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Costume Parts From NPCs, Could Some be Added to Player-side?


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This has most likely already been talked about, but...


Costumes!  I love 'em, but I know newly made costumes can be hard to implement and create depending on different variables; so, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement some (npc) costume parts that are already in the game, to us the players, for both male and female characters if doable.  They don't have to be added right this second of course, but it would be cool to have some sort of response as to whether it might ever be done in the future.


These Vanguard Armored pants would be nice for example, since we don't have an option to add anything to our legs (leg accessories), this is one way to solve a problem for me.  Another example would be Longbow, who have a leg accessory but also an additional chest layer, which would be cool to have too.


Another couple costume pieces would be from the Cimerorans, glove pieces specifically--we already have the boot versions of these two.


This next one, which is the Cabal hat--I'm not sure if male characters have it but I know female characters have it, I was just wondering if we could get a hair option Cabal hat added? The reason I ask for this is because I saw a npc witch with a Cabal hat on with hair attached, I think.


I'll add to this list later if I find something.

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This has been brought up before, but I'll still 110% support and agree that any finished piece suitable for player use be added as a player option. More costume options are always a good thing.


The biggest hurdle for some of those options though, is that for the NPC implementation a lot of these aren't actually individual pieces - they're faked using a single piece assigned to one aligned category, because NPC models don't mix and match. For example, the Longbow NPCs don't have extra slots or anything. They only have the one Chest Detail (the Freedom Corps logo), and the entire assembly of pouches is actually from single Belt item that gives the chest harness, the belt, and the thigh pouches all in one. The Vanguard Thigh Armor is also a Belt item that just has the thigh armor float over the model's legs rather than actually being part of separate Vanguard Leg option. So instances like this would need to be seperated out and re-rigged on the models before being given to players.


On the flipside, the Roman Senator/Peasant Glove options actually are fully functional, tintable choices under Smooth/Bare and seem to be completed pieces. We just haven't gotten these yet because... honestly, they probably got missed in a list somewhere. There's a TON of dev/NPC-only bits hidden in the creator. xD

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I thought we had at least one legging option that was similar to that of those Vanguard armored pants, unless I'm thinking of the Black Knight armor and how it had extra armor parts you can apply.  The Longbow one that you mentioned, I did think about that but I mean... they could still add in something like that maybe, maybe 🙂


EDIT: The armored pants I was thinking of was the clockwork/warwork pants we have, I believe there's two versions--one with the armored padding and one without them.

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I believe the stance is that they have to be able to make it fit across all 3 body types now, no longer anything exclusive.

I may be wrong. Maybe there can be exclusives.

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