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Halloween Giveaway Extravaganza


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Hello! Every year, I've done a giveaway with billions in "treats" for Halloween. All people have to do is stop by a participating base, and they get a treat worth at least 10=20 million, and there's no restrictions on how often you can stop by! Here's the rub for Torchbearer: no one has stepped forward to host this on this shard as of yet. Now, the prizes are all provided through the generosity of the community, so it costs nothing to host. I see you had a great halloween themed base last year, too, but the owner is apparently not around anymore, or at least, not much, but the base is still there, so people have to be in the sg. That would make a great place to give treats out, but any base will do. Is there anyone who would like to give out treats from their base for Halloween? If not, I do invite all of you to either make a random character and come by the Witch's House on Everlasting for a unique experience and some fabulous treats. It's BOO-17189, and I'll be handing out treats on 10/30/22 from 7-11 EST, and all day on Halloween, starting from 1 PM EST. Salvage and enhancements do transfer over, so make or transfer a character, and then transfer back when finished. I hope to hear from someone who's willing to host, and I also hope to see people from all the shards come get some treats!





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I'll do one better. I've been workin on a base on Torch to give away and pretty damn close to finishin it. I was goin to give it a way on my birthday which is in Nov. 19th but i can turn it over to you and you can give it a way as part of the halloween event. I helped last year with ToT on Indom with the Slackers SG. Let me know if you are interested and i'll get you the base code to check it out.



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