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Gauntlet - affected by tohit?


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Stone melee/Invul tanker - playing Positron 1 (exmp)  On the team is a Staff melee/WP scrapper.   Scrapper seems to consistently get aggro from tanker when standing right beside tanker.  Not at max aggro cap usually between 5-6 bad guys.  As in the bad guys ignore the tanker and go after the scrapper. 


Positron 1 had a lot of spectral ghosts in it with the tohit debuff powers.


Is gauntlet affected by tohit debuffs? if the tanker isn't hitting does that mean that the inherent of gauntlet isn't triggering at that time? 

Is gauntlet intended to work like that so others can get aggro when standing right next to a tanker when the aggro cap isn't even near max?


"Although many may try, few can withstand the irresistible force of the Tanker. Each time a Tanker attacks, they enrage the target, and those around it, enticing them to attack the Tanker. Each punch continues to provoke your enemies and allows the Tanker to do what he does best. In addition, the area of your AoE attacks will be buffed. Cones will become wider, spheres larger, and chains reach further away." 


I have a savage melee/rad scrapper that can pull aggro away from fire and ice tanker usually.  At higher levels, she is slotted with taunt (or whatever they're called now) ios.   Are scrappers supposed to be able to do that?

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