* hot issue 😛
  9. Hello, Was recommended by @GM Korvin to post this here too. Under certain conditions, activating Gymnastics on a /TA blaster, with either /powexecname or /powexectoggleon triggers Oil Slick Arrow reticle instead. Also, using either of these two in a macro has no effect. I did some extra testing and found out specifics to this bug: Putting Gymnastics power in any tray (i tried #9, which is not visible in my UI setup), then use either /powexectoggleon Gymnastics or /powexecname Gymnastics directly works fine. Also /bind "trayslot" "powexectoggleon Gymnastics" works fi
  10. Looks fine here. Do you see anything wrong ?
  11. Hello, Care to share the .txt build you're trying to import plz ?
  12. Hi Not sure i reported this before, if so, sorry for the duplicate. Some long power description goes off their frame when choosing a power from the trainer, or during a respec. Here are examples with Rune of Protection and Arcane Bolt.
  13. Hi there, jumping on the moving train... Testing this whole pool, this looks pretty good 🙂 Just when using Rune of Protection, the ring stays there until it fades off. If i recall this is an old bug that has been fixed before, but maybe it is intended this way now ?
  14. Follow up: i tried to run around for a bit, enough to trigger it and didn't see anything. My point was because i usually put super speed and the others on the 3rd tray and it's not always shown.
  15. Woops... didn't notice this. Thanks
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