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[BETA] Patch Notes for October 8th, 2022 - Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 5 (Powers Preview 3)


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Fixed doppelgangers mapping for Stone Armor and Seismic Blast
Fixed the description of Ninjitsu's Shinobi-Iri

Leveling Changes


Fixed a bug that allowed rolling claws/stone armor brutes

Force Fields


Detention Field
Fixed a bug where Defender's version was not showing its conditional FX.


Dampening Bubble
Debuff was erroneously flagged as unresistable. This has been fixed.


Repulsion Field
Accelerated the tick rate to make the repel more effective.

Fiery Melee


Breath of Fire
All changes to this power have been reverted

Fiery Aura


Phoenix Rising
Fixed an FX bug in the scrapper/stalker/sentinel version of Phoenix Rising's VFX


While under the effect of Fiery Embrace, Burn will spawn a second burn patch for 4.5 seconds



Maintenance Drone
Fixed pet description not showing up.
Players should now be able to walk through it.


Assault Bot
Further adjustments to Assault Bot's powers.


Players should now be able to walk through specters



Web Grenade: Mastermind version of this power should now accept slow enhancements

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