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  1. Hmm odd https://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml was giving me the wrong username error but the https://manifest,cohhc,gg/testing.xml was working fine, after reading your post I tried the old savecoh manifest and it worked today. A bit odd as I tried more than once and I know I was using the same username/password. Still I am quite impressed I was able to get back in with little hassle!
  2. Was cleaning out some old games and files from my SSD and saw COH and decided to try it after a fairly quick update the game loaded right up except it kept getting a "wrong username/password" error when I know I was using the right info. Quick fix was checking the forums here and I saw the game now has "live" servers and "beta" servers. I had a couple character on Torchbearer back when I started this thread. To get to my account I had to add this: https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml to the tequila options and saw that the "live" servers from back when I made
  3. Nice and handy but please look at the dates before quoting me like as if I was blind. There was no sticky back when I posted this and the things you link were made AFTER. You will note the helpful Impish Kat made the cheat sheet a couple days after my post. 😉 Thanks!
  4. Sounds like you may have one of the fun anti virus that has several layers of defense that can not only block an exe but can also block websites and connections to them. I would suggest looking over my guide again and recheck the various anti virus guides. Have had another person have a similar issue and while his anti virus was ignoring the exe's it was still blocking the game from connecting to the server due to the "real time" blocking they sometimes do, so recheck to make sure your anti virus doesn't have more than one area you can whitelist/add exception/exclusion to as tha
  5. add it to panda's whitelist/exclusion/exception list......
  6. You can just disable display scaling for the game exe too, it's in the troubleshooting section of my guide.
  7. Added link to Malwarebytes exclusion steps in the troubleshooting section with the other anti virus guide links.
  8. If you whitelisted added an exception correctly it would work with the A/V turned on. The fact they work when disabled is your proof right there. In some programs is adding an exception in some it's add ing an exclusion and in some you have to do it in more than one place as the anti virus has real time scanning /blocking. Ideally you just add and exception/exclusion to the whole game folder so your anti virus/firewall/real time scanning etc just completely ignores everything in that folder. My install guide, see link in my siggy, has a link in the troubleshooting sec
  9. That's the thing with anti viruses and firewalls, people use them but don't know how they work and think they have disabled it but haven't, this seems to be a common issue with firewalls and norton or other anti virus that have several layers of defense or blocking methods.
  10. You say you put in a new ssd with fresh install of windows...so did you follow/redo all the steps in my guide to make sure windows defender, anti virus etc do not block the game? See link in my siggy which will take you to my sticky thread.
  11. If files are deleting themselves then your anti virus, windows defender etc is deleting them.
  12. Read the guide that is stickied in red at the top of this board or see my link in my siggy?
  13. Read the guide. Something on your PC is blocking/deleting or putting stuff in quarantine. Alternately go to the discord and ask for help there. They should be more up to date if there any new issues with the download mirrors etc etc It's summer here, son is off school so just too busy IRL and the time I do spend on the PC is playing gw2 with my boy as he can't get into COH. I do check weekly to see if there has been drastic changes but installation should be still be the same, you guys and gals just need to check in with discord to see of there new problems or issues that have p
  14. It's just because the guide is a bit older and thus so is the picture, you want to make sure "Homecoming" is highlighted (used to be COH HOMECOMING)... homecoming beta is for when the betas server is up and you want to avoid that. Updated pic in OP btw to avoid confusion.
  15. Added it to the troubleshooting section!
  16. See my guide, look down at my siggy. I suggest you look over the OP and then see post 6.
  17. Will give it a try! EDIT: Thanks for the sticky!
  18. Also make sure you are starting the game via tequila.exe and not homecoming.exe.
  19. Which one? This one here in the OP is still working fine for me: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FD5ADD155E5FD01D6013B026A8766E56C2841E3D&dn=City%20of%20Heroes Just checked it and has around 30+ seeds and is DL at 5.0+ MB/s ? @WanderingAries I did send GMDredd a PM to ask to have it sticked so you would have to bump it daily multiple times butnever heard anything back, guessing might have been lost in his in box as it may get busy in there. Still you would think with 18K views and all the info put in there it would have been stickied by now. I mean if it was I am sure peopl
  20. Is the game hanging at the loading bar? See my troubleshooting guide, I am fairly certain it a firewall/anti virus issues. Also I think windows 10 like to block files and you have to unblock then when trying to run things you have downloading off the web. For Avast check to make sure you have added a GLOBAL exclusion to the whole game folder as well as a whitelist as I believe avast can actually block sites so that might be an issue too.
  21. If you have read through the install guide and are still having troubles after making exception in your firewall anti virusprograms for the game folder then see this: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,4296.0.html Seems like tequila has had some issues with hosts that have the files while I have been busy with RL.
  22. Have you made an exception/exclusion to your firewalls/anti virus as getting stuck at the loading banner is a classic effect of this problem.
  23. Like Korbian has said I believe there was some issues this last week with the download hosts, Haven't been around much this week to keep an eye on things, but also homecoming.exe is one of the files anti virus/firewall programs like to block/quarantine so check that out. The false postives can be fine one week and then the next with an update decide..no no you can't download that so it one you may have to recheck periodically depending on your A/V and how fussy it is...
  24. You are giving people the impression it okay and honky dory and they will never have issues if they put it in there. The people on discord have had to help ad nauseam people move their game install from "documents" even though "it was working great the last week/days or so"...not to mention people trying to run it from One Drive, their torrent download folder, their download folder etc etc. That is all I am saying. If you wish to advise people that's great but please suggest they put it in X:/games/coh or cityofheroes. If you spend enough time helping in discord you will soon
  25. A few files you may not have that are in my pics: Costumes (saved costumes from the character creator) Custom_Critter (AE stuff) CustomVillainGroup (AE stuff) Data (for vidiotmaps and other custom stuff like sounds and fonts) PowerCust (saved power colors from character creation) chat.txt keybinds.txt options.txt PlayerCreatedSouvenirClues.txt (AE stuff) wdw.txt If you have any of the above that is fine too. Obviously if you do not use tequila as a launcher then any "tequila" stuff in this list wont be there and you will have the appropriate files for what eve
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