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  1. Hi, Thanks for the report, issue has been fixed and will be shipped within the next release 🙂
  2. If they *really* vanished completely you can try ro run Recuva and try to recover your files. But still, i don't understand why it'd do do ? Curious...
  3. Confirmed, this has been fixed since then. Update your mids and you're fine 🙂 It seems to happen a lot on ultrawide, low height laptops apparently...
  4. Pretty sure it's because Zlib is architecture-dependent, when everything else is marked as "Any CPU" so it'll adapt to whichever arch you're running it under. Double check if you're using a 64-bit Wine profile.
  5. I am reproducing this issue on my desktop if i resize the main window so its bottom hits the bottom of the info panel (the blue thingie on the left). Investigating on how to fix this.
  6. The buildsave command ? Underestimated HC stuff for sure - it has more potential than you think 🙂 I assume they added it, since i can't find any mention of it on paragonwiki archive. (And we thank you for this fine addition ^^)
  7. Ingame you can use /buildsave (name will always be build.txt, i do not recommend using this one) or /buildsavefile <filename.txt> to export your current character's build into your game directory\<account name>\Builds directory. This format can be read by Mids, In the file open dialog you can choose file type to either .mxd or .txt . You'll find (little more) info here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/List_of_Slash_Commands#B Matter of window size maybe ?
  8. Hello. You're the lucky winner today ! There is a bug related to this and i'm currently working on it, along with new stuff and improvements for the recipe viewer/shopping list. The thing is, these don't have a recipe so to speak, i mean you can't craft them at a station. Since Mids' has no notion of what a catalyst is and normal vs superior are 2 different sets, i think i'll just show merit + catalyst cost as a hint only, not something deeper that implies new salvage in the db. Thanks for the report, if you want to help you can hop on Mids' discord (https://discord.gg/gAnYWRRwj9) and start from here =)
  9. Maybe it's normal since it's some sort of macro ? The fast travel menu cannot be opened with /powexecname . However if you drop it on a dummy bar it can be opened with e.g. /powexectray 1 8 (tray 8, slot 1) And thank you so much for including a way to check what has been unlocked for LRT without actually using it 🙂
  10. I have a few questions about LRT and special travel powers in general, sorry if asked already. You cannot unlock Kallisti as a destination for LRT right ? Because as far as i know Kallisti has no exploration badge and plaques do nothing (hint: there's one at 5875.3 47.6 2110.7) What's going to happen for iTrials when you're the last one standing in (e.g. MoM nightmare farms) ? Sometimes you get no exit button, and league/team window is gone. Base port was convenient in this case, but i wonder if we'll have another option ?
  11. At least in PvE, who or what does it bothers or break that much that this had to be changed with no explanation ? It's definitely no exploit, no cheating... Certainly not a critical flaw either.
  12. Follow up: i'm glad you fixed the sudden gift open animation on Shinobi, thanks 😃 *Goes back to bashing virtual foes with excitement*
  13. Sorry, i haven't read this whole thread, maybe it has been reported already. Shinobi triggers the gift opening animation at random and it locks you in place for about 3 seconds. I'll keep testing Ninja, this seem to have potential 🙂
  14. Tested Tactical Arrow yesterday since i have an archery/TA blaster already. Apparently the oil slick patch is interacting with itself: Obviously it doesn't move, doesn't make the knockdown sound when doing so but that's pretty funny. It is also interesting to note Oil Slick knockdown effect is logged into Damage Inflicted channel, but when lit, a new Fire entity (immune to Oil Slick knockdown !) is created. This one actually holds the damage but it is written in Pets Damage channel. The slippery effect of Oil Slick is still active while Fire is up and both dissapear at the same time. Unfortunately the ingame power info doesn't make any mention of the summonned pseudo-pets, and most likely a pseudo-pet summonning another pseudo-pet when lit up, nor that it's a Fire DoT damage... (someone said petception ?) Just a simple -MaxRunSpeed, Fire damage. I was expecting a movement slow similar to Rain of Fire and the others here but it seem to do its job. For anyone wondering how procs acts on this power: Procs on Oil Slick do *nothing* until it starts burning... so you know what to do if you want to take advantage of them ! Then it seem to be a chance per tick of Fire damage. Full combat log enclosed for reference. Active slotting on Oil Slick: Artillery: Dam/End, Dam/Rech, Acc/Dam, End/Rech/Range, Bombardment: Chance for Fire dmg, Annihilation: Chance for -Res. blaster_ta_oilslick_log_2810200455.txt
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