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  1. Here is my Stone/Spines build, basically negates all of the penalties of granite (except for the -jump/fly). Should be fast enough out of rooted for you, and if not, that's what Teleport is for.
  2. I'd think if you can run WINE you can run CoH. that being said, this topic brings up CoH on Linux, so I think it's going to be possible.
  3. The OP did say they wanted to do *some* damage. While a Granite can overcome its penalties, I find it's easier to plug the Psi hole in Invulnerability than it is in Granite.
  4. This is a theoretical Invulnerability/Martial Arts tanker build that is based around a very solid Inv/SS build that I use. My Inv/MA is only level 8, so I don't have any real experience with this build, but it should get you going. These numbers are with a single foe in Invincibility.
  5. Going back to endurance for a moment This... I always slot my attacks 1 Acc, 1 endrdx, damage, then Recharge as a last slot before moving to sets, it makes a huge difference.
  6. This made me really curious. Fortunately, I happen to have a tank with Stealth, so I was able to test it out. Threat Level for a tank at level 50 is +4.0 Stealth grants -1.0 threat, meaning base 3.0 for tanks Using any attack (including Taunt) suppresses the -1.0 threat, so it jumps back up to the base 4.0.
  7. I'm actually working on an MA/Regen brute in which the goal is to be able to be an effective tank. Would be interesting to see what a Regen/ tank could accomplish.
  8. Panacea, Miracle, Numina's. That should solve all of your Endurance problems. as for health on something that doesn't have a heal, you have a couple options. On Shield, you're probably going to build for capped def and high resist, so the occasional green candy is your best friend. That plus Rebirth can keep you plenty healed. Since Shield gives +damage with Against All Odds, you can rely on Melee hybrid instead of Assault for more resistance and regeneration. If you've got capped defense, you're not going to be taking *that* much damage, so those things should be more than en
  9. Yeah, so its one of two things. either it would be really bad as a tank (because of the lack of alpha-taking ability) or it would be too good as a tank (because of what Glacier said). I don't know which it would be.
  10. There are multiple builds in your other thread about the same topic. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/31181-slotting-invulnerability/
  11. I think this is how I would do it. I'm not thrilled about missing out on a Miracle +Recover and Numina's +Regen/Recovery, but I don't know where else I would get slots without sacrificing set bonuses.
  12. P2W vendor sells a temporary power called "Power Analyzer" Alternately, you can use the power "Surveillance"
  13. Thanks for the build help and info. I'll keep at it!
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