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cant download homecoming.exe


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Tequila installed to c/games/coh  when i open it 3 new files appear

tequila xml

homecoming.exe    Type:DOWNLOAD File  Siuze: 0KB

tequila activity log


opening tequila hangs at "Downloading... C:\games\coh\homecoming.exe




any suggestions?


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I'm not sure if this will help, but you can try it.


We're currently experiencing an issue with one of the Datacenters we have the manifest server in. As a temporary solution you may try the following:



This is a temporary mirror for the manifest while we move it over into our larger network in the BHS datacenter.


They've been having issues on their end, in other words, so it might not be you.  Can't hurt to give it a shot.

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Like Korbian has said I believe there was some issues this last week with the download hosts, Haven't been around much this week to keep an eye on things, but also homecoming.exe is one of the files anti virus/firewall programs like to block/quarantine so check that out.


The false postives can be fine one week and then the next with an update decide..no no you can't download that so it one you may have to recheck periodically depending on your A/V and how fussy it is...



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