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Additional Base Portals

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I'd like to suggest the addition of a 2nd base portal in most of the regular city zones, except the ones where it's very centrally located already. As you know many of the zones are quite big and it was enough of a problem a few got a 2nd tram added. I think a 2nd base portal would be very beneficial.


Atlas Park, Talos Island - these both seem like the current portal is very central so it's enough. One near the Dark Astoria gate might be convenient -- but I'm not sure about that.


King's Row - by the tram; the roof of Police HQ is really out of the way

Steel Canyon - by the university. Just like the universities in Croatoa and Cap Au Diable

Skyway City - by the southern tram

Independence Port - by the southern tram

Founder's Falls - maybe by the monorail

Brickstown - maybe by the hospital & Crey's folly entrance; or over by the science store to make it diagonally opposite the one we have already

Peregrine Island - in the ferry parking lot by the TUNNEL network

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