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  1. He reminds me very much of Big Girl. I wonder if one of them copied the others notes on growth serums.
  2. Can't argue with it being great for stalkers. My EM stalker is the only EM character I have that I enjoy playing.
  3. I wish there was a feature for tankers to get a bonus against foes they have taunted, similar to Controllers with Containment. I feel like when I'm a second tanker on a team and feeling kind of irrelevant because my damage is subpar and either controllers/dominators being able to lock down enemies with holds and stuns, I should just quit playing tankers and move on to brutes and scrappers.
  4. New blaster... Canadian Force Dual Pistols / Martial Combat Blaster
  5. I have to agree. It's probably my favorite thing from the past 15 months. I think this character is suitable for publishing. Get yourself a comic book company and start writing stories.
  6. Perhaps I am also a god? Or maybe just a civilian who's under the impression that a hero, god or otherwise, isn't someone to be feared... and if they are, then maybe they aren't so heroic after all.
  7. There are many mythologies, each with their own thunder gods. I was not expecting the Norse one, and presuming I was is... awfully presumptuous of you.
  8. Villains need heroes, too... Syndicate Man Street Justice / Invulnerability Scrapper
  9. Pfft. Be glad I hooked him up with a big weapon to swing around instead of guns to represent 'Murica.
  10. Mighty American Titan Weapons / Radiation Armor Scrapper
  11. Because no one was using the name... Expendable Dual Pistols / Regeneration Sentinel
  12. Thunderforce Electric Blast / Dark Armor Sentinel
  13. Dark armor is fun with electric blast sentinel.
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