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  1. Ok, I think this is what you were saying in your final thoughts. I decided to keep the EndMod IO in stamina instead of the Chance for Heal because it brings up my end recovery a fair amount. If I decide I've got enough End Recovery, I can always switch that out later.
  2. I have several characters with ties to Nemesis and also a rarely played character tied to the Family.
  3. Omega, I like where you went, but unfortunately at least part of the build is concept, and concept won't allow Fireball/Fire Shield. I've taken everything everyone said into consideration and came up with this build.
  4. Does the Contagious Confusion proc cause Aggro? I feel like at one point it did, so I have always skipped it on non-aggroing powers.
  5. There's no denying that Power Boost is awesome, but I'm wondering if I can still soft-cap my own S/L defense without Scorpion Shield.
  6. I'm wondering if I should fit Aid Self in there and change out Rebirth for Ageless Radial so that I get some DDR. It would mean losing Combat Jumping, but I still have plenty of places where I could put that LotG recharge IO, so I would only be losing the miniscule defense.
  7. There isn't a to-hit debuff in the power. It has always said that and I'm not sure if it ever has had one.
  8. My namesake is a Mind/FF controller. Right now I find he is severely lacking. I attribute that to the build only focusing on recharge, but not going full-bore recharge. Here is the current build: I decided today I want him to bring more to the table, and I figured the best way to do that would be to cap out his defenses, so I came up with the below build. My question: does the second build seem to be a significant improvement over the first build? Obviously I have a lot that needs to change there, but if it makes the character stronger/more playable, I'm willing to put forth the inf to do it. Thoughts?
  9. Radios/Papers came first by a long shot. But to your point, if it can be done with Tips, I don't see why it can't be done with Radios.
  10. On live I had a tribute to wolverine named something like Platypus Monster, costume was too similar and got generic'd. I believe the Homecoming team is actually more cautious than the Live team was on these sorts of things.
  11. There is at least 1 TF per side that is listed as the Weekly Task Force/Strike Force. Completing these gives you double merits as well as either an XP bonus or (if you're level 50) a Notice of the Well, which is used for higher-tier Alpha slotting. Note you can only get these bonuses once per week. To find out what the current weekly TF is on your side, on the chat window, click "LFG" the one that is in purple is the weekly TF.
  12. If you're going to solo, Sonic/ doesn't bring a lot to the table as 5 of your powers require an ally (though Sonic Repulsion is usually skipped, so really 4). Traps/ is a really solid soloer and can team well too, you just have to modify your playstyle depending on which you are doing. Another really strong choice is Time, it's a very up-in-your-face primary for defenders. As for Secondary, might I recommend /Sonic? the -Resist brings a lot more to the table than Fire's straight damage for a defender. I have a Time/Sonic that I usually solo but I know he teams really well as well. If you want to go Poison (It's a solid set) I'd recommend going /Water Blast so that you have a self heal to help yourself solo. My main experience with poison is a Plant/Poison controller, but I'm currently working on a Poison/Water Defender now and he's solid. Storm is a ton of fun, but most of my experience is on the Controller side again. I do have a Storm/Dark that's around level 30, stacking AoE Stuns (they're only Mag 2 each) is a great option for mitigation, and Tenebrous Tentacles works well to keep things in range of Freezing Rain. Ok, I don't know if I've helped or given you more problems, but that's just my 2 cents.
  13. I generally skip Absorb Pain/Share Pain because of the -heal in the powers. As for AT... I can't really say, it depends on your playstyle and how early you want pain's "good" powers.
  14. And you were 50+1 (or higher), meaning a higher level than them, meaning Knockback was increased.
  15. I think it's actually based on the number of targets hit... the more hit->the louder it gets. I agree that it is pretty darn loud though.
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