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  1. Cool. I thought that only affected the color of one's name.
  2. The following names are currently available on Reunion: Atomic Danger Cosmic Burst Critical Core Dangerous Exposure Fusion Rage Hazmat Harry Nuclear Reactor Luminous Assault Radioactive Rage
  3. Cherry Popper Energy Melee / Bio Armor Stalker She'll pop you in the mouth with cherry-flavored fists of destruction.
  4. Not displeasing... however, it occurs to me now that I do have a character with those powersets. A pain/ice defender named Coldsore. Ice / Pain Controller is an idea...
  5. Hmm... I haven't done an ice corruptor. Maybe if I change the red costume bits to blue?
  6. Unassigned costume looking for a name and/or theme...
  7. White Hot Fiery Melee / Bio Armor Scrapper Costume design was not an excuse to use the thong option.
  8. Atlas Park... talk to Null the Gull sometime, and visit the places he can send you.
  9. Here's a fun one I made back in October, up to level 22 now. He has the "Boils" aura now to show the sizzling grease to go along with his fiery aura.
  10. The Hot One Fire Blast / Thermal Radiation Corruptor Things are starting to heat up.
  11. When I saw that, it made me think of this:
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