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Changes in the Character Creation screen


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I noticed that some parts of the Character Creation screen have been changed (mostly text-wise) for clarity and accuracy. There are some additional slight adjustments I would like to recommend (in no real order):


* The text description for Corruptors is VERY long and complicated compared to most other archetypes. A few have very long descriptions, but Corruptor is the worst. It should probably be pared down a little. Some of the others could also be edited, perhaps.


* When choosing an Archetype there is a sound effect for each one except Sentinel, it would be nice to add this.


* In the descriptions for Kheldians (changes are great!) there is a small error: "teammates" is one word, not two.


* When choosing a Primary Power the screen includes the text "At character creation you will need to choose which of the first two powers in the set you start with", with the changes to level availability this text should probably be added to the Secondary Power screen as well.

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