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Ninja pets missing Resistance shield

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First...LOVE the Ninja changes.  One thing I noticed is that on live there is a Resistance shield that gives defense to the ninjas (Jounin pictured here from live):




However on Brainstorm they do not have the Resistance shield in the combat stats, but do have it next to the pet as an icon:




Is this intentional?  It looks like, based on the combat stats, that Jounin only are getting defense from Hide which means when breaking hide they'll be essentially naked sans-MM buffs like IO's and such.  I did take them for a spin and they don't feel naked, but I'm wondering if it's just a UX thing or do Jounin truly do not have any defense out of hide in the update.

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1 hour ago, csr said:

This is a deliberate change, not a bug.  The Defense has been moved to the 1st upgrade power (Train Ninjas) and made enhanceable there.


I think the thing that I was missing (and confirmed with further testing) is that the power that Jounin get (hide) doesn't suppress in battle like it does for stalkers.  I expected it to and thus the question.  After watching the combat stats for Jounin though it's clear that it doesn't suppress at all and so I suppose this is a non issue.

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