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  1. Remove boosters and catalysts from the drop tables, remove the super packs from the auction house and disable incarnate abilities outside of missions built for them? Sure, I take it you're volunteering to deal with everyone carrying pitchforks and torches?
  2. You know, I have been playing Minecraft lately with the 1.17 update and started from scratch on a new server. I was actually surprised how difficult the game is when you're starting out with unenchanted iron armor. I died 5 times to creepers falling on my head, something I had grown used to ignoring as barely a nuisance. Exploring a big ravine was actually stressful and difficult. I started to wonder if the new terrain generation that creates much larger caves had caused a difficulty spike. Then I got a full set of Diamond (not even Netherite) armor with Protection IV, and went bac
  3. Invention recipe drops don't check for villaingroups at all. Invention salvage drops do, and Cimerorans are on the Magic group alongside a bunch of other groups. I'm not seeing anything that would result in them having less drops than any other group. Need more information on where the perceived lack of IO drops is.
  4. Again: you are not taking into account the expense of parsing the text string in the first place. Remember this is done at run-time -- there is no compiler translating the string into nice checks. Everything you said is true when you're writing code to be compiled, because then all the string parsing is done at compile time. But when the string parsing is done at run-time, the extra processing expense is much, much higher.
  5. But think about all the processing power you'd have to waste parsing the expression in the first place. The equivalent expression in more legible code would be char(level) == 50 && (!TokenOwned(EnhancementCatalystToken) || ((now() - TokenTime(EnhancementCatalystToken)) > 72000)) and just parsing that at run-time would use more power than the few "wasted" calls. RPN means it just executes the function calls one after another, without having to first figure out what it should be executing first. Think about it, what uses more processing power: fetching the current time, su
  6. The opposite! It's actually very simple, because it does the parameters in order, left-to-right; no need to check for order of operations or to use parenthesis. It just needs a stack: - If the next token is a value, PUSH it to the stack. - If the next token is a function, POP parameters (as many as the function needs) then PUSH the result At the end of the evaluation, the stack should have the final value, and only the final value - if more than one value is left in the stack (or you can't POP enough arguments for a function at any time), the requested evaluation w
  7. Here's a real-life example with the Enhacement Catalysts, since they were mentioned before. Every time you defeat an enemy of Boss rank, it triggers the Boss reward table (simple enough). That table has a lot of different rewards with various chances, this is one of them: Chance 3 Everyone { Requires level char> 50 == EnhancementCatalystToken TokenOwned? ! now EnhancementCatalystToken TokenTime> - 72000 > || && DropGroup 100 { ItemSetName PL.EnhancementCatalystDrop, RT.EnhancementCatalystToken } } The first line mea
  8. No, that is too simplistic a view because it assumes the code is looking at badges directly, which is isn't. The requirements are a string which is basically a list of functions and parameters. For example, if the requirements are "onMissionMap? VanguardEnabled owned? &&", the evaluator code would: - Run the "onMissionMap?" function and get a result of 1 or 0. - Run the "owned?" function with the "VanguardEnabled" parameter and return 1 or 0. - AND both values together to get a final result of 1 or 0. The "owned?" function is the one that would check f
  9. The reward side doesn't look at what badges you have got at all. Rewards can have requirements that go through a general evaluator which can check badges, the enemy group you defeated (Vanguard Merits use both), what powers you have (Windfall uses this), whether you are in a zone or mission map (Tour Guide tips), whether the map is Arena or Architect (used to disable things like Candy Canes in those) and a lot of other things. But the rewards code just hands off that list of requirements to the evaluator (which is just a line of text, like "VanguardEnabled owned? onMissionMap? &
  10. Are you willing to take the harsh diminishing returns that the PvP versions have for it?
  11. This is planned but not before page4, page3 will add the remaining Tour Guides for the 15ish zones that have exploration accolades but no tour guides. The mission team is working on other content for page3 that has priority over the historian badges.
  12. PvP Powers Changes These changes will not be going live in this patch - they are for testing only. Please provide your feedback if you would or would not like to see these changes go live! All travel power speed cap increases from Issue 27, Page 2 now also apply in PvP Modified the PvP diminishing return curves for travel speeds for testing purposes SpeedRunning set to 0.45, SpeedFlying set to 0.60, SpeedJumping set to 0.45 Sorcery > Arcane Bolt / Arcane Power Arcane Power can now trigger in PvP Damage bonus in PvP i
  13. Assuming Sunrise uses Tequila-compatible manifests, it is located at https://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml for the live servers and https://patch.savecoh.com/beta.xml for the beta servers.
  14. This is not always the case - each Paladin Construction site is actually composed of many "Heap" spawn locations and one "PaladinEvent" spawn location. When the "PaladinEvent" spawn triggers, it spawns gear piles or waves of clockwork in the "Heap" spawn locations, and those spawns created by the event script will follow the Paladin when he is finished building. But those "Heap" locations can, and will, spawn either gear piles or clockwork defenders on their own, without the event being active, and those spawns, generated by the normal spawn mechanics of the game, will not follow the Paladin o
  15. I'm tiptoing here because, again, I don't want to appear to attack the Ascension sysadmin, but citing a DDoS attack as a reason doesn't make sense. All OVH services include their Anti-DDoS solution. This is one of the things they explicitly, actively work to mitigate.
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