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  1. Telling lies activates my guy's superpower. They don't seem like they're the same person.
  2. What boots and gloves are these? And is there any chance we could have access to them at some point?
  3. More than just pigs squeal. Children, speakers with feedback, snitches, cars (brakes, belts, tires, etc), other animals... Hopefully we can avoid any Deliverance references.
  4. I love using badges in combination with names.
  5. Okay, I have 381 character slots used on Torchbearer, with many of those characters having multiple costume designs, and now I'm drawing a blank. With Issue 27 coming and a sonic manipulation power set coming for blasters, I decided I'm going to make a sonic/sonic blaster and have already secured a name (not the one I wanted, which was Screamer, but I got Squealer, so that will have to do). But I have zero idea of how to costume Squealer. Heck, at this point, I don't even know if she'll be red side or blue side... sometimes I let the clothes make the man (or woman) when it comes to alignment. So... any suggestions for Squealer?
  6. Magically cursed to have his pants burst into flames whenever he tells a lie, this hero paid a hefty price to acquire a serum that made him virtually invulnerable and now uses his curse by telling lies so he can deliver flaming kicks of justice to villains everywhere. Liar Liar Martial Arts / Invulnerability Scrapper
  7. Other names I can't believe I got: Bladeborn Breed Doomspeaker Doublestrike Flirt Grab Hostility Irresistible Reflections Stimulator Stone Cold Killer Submission Teflon Tripline Unbeatable Unforgettable
  8. Just because the name was available on Torch... Double Dog Dare Savage Melee / Bio Armor Scrapper
  9. Introducing... Hate Trick Staff Fighting / Willpower Brute His preferred weapon is a hockey stick, but this thing will do for now.
  10. Time for something magical (other than Perfectly Natural's long legs)... Are you ready for... The Magnificent Mister Mojo
  11. Upgradeable Beam Rifle / Mental Manipulation Blaster In case you're wondering, yes, he thinks in old school green monochrome.
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