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Base Builder crashing game


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So I went in to add some stuff to my base and the game locked up on me.  I wasn't sure if this was a one-shot problem on my side, so I tried it several times with two different bases.


Going into edit base mode is fine.  I can move around and do stuff, but when I click on the place object option to bring up the menu of options available and the game freezes up on me every time.  I hoped initially it was some lag issue that I would recover from and waited for almost 10 minutes with nothing.  Could not Alt+Tab out of the game but my computer wasn't locked up --only the game.  I pressed the Windows key and the Windows menu would pop up and then I could right click on the task bar and start the Task Manager... but the Task Manager (and any other open windows) was hidden behind the frozen game, so I couldn't get to it to end the game.  No problem... just clicking on the game screen triggered faded screen and pop up telling me COH program was no longer responding and gave me the option of closing it out or continuing to wait.  So I closed it out and tried it a half dozen more times and tried my second SG base in case there was something specific about the first base.

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10 hours ago, Krimson said:

I'm guessing this error doesn't affect all base builders using cell shading, but the error does seem to only happen on those who do. So there could be a common thread for those who have experienced the error, but it might be so rare that there isn't enough data to work with. 

I've been using the cel shading (just for the outline, everything else was set to off) for as long as I've been playing and edited both of my bases often enough without this ever happening before.  I'd be curious to know how long this has been occurring with others.

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