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  1. Quoted to show comparison... I had the piece below commissioned by Phil Cho, another artist I found on DeviantArt:
  2. I've gone the Hollywood stunt double route... My movie star blaster has her own tanker stunt double for those tough scenes.
  3. Marvel has a character called Ultragirl who started out thinking she was a mutant but then learned she was actually an alien (mutant Kree).
  4. Seconded. Also, I saw someone suggest some kind of custom map editor. I would be all for this. Even if it were limited in size to what SG bases can be... It would be nice to be able to select a specific type of map (warehouse, office, etc) and then drop down rooms of content with the ability to add specific set dressing. Additionally, I would like to be able to assign a specific existing temp power to the mission boss to be able to make them a little more unique.
  5. I love everything about this character... the name, the concept, the look... that muzzle. Just curious, who is his new master?
  6. I love every color variation of this character. Fantastic design!
  7. This crew is inspired. Let me know when you have some AE missions with them so I can play my card-based heroes against them. Double-Draw and Ace Archer would be less approving than I. 😉
  8. Invisible sword. I actually had a D&D character way back in 2nd Edition that was a former paladin who dual-classed into thief (becoming a Fighter/Thief, because you lose your paladinhood for stuff like that even if you're just using the thief skills to sneak around and find traps). Anyway, he had a Longsword +1 that was invisible, allowing him to keep his weapon handy where he might otherwise be asked to disarm (or be disarmed). Invisible weapons are useful... and hurt as much as the visible ones. By the way... GREAT design with The Cyber Disciple.
  9. Just commissioned this piece for one of my long-time favorites, Windy Skye: I also had this piece done awhile back for my former blaster turned sentinel: I liked it so much, I had it made into a coffee mug! That worked out so well, I might turn Windy into a T-shirt.
  10. He's a mechanical minotaur. The name is obvious: Mechataur
  11. Yep. It's all about the auras.
  12. Enable the experimental graphics features for cel shading. Under those options, only use the outline feature.
  13. Ace Archer Archery / Tactical Arrow Blaster
  14. The code of conduct is a joke, selectively enforced. This contest's winner just proves it. I insist the 1st place position be denounced and the be prize revoked, or the code of conduct be changed.
  15. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/code-of-conduct/ The following is considered prohibited content: Anything illegal: This includes anything related to gambling, child pornography, terrorism, controlled substances, and any real world criminal activity Child endangerment is a real world criminal activity. You've not only allowed a violation of the code of conduct, you celebrate it. Shame on you.
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