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Lets talk Kheldians

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Now as some may have noticed. I am pretty resistant to changes based on misperceptions of various power sets just because they are not top of the META or take some out of the box thinking to make work well.


However with the creation of the Sentinal, I am seeing alot of what made especially the Peace Bringer unique and worth using really lose its niche.


This isnt just due to the blast/defensive power combo of the Sent,but also due to things the kheldians just dont get. For example an epic/ancillary pool. While kheldians possess many power options not every one compliments every build, and even with a heavy global recharge build conserve energy can struggle to be enough to sustain all the toggles a kheldian might want from the various pools to compliment it.


Thanks to body mastery and the like most ATs will be able to get basically two fitness powers to help with endurance. At high end against malta sappers and carnies solid reliable end recovery is a well known demand of most players just to  enjoy the game and not spend time scrambling around waiting for blue to recharge.


I really think Khelds should get access to some kind of epic pool. Or failing that, the ability to at least pick up to 5 pools to allow for wider ranges of diversity.


Not sure Id of felt this way if there wasnt this sentinal class. But the team running this server chose to add that. I like them fine. But I feel it was at the cost of nerfing Khelds by proxy.


So what do you all think? Proliferation of blaster  and or tank epic pools? Access to just one more of the travel pools?

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Can replenish end nearly every group they kill


85 res to all


300% damage boost


2-3 pets out all the time


build in invisibility


A cone ranged mag 3 stun


a self Rez


a team member teleport, a zone self teleport


flight and teleport self built in


A blaster mode built in


a tank mode built in...


Warshades are dramatically powerful. They have 5 epic pools baked right in. Truly, if you make keybinds and know how to play a keldian, it's a sight to behold. They don't need epic pools... They are epic pools. I can absolutely steamroll content on my Warshade. I really don't think they need more.

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I'd really like to see 3-5 Kheldian epic pools, but I'd like them to be focused on expanding or reinforcing particular roles rather than just being "random stuff Khelds didn't have before."


So, e.g.,

  • "Defender" pool: Ally Rez, Cone Heal, Mini-RA, reskinned Darkest Night, something like ML (maybe that shares the Kheld inherent effects w/ team).
  • "Controller" pool: ST & AoE immobs, with -kb.  ST hold, AoE hold something like Volcanic Gasses.  Maybe an AoE stealth toggle.
  • "Melee" pool: Mez and debuff resistance (not protection); some kind of mez-taunt aura; a parry and a follow-up style attack.
  • "Pet" pool: probably something like Fire Imps at the low end and a decent lt pet of some kind at the high end, with basic support tools to use them in the middle.

No-Set Builds: Tanker Scrapper Brute Stalker

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