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  1. My first WP on live (and the 2nd toon I created on Homecoming) was a WP/Mace. Mace is a very strong set with good Single Target and good AoE damage. The nice thing about WP is that other than your T9 you have no clicks, meaning no redraw on your mace. If you want to avoid weapons entirely, and don't want to repeat DM, might I suggest Rad? you get a heal to shore up WP and a damage aura to help with RttC's less than amazing taunt ability.
  2. I'm for it... in the meantime, you can do a power monitor of your Damage so that you can better track it.
  3. Depends on what you're building for. My TA/Arch doesn't have any soft-capped defenses so I took Barrier and Support. If you've already got soft capped defenses, Ageless Radial is a better way to go since you don't have any Defense Debuff Resist.
  4. Psyonico


    That being said, with IOs it's not *that* hard to get Haunt permanent on basically any set, I've got a Dark/Dark that's got it, for example.
  5. I like the flip from Eagle Claw...
  6. Psyonico

    Most AoE

    Yes and no. AoEs aren't affected by Gauntlet, but Single Target attacks are, so it kind of balances out.
  7. To my knowledge Granite penalties haven't changed ever, they've always been like that.
  8. Thanks for this, I'll look into it more closely when I can.
  9. I think it's the low damage and low control of the set that bothers me, though I know it gets better at 26, I can never seem to get there. I don't really know what my goals are other than to be competent in team settings and be able to solo (if that's possible) as for "must have" powers, I'm running with RO's TRICK group, so their requirements are Acid Arrow and 2 of - Assault - Maneuvers - Aid Other - Stimulant - Grant Invisibility - Recall Friend
  10. I've wanted to like Electric control since it came out, but I've never been able to get one above the low 20s. After reading some comments about the synergies of Electric and TA I decided maybe that's the pairing that will get me to enjoy the set. I came up with the below build but am looking for some feedback to see if there is anything I could do that would get me past that initial level hump that I always get stuck at. Any advice would be appreciated Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click
  11. I rolled a Bio/EM tank after the changes and he's a lot of fun. Bio's got solid mitigation and EM's got great ST damage. I would assume that damage would be even better on a brute.
  12. I've got an Elec/Shield Scrapper that has Spring Attack... although it's the same concept, it's nowhere near as good as Lightning Rod/Shield Charge in terms of damage/recharge.
  13. Sonic Blast would get my vote, Rad/Sonic is known as one of the early AV soloers. Rad blast is a good choice for concept reasons and you can also proc every attack with a -res to get some extra benefit from it.
  14. the vertical motion of Knockup is based on the magnitude of knockup, much like the distance something is knocked back is based on the magnitude of the knockback power.
  15. I don't know how easy that would be. Knockback and Knockdown are one and the same, Knockdown is just knockback with magnitude less than 1, so making a Knockback to Knockdown enhancement is as simple as saying "multiply knockback by .01" or whatever the number is Knockup on the other hand is a separate mechanic, so I don't know if there is a way to change it as such. That being said, I agree it would be amusing.
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