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  1. Powers Fixed a big bug with Banished Pantheon Lore pets ignoring combat modifiers.
  2. You can go to P2W and reclaim it for 0 inf if you have the Passport badge (which should be awarded from any of those Exploration badges). If you don't have the Passport badge then something went really wrong.
  3. I'll look into it, but that icon is purely informative and doesn't affect progress in the slightest. It's a power granted on zone entry that displays the icon and nothing more; Cimerora and Recluse's Victory also have similar powers. The day job progress calculated at login doesn't use that at all and just checks what volume or map you're in; as long as you're not in a volume that grants a different day job, you get progress for the map's day job.
  4. They do not, to my knowledge. Each set has a list of ConversionGroups it belongs to and there's nothing I see that would allow some sets to be weighted more than others.
  5. Common cards by weight: Inspiration: 26 (1 for each card) 20 Brain Storm Ideas: 6 25 Reward Merits: 6 Free Tailor Session: 1 Experienced: 4 Enhancement Converter: 6 (H&V/R&V) 3 (LOW) Enhancement Unslotter: 6 (H&V/R&V) 3 (LOW) 5 Candy Canes: 6 (LOW) Restore: 2 (H&V/R&V) Revival: 2 (H&V/R&V) Build Snow Beast: 4 (LOW) Uncommon cards by weight: 40 Brain Storm Ideas: 8 50 Reward Merits: 1 Free Tailor session: 1 Experienced: 2 5 Enhancement Converter: 8 (H&V/R&V) 4 (LOW) 5 Enhancement Unslotter: 8 (H&V/R&V) 4 (LOW) 10 Candy Canes: 8 (LOW) Restore: 3 (H&V/R&V) Revival: 3 (H&V/R&V) Build Snow Beast: 6 (LOW) Rare cards by weight: Enhancements: 78 (see previous post) 60 Brain Storm Ideas: 5 75 Reward Merits: 2 Enhancement Booster: 8 Enhancement Catalyst: 4 Character Respec: 2 Experienced: 4 Windfall: 3 Defense Amplifier (H&V/R&V) / Frosty Aegis (LOW): 2 Offense Amplifier (H&V/R&V) / Frost Bite (LOW): 2 Survival Amplifier (H&V/R&V) / Winter Ward (LOW): 2 Very rare cards by weight: Enhancements: 78 (see previous post) 80 Brain Storm Ideas: 6 100 Reward Merits: 2 3 Enhancement Booster: 8 3 Enhancement Catalyst: 6 Character Respec: 2 Experienced: 4 Defense Amplifier (H&V/R&V) / Frosty Aegis (LOW): 4 Offense Amplifier (H&V/R&V) / Frost Bite (LOW): 4 Survival Amplifier (H&V/R&V) / Winter Ward (LOW): 4 Experienced exists in all rarities because originally it was 25% XP booster (uncommon), 50% XP booster (rare) and Double XP Booster (very rare) but because HC made those free in P2W they were replaced with Experienced at the same drop rate.
  6. The first two cards are always common. The third card is 1/5 common, 4/5 uncommon The fourth card is 1/5 uncommon, 4/5 rare. The fifth card is 1/5 rare, 4/5 very rare Only Rares and Very Rares drop Enhancements, and the weights are set to the same regardless of pack. Rare: 78/112 are enhancements Very Rare: 78/122 are enhancements For the Heroes & Villains / Rogues & Vigilantes pack, every enhancement is weight 1 always, equal chance to drop regardless of card rarity. For the Winter pack, because there's a lot less enhancements, they have higher weights and change by rarity: Rare: Avalanche, Frozen Blast, Winter Bite have weight 3; Blistering Cold, Entomb have weight 2. Very Rare: Avalanche, Blistering Cold, Entomb have weight 3; Frozen Blast, Winter's Bite have weight 2. Yes, this means Avalanche is the more likely to drop. Can't be helped without adding another set to even the odds. Non-enhancement drops are tuned to hit specific targets over large pack openings; for example, Reward Merits are weighted 6/59 in commons (25 merits), 1/34 in uncommons (50 merits), 1/54 in rares (75 merits) and 1/58 in very rares (100 merits) to get it as close as possible to 10 merits per pack; the exact rate is 9.83 per pack. Full breakdown of all drops in the next post. Bopper posted a nicer breakdown here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/24719-psa-super-packs-probability-of-drops/
  7. Or you could just ask...
  8. That is intended to be added as a Null the Gull option once we're back from break.
  9. Those were added on September 13th 2011. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Patch_Notes/2011-09-13#Contact_Icons The yellow state ("has mission available") was bugged because it expected the player to have access to the Paragon Store, which obviously no longer exists. Remnants of the Paragon Store were removed in i27 and that caused them to start displaying over contacts' heads again. They can be disabled from Menu > Options > General > Miscellanous > Hide Contact Icons.
  10. Going to have to put that bug in the priority queue to figure out once we're back from December break.
  11. Bugfix, they were never meant to be black, they (along a lot of powers) lost their palette information. The good news is that it should be possible to make them customizable in the future, and then you'll be able to make them whatever shade of black you like.
  12. A little, but intended. BT can send you to any Coalition base without a passcode, so that is "different enough" to justify being its own power. The combination of both lets you enter a base twice every 10 minutes, and if you also use Supergroup Portal you can do three times every 10 minutes.
  13. Badges that award on login are always silent because they award before the client is done loading the character, so the client never saw the reward floater. If you had been online when the Winter Event script was turned on, you would have seen a notification.
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