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  1. You robbed the bank to protect it, by making sure they have nothing inside for others to rob.
  2. I have an Arachnos Widow named Espionage who went Rogue and sports the International Spy badge as she plays both sides as a double agent. Her Longbow uniform is definitely not regulation.
  3. I love the idea of Ancillaries (or even just regular pools) that tap into the lore/abilities of the various NPC groups. It would help establish the feel of characters built with those groups in mind as part of a backstory. Maybe we could see one for all the NPC groups of the game. It seems like it could be a bit overwhelming, but you could have them be both unlockable (like how the Villain Patron Pools are) and mutually exclusive like the "origin" pools so you can only "join" one group. Honestly, I think I'd prefer it as optional Pools than Ancillary / Patron because a lot of NPC groups cap at lower levels and you shouldn't have to wait til higher levels to get access to add a little thematic flair to your character's powers, and making them pool powers would keep things simple by having each set be a universal to all ATs instead of trying to balance different powers for each AT.
  4. My foray into Trolls territory was a mixed bag... literally. A boss in the Skulls gang, struggling to makes something of himself and stand out from the rest... he got his hands on some Superadine and it wound up transforming him into... looks like a Troll, but still hits with all the negative energies of a Skull... but ultimately accepted by neither faction, and so struck out on his own under Arachnos's "Destined One" program in hopes of proving to be that one villain who will go the distance as Deathtroll.
  5. Pretty sure I've seen Bowslinger before, because I'm remembering thinking this is an awesome character design and concept. The others are great, too. And there's no such thing as an "unhealthy" amount of characters, lore-related or otherwise.
  6. Playing on both both blue and redside, you can often find NPCs holding civilians at gunpoint or otherwise intimidating them into submission. Player villains, however, can do no such thing. Civilians are just these invulnerable set dressing pieces walking around. Would love it if we could attack those people... even if it auto-killed with no XP or hit without doing damage but causing them to flee to the nearest door for safety. It would just feel more villainous.
  7. I also made a Nemesis... The Nemesis, in fact. Sorta. Kid Nemesis is the temporally displaced young version of Nemesis, and he's not exactly happy with how he's going to grow up so he's currently fighting his older self's minions (and other enemies) to make Paragon City a better place. He's tiny at about 5 feet tall.
  8. I don't know about most of you, but not only do I try to work COH lore into my characters backstory, I enjoy creating characters that fit into the NPC groups. For example, I have Longbow Mender, who is as his name implies a member of Longbow and Ouroboros. I also made Freedom Corps Rookie, one of those stand around vendors of power enhancements who decided that she was ready to strike out in the field even though she wasn't approved to join Longbow. So I was just wondering what kind of NPC-themed characters you've all made.
  9. KB to KD is a workaround, but is it the best one? The problem with this solution is that it forces players to spend a slot customizing the power to be more useful to them when they could be using that valuable slot for something else. My recommendation would be to create a new IO enhancement that is both +Accuracy and also KB to KD. Using this would allow people to slot for the knockdown without having to sacrifice for it. I thought about maybe +Damage instead, but most people slot at least on accuracy into their powers, so this would allow the enhancement to do the job and also be used on attacks that might not deal damage.
  10. Hellion League Golf is still a thing. Put on your best KB enhancers and see if you can get a hole in one in Atlas Park.
  11. That's so good, I don't even know how to rip it off.
  12. I survived. But can I do it again? We'll see in 12 months!
  13. Player2

    Name release

    Some more names for you to pick from and play with: Antispam Assault Force One Bad Gurl Beguiled Child Biometric Cached Out Caustic Evil Clipboard Coincidental Crisis Response Cybersquatter Darksource Destiny's Wild Dongle Dual Core Escape Room Exit Strategy Final Authority First Sun Fluffers Future Father Game Zone Glitchy Growth Factor Hell-Face Hex Factor Holdover Homepage Hypertext Indebted Install Instant Death Intendant Intranet Joke Face Killer App Kissing Kitty Laserface Meatspace Mother of All Next Generation Off-Topic Old Order Open Source Order 1 OS2 P2P Pesky Kid Possible Spy Quad-Core Questgiver Quickener Resourceful Agent Respondent Scenic Route Screensaver Security Suite Smartphone Soundcard Standalone Super Intendant Taskbar Tactical Force Touchscreen Tripline Uncooperative Unlikely Ally Villainous Intent War Time Worldwide Web
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