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  1. Powers often have effects or effect groups that are specific to PvE or PvP, yet how that's implemented is inconsistent. Some do a requirement check for isPvPMap?, some have a flag for PvPOnly?, and some check if the target is a Player. In the case of Singularity, it uses a requirement check for if target is a critter and if target is a player. Since Singularity is a pet that can be summoned by either players or critters, that "if target is player" requirement is used for both PvP and EvP. This is why a PvEOnly flag was added to this effect. It will retain the EvP aspect of the powe
  2. PvP Powers Changes These changes will not be going live in this patch - they are for testing only. Please provide your feedback if you would or would not like to see these changes go live! All travel power speed cap increases from Issue 27, Page 2 now also apply in PvP Modified the PvP diminishing return curves for travel speeds for testing purposes SpeedRunning set to 0.45, SpeedFlying set to 0.60, SpeedJumping set to 0.45 Sorcery > Arcane Bolt / Arcane Power Arcane Power can now trigger in PvP (Known Bug, it still isn't doing
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