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  1. Most of the actual wealth that is stolen annually in the U.S. is done by white collar criminals, a classification for crime that inherently exists to treat the wealthy who break the law better then the poor. Likewise Serial Killers and mass murderers often come from wealthier families, and it is well documented that Sociopaths and Psychopaths are mainly found in the fields of Corporate management, law enforcement, the medical fields, the clergy, and upper education. From pyramid scheme scum fleecing thousands for their retirement funds, to a doctor overseeing and abusin
  2. There is a common misconception among players that the world in which we play is largely like ours, and do not tend to dwell on what the Rikti Invasion did to the rest of the world. Paragon was far from the only city attacked, and in fact likely was far less hard hit then most, as most did not have beings on par with SM and the rest of games core iconic characters. Basically i am saying that one of the reasons Recluse and his isle even exist is because it is likely in better shape then much of the world. It really is not hard to imagine that in the wake of Coles death Stephan being
  3. This actually is something that matters to actual game devs quite a lot. For example over in Path of Exile, they have a setting for solo self found only. Doing this actually makes it so a player can not trade with others, and is entirely dependent on their own loot drops. It increases their chance for good loot to drop by a very large % but RNG being RNG still means getting the uniques they may need for certain builds much less likely. It exists however to help balance the game for those who do not want to engage in player trade. In DDO they have struggled for years to find a way t
  4. Honestly why not just several new channels with varying degrees of range? To be honest one reason I rarely bother with the D anymore is how chaotic it is, you have a small group talking actively and it can drown out and overwhelm anything else. Which would be fine if they were actually interested in others joining the conversation but it is far more common these days for it to be a clique of friends with no interest in random pug RP. Nor do they grasp they should keep it in a group chat as no one not in their RP group wants to have the local channel overwhelmed by private social drama RP none
  5. Sorry but taking a break does not ever fix the need for new shiny shiny. Looter motivation is a core motivation in the RPG genre going back to the earliest days of P&P table top gaming. You literally invalidate yourself even suggesting taking a break by the way as that is a well established non point in gaming forum debates. I enjoy the game play loop of COX very much and always will but new loot and new ways to create a build with that loot is a core mechanic of the genre that if ignored kills player interest like nothing else will. To even try to deflect or argue against this suggest to
  6. Elude on its own is all the def you need. What you want is to layer it with other things. I usually go with rebirth for the heavy healing to back up my near perma elude. I use phase shift to cover the down time (if I use agless I have perma elude but lack the handy healing, and phase shift is actually the best oh shit button anyone can have. Yes we have to waste powers on the stealth powers that dont do much else for an SR, but hey I hover in a fight to so it does add a touch to the total def. Finally its really about the primary with SR. a Dark Melee/ SR utterly laughs at AVs, especially mel
  7. I can agree with the OP that well as a looter the games loot is very stale. New IO sets, and other shiny shiny to motivate. I wont lie it is a large part of what keeps me on games like Warframe and Path of Exile. Warframes riven system makes it so you have an endless form of RNG based boosts to every weapon in the game, allowing players to take even low teir starter weapons and get them worthy of high end content with time,luck, and mat sinking to change the effects RNG wise on the things. Path of exile every league brings new Uniques, including what are called buil enabling uniqu
  8. Well for me there are quite a few in the form of the many comments this thread has gotten;). Say what you want imo it proved an atypically informative thread as the GM post was truly useful to help wade through the cesspool of those at the D who try to use the guise of RP to harass and abuse.
  9. You have much to learn about the art of civil discourse and debate. A statement like the above would get you removed from a formal debate and likely kicked from a debate team for life. It quite literally invalidates anything you have or could further argue to make such a statement as you have here. And no I do not think the idea remotely adds something better to the game and would not agree with nor endorse it. However you need to learn to construct actual arguments rather then insults and denigrating language to try and push your pov. In other words if this was a forma
  10. Ive pondered an idea on this issue off and on. Along the lines of what if when a power only has a single slot giving it an inherent boost to all %s equal to what a DO gives. This bonus would vanish the moment a 2nd slot is given to a power. This would at least make a new power pick feel like it has a touch of oomph to it before you can invest slots into it. Down side is it is technically power creep to any power we tend to use as a single slot special IO mule would get a bit of a boost. However i dont think powers that get used as an lotg mule like vengeance would be that game break if when it
  11. Ok gotcha. That makes sense to me then. Back on live towards the end I did actually have a single toon that one day it struck me we had costume slots roughly equal to years the game had been active, and so took one of my 1st year toons and tried to assign a costume slot to represent each of the years by doing my best to recall what the main costume I had worn for that character around then had been. Kind of a costume slide show of year one year two etc. Obviously he did not look much different in face or body size as he was an adult already, but I could see someone doing a penny yin type growi
  12. You uhm do notice he did say to keep the 6 slot limit per power right?
  13. There was a short lived bug on live for just kheldians I recall, before the coming of ED, that allowed them to put as many slots as they wanted in a single power. It was a glorious few days of hilarity as many a PB flitted through the sky with a super fast combat flight and just used eye beams to one shot hamidon. Yeah it didnt last long sadly. But wont like it was some of the craziest amusement I had in this park.
  14. If you dont have at least 80% acc into an attack it should feel pretty whiffy imo, especially against def based mobs. You should be having to run additional to hit buffs to hit them reliably. Otherwise they may as remove mob def entirely and just go with heavy amounts of DR on all mobs.
  15. This would pair well with the idea I had a few years ago for a cox version of the nemesis system, where instead of making something custom we could exploit, instead make it so as we build a rogues gallery from the in game villains they become regular ambushes on the streets and can pop up in missions the way Qs do for khelds.
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