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  1. @Singularis... beautiful designs, all of them.
  2. The textures, while pretty, have been the bane of several of my costume designs... especially with jackets, robes, and shirts where I want to create new styles but the sleeve textures don't match up with the jacket, robe, or shirt I'm trying to work with.
  3. Nope, almost entirely on Torchbearer.
  4. Rapturous Illusion Control / Empathy Controller
  5. Hyper-Girl Kinetics / Dual Pistols Defender
  6. Was feeling domineering tonight... Checkout Delay Mind Control / Psionic Assault Dominator Ice Control / Ice Assault Dominator
  7. How dare you, sir? How dare you?! Anyone that says I'm not family friendly can suck my [family friendly metaphor substitute goes here].
  8. Stallone was a name to bring fame to the Judge Dredd franchise. Urban celebrated the character and should, himself, be celebrated for doing the character justice.
  9. If the game were made from scratch from the ground up now, I think the first thing to do would be to recreate all NPC enemies so that they can use the scaling to level technology that zombie apocalypse and rikti invasion enemies do. If the canon stories only use Hellions up to level 10 or 12 or whatever, that's fine... but if there's ever a need for some level 40 or 50 Hellions, just drop them in and let them scale up. In addition to that, recreate all NPC costuming elements so that they are individual pieces rather than whole body skins like older NPCs are... and then make all of
  10. The game already has them... on Male and Huge models. Not only does the game currently have nipples, it also has PIERCED nipples. (See the Leather Straps option under Tight -> Chest options.) Hypocrisy is bad. Definitely. Old fashioned societal standards are evolving. In some places, women can go shirtless anywhere a man can. https://www.quora.com/Is-it-actually-legal-for-a-woman-to-be-topless-in-New-York-City Yup.
  11. Also have a top-heavy Gravity / Traps controller called Boobytrap.
  12. Remember, "Only affecting self" means that you can't affect your teammates (with heals or buffs) OR your enemies (with attacks or debuffs). You can only affect yourself.
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