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  1. I'll add it to the bug tracker... There's lots of small things like that which we're simply not aware of until someone brings it up, a dev sees it, and it gets put on the tracker.
  2. This wasn't an intentional change. Added it to the bug tracker. It should drop a Pool B recipe. I vaguely remember the commit that caused this, it had something to do with some missions not dropping recipes on completion because the reward was In the wrong table. The Cavern trial is calling that table, which no longer has recipes on it.
  3. This. The first version of fast snipe was internally 80ft, I don't know if that ever made it to Brainstorm but it was decided to leave it at 150ft for initial release. After looking at performance metrics, it was decided it didn't need the bonus range after all. I know a lot of people scoff at power balance based on spreadsheets and logs rather than feel, which is why there's not a lot of discussion on decisions based on that; it's not something that players who "feel the nerf", even if the numbers say the effect is negligible, will ever agree with.
  4. In general I agree with removing ambushes from deliveries if the delivery target is in Atlas or Mercy. The phasing volumes in those areas don't interact well with ambushes and the mobs can easily become invisible to players while still being able to attack them. At some point we need to review and redo the arcs that use those phasing volumes; it's a neat trick but it has problems.
  5. Feel free to name specific arcs and missions for review.
  6. In this case, it really is impossible. Veteran levels are a badgestat - it's the same thing that tracks how many times you've been to the top of the Atlas statue, or how many Paragon Protectors you have defeated. There's literally two places in the code where that badgestat is referenced: The level up function, which already grants you all the inspirations when you level up, checks if you're level 50 and increases the "overleveled" badgestat by 1. The "display player's infobox" that queries it to show the number. There's simply no way that the "overleveled" badgestat could do a
  7. No, I'm not. This latest test was in Echo Plaza (no enemies around, easy to set up) using the same Rikti critters used in the RWZ raid. The rewards code doesn't know anything about how a critter was spawned, so the fact that I spawned them with commands rather than via script makes no difference. Correct, because the drops are based on how many enemies you kill and get credit for, not how much time you spend in-game. In a ship raid in particular, there are lots of critters, but there are also lots of players.
  8. The only data that would be useful is the character name and server so it can be copied off the database and tested to see what drop rates it gets. I did chat to the GM involved; they had their difficulty set to -1/x6 with no bosses, so going a mission without a non-common recipe drop under those circumstances is not unusual. Let's say the mission was composed of 100 minions and 30 lieutenants - that's 2.66 recipes from the minions and 1.6 from the lieutenants for a total of 4.26 recipes, each of which has a 75% of chance of being common. That doesn't mean you're guaranteed 1 in 4,
  9. No, I am keener to find the real cause of an issue instead of validating a rumor that could spread out of control and turn into a case of "everybody knows recipes drop less after veteran level 99". The issue of "drop rates seem to have an issue" is being investigated; so far, I killed 10,000 critters twice (all recipes enabled starting at vet level 6, no generics starting at vet level 108) and found no drop rate deviation in minions, lieutenants or bosses. The four hour video would be nearly useless, the only information of value in it would be the character n
  10. A challenge to what? The issue as described is impossible. Veteran levels are purely cosmetic and don't interact with the rewards code at all; it's like saying the color of your character's hair affected the recipe drop rates. If a GM is validating that report, I need to know what they saw to track what the real issue is.
  11. What GM took your report? The issue as described is impossible. Veteran Levels are a single integer field (meaning it goes up to 4 billion) and there's absolutely nothing special about it going over 99. The rewards code is not aware of veteran levels at all. If this is really happening, there's another cause.
  12. Because their Idle animation status can't transition into combat animations without all sorts of animation breakage.
  13. That's a different issue altogether, it may really be a DNS issue or it may be a transient network glitch. If it happens to you every single time, it is worth looking at your network settings and changing your DNS servers to and which are public DNS servers operated by CloudFlare and Google respectively, much more reliable than most ISPs.
  14. Maybe, however I believe @Number Six is making the Homecoming launcher use its own certificate store and crypto management, like Firefox does, in order to not rely on the Windows schannel library at all.
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