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  1. @csr That bug has existed as long as radio missions; the villlaingroup that populates them is stored as an index into the villaingroups list, and whenever a villaingroup is added, it is highly likely to end up pointing to the wrong one. So it's not a new bug introduced by Page 5, but rather a very old one that resurfaces every time there's a patch that defines a new villaingroup.
  2. Small patch today to address a couple of issues with Electrical Affinity: Faraday Cage was missing Sleep resistance in PvP, this has been fixed. Fixed an issue with Shock FX stretching behind its target. Fixed a PPM bug with the chain powers. Not really worth calling it an RC4 and making a whole new thread for it.
  3. Known issue, just like all the boots that were missing on the first pass. The reason, in both cases, is that a large number of costume pieces don't exist as individual left/right models; all the boots that were missing on the first version of this patch had both legs in the "right leg" model, except Awakened, which had both legs in the "left leg" model. @Naomi spent a long time separating those into new left/right models; the original model is still used when asymmetry is toggled off in order to keep compatibility with older costumes. Several gloves and all of the shoulder pieces need to go through a similar process, but we don't want to delay the Page 5 release just for that.
  4. The left peg leg issue is fixed internally and will be on the next build.
  5. The answer has been given to you multiple times: because powers should use the tables for the AT they belong to. You refuse to accept it.
  6. If you're asking for a toggle that would disable the asymmetry and extra aura and revert the costume menu to i24 state, then no, that'll be massive amount of work because of how the costume menu is built and structured. If you're asking for the client to "drop" extra parts when forcing i24 compatilibility, that will not help because the i24 client will just give a different error (invalid parts instead of invalid number of parts) and refuse to load the costume anyway, which may result in complaints about "i24 compatibility not working" no matter how many disclaimers we put there. If you have a Page 5 costume that you want to load in i24, your best bet is to use Notepad to make two changes: NumParts 28 in the header. All i24 costumes have 28 costume parts; even if nothing is attached to a bodypart, the number remains constant. Count the CostumePart blocks and make sure there's 30 in total. All i24 costumes have 30 CostumePart blocks; delete any extra, add any missing. The costume will still not load if you have asymmetric parts or extra auras, but it will be syntactically correct and enable the "Attempt Costume Fix" option in the i24 client.
  7. Because @Jimmy keeps copy/pasting the wrong text.
  8. Not for Page 5. We consider it feature-complete with this patch and are moving to balance and bug fixes. If we keep piling stuff on Page 5, it'll never go to the live servers!
  9. This falls under "intentionally omitted", for now. Same for Black Knight variants, Ascension Radiance, and a few others. They should be there on the final Page 5 build.
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