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  1. So? L2P posts are valid posts, especially because in the world of gamer speak players calling content they dont like personally bad design, is code for them actually being bad gamers. Croatoa content has been to the best of my knowledge on live, and now some of the content everyone seems to try to play through at level because its so beloved. So clearly the OPs dislike for it is largely personal, not objective. Because content that popular must be so for some good reasons. I myself tend to do it mainly only on magical toons, but that is because I tend to focus on content based on concept more then reward. As some others have said the content actually has a kind of laid back vibe to it really. sure it draws some stuff out but in the era it was made in that was still a pretty mild time sink in such games. As for hostages and escorts, Ill say it again CoH moreso then any other kind of genre of MMO is the kind that such content fits and makes sense and helps to immerse one in the world. Sure the ai could be abit better, but over all I find NPC allies and hostages are pretty tolerable to lead about. I also am one of those who like the added extra bit of challenge when soloing such as a stalker and needing to put the concern of my ward over myself and need to get rough and brutal fighting our way to freedom like daredevil at the end of episode 2 season 1! So frankly I rather wish we had more stuff that was flavorful with allies and escorts that forced players to adapt and step out of their comfort zone of mass murder.
  2. Most seem to agree in this day and age while khelds are far from bottom tier they have certainly not aged the best either. While many tend to discuss mainly their forms I personally think the addition of several ancillary pools via some patron styled quest lines given by the PB and WS contacts could give them some much needed additional variety among the ATs themselves and expand their lore based flavor. My first thought is a mini master mind style pool for light and dark themes respectively that give the khelds a pet in the style of the ones many patron pools get but as a unbound kheldian essence as the intial power, and several buff it up powers for to fill out the pool to make it if given the powers and slots to focus on it, viable enough for base line end game mobs. 2 more of the pools again would be more about human and Bi form builds, the idea being a pool of a more unique nature, each with a toggle that keeps you in human form but grants you the additional powers of the form in a temp power bar as we are seeing more powers use in limited ways. This would obviously be aimed and give a way in high level builds to access the powers of the forms but dont like the look of the forms or way they cut off access to their standard powers. I think just the fact it would still be very limited by slots over all would keep such things from being OP. Finally the 4th pool for each would be for in the forms only and be new form only powers to enhance both forms equally. I would think in keeping with the team nature of khelds, they could be support/buff/debuff auras that would be equally useful to both forms and allies of varied sorts. Granted this is a very rough idea, and one I imagine the far more hard core number cruncher and power theory builders can do better with. And while this will only help/alter khelds at the higher levels I figure that is maybe the best way to approach it rather then something more broad reaching. As for the quest lines, really they could be carbon copies of the vil patron pool arcs with a kheldian/nictus/ council skin thrown on everything and they would work just fine.
  3. My fave example of balance with AOEs will always be good old school D&D at the table top. full friendly fire, demanding those with AOEs like a classic fireball use it with care rather then impunity. Some of my fave turn based tactical rpgs are very unforgiving in that aspect as well. Even DDO has a hand full of spells that do effect allies as negatively as enemies to keep something of that spirit of challenge. The fact is its the only real way to balance aoe dmg and not nerf it to the point of why bother. We would basically need it to be full on open world pvp, where you can hurt ally as easily as enemy, and need to use ones powers far more wisely. But I doubt anything close to that could ever work in coh, the playerbase likely could never adapt to only nuke when alone
  4. Because even many top end builds have their players bitch about Malta sappers. So obviously its not such a build and forget issue. If the HC devs for example have the sense to ever make new top end mob factions that logically should be loaded with the tools players bitch most about like def/dmg res/ heal debuffs and constant sapping to really stress builds, then we will see what builds really do have no endurance issue. My perma light form PB with no real toggles on in combat but hover and a end cost reduction clicky to boot eagerly await such a mob faction that leaves most sucking blue like they were level 1s fighting a pack of clock works.
  5. Well then you and I at least are of entirely different views on game design. IMO a 2 part set bonus should be much weaker then a 5 or 6 part set bonus. And if they ever want to create sets with regen/recovery bonuses in that tier of a set bonus I would be fine with them being much stronger then the current 2 part set bonuses. In literally every game I can go back in time thinking of that has used the set bonus mechanic, such as old Diablo, almost all the really good set bonuses required wearing a part in just about every gear slot, which costs you lots of other cool build choices via gear kit. You keep thinking we are talking about you, I am not. I am not talking about whatever claim your making about others attacking or questioning your build ability. Positrons blast is one of my go to sets for leveling builds so no idea why you think it so much better then bombardment, and energy melee also does not suck. You are clearly talking from a pure META pov, and not everything can be fine tuned to the current meta flavor of the month. However as you seem intent on ignoring every single one of us that disagrees, rather then try to understand our pov and its equally valid position, you seem incapable of anything but yelling that the things you dont think are great just are too sucky to be useful in any circumstance to any possible build. So I am just going to sum up my position as a very hard no for your suggestion,and hope the HC Devs have sense enough to see its not worth their time.
  6. Something else to mention, is in the post ED era, optimal slotting of a power was in the Devs mind to include mac end cost reduction for every power. A great many players put top tier power set bonuses which by design came at the cost most often of sub optimal enhancement of 1 or more aspects of a power, especially true of attack powers with debuffs, as their build priority. Virtually any build, especially when franken set slotted will have the end cost of powers reduced by the max possible while also putting out top dmg on attacks and top def/res/heal on defensive toggles. If that is the focus a player desires in their build, max end consumption reduction, they have that option to build in, and will see very great results that, becaase recovery set bonuses are almost all 2 part bonuses, when it comes to franken slotting can often literally have 5 of every single bonus in a build on top of max end cost reduction very easily. So it is very much a hard no from me on buffing the set bonuses rather then making new sets with 5 and 6 part bonuses granting the end recovery boosts you crave.
  7. I dont want to get sucked into all the drama back and forth in this discussion, it seems like of late all I do is let things become too personal, so I am going to focus on right here your opening post, the premise and point I take away, which maybe I am not getting the point right so feel free to say such. So you state right here that the 4% bonus, (which folks correct me if I am wrong but is still like a 2 part set piece bonus right?) is not even half of what you get from the Power Stamina with a common SO in it, correct? That is what your saying, and your complaint is compared to what we get from Stamina+ SO boosting it, the single set bonus is too paltry to matter? Now not to be obtuse nor combative, but that seems a very odd analogue to use to reach the conclusion your logic circuits seemed to have reached sunny. Let me use the same analogue to refute your premise if I may, with no ill will meant, just my own simple logic drawing from similar baselines. So Tanks in several of their primaries( Tanks who when it comes to primaries have some of the strongest base %s in any powers of a non dps nature) have an ability that grants them an inherent global recharge bonus. Last I checked it was 20% on the various powers that do this. Now the strongest sets in the game, the lvl 50 only sets, at 5 parts only grant a 10% global recharge bonus. That is fully half of a ATs primary sets equiv power being granted for a power slot being spent. And that is on a 5 part bonus, on the highest tier sets in the game rarity wise. To suggest that low tier sets, or low part bonuses grant even half what an actual power, inherent or not, with even one SO worth of boost enhancing it, seems to me to be asking for far too much from such set bonuses. Its also a simple truth that a build that leverages all the tools spoken of here not only defeats the standard end management issues, but will generate so much as to negate even the strongest sapping mobs in the game, Something that as we still frequently see even the common malta sapper remains among some players greatest banes. Now if you want to suggest some new sets that for their 5 and 6 part bonuses are some new much larger end related bonuses, I actually wouldnt mind that, maybe some sets that do a lot more end reduction but little recharge or accuracy. I hope you can see my very simple point, as bonuses of less then the 5 or 6 part variety and on rare pricey sets, the bonuses should be frankly weak as can be.
  8. As the HC team have said, just finishing KW would take a huge amount of time and effort, because there are all sorts of things we dont see like pathing for mobs, that needs to be done. The new outdoor bases are amazing, got a few I enjoy calling my virtual homes for my toons. But if you have gone in with pets you may have noticed they often follow only a bit, and often end up stuck just standing around lost. Because there is no pathing in those outdoor bases we are making. Thats because we are using a trick to basically leave the actual game space and build outside of it. Its one of the reasons why even if they opened back up base raiding all sorts of powers dont work outside of the bunker base area. For example ever try to teleport in the outside area?
  9. Maybe you are unaware, but back on live after the ability to have several builds on a character, while it was done for pvp builds to be able to be done on pve characters without having to give up pve optimization, the main use for it ended up being players having a solo build, and a team build. But thank you for the needless insults because nothing in my post is telling others what they have to do, just what I value in team mates, and what I do not. For example a guy who can solo the end av and all its mobs, and ghosts to do that while ignoring the team is to me and the people I tend to play with, a bad player who is a selfish glory hound and ruining the game for the rest of us and should just be playing solo. The thing is though, those glory hounds need to be on teams to feed their ego, so they intrude and ruin the game for the rest of us because they cant stay in their own game space. I am not going to tell anyone how they have to play in my teams, but if how you play negatively impacts my play, dont expect to stay on my team till the end of the TF. I mean really is this any different then for example the endless KB vs KD debate and how people who use KB can ruin others fun by doing things like scattering mobs and lessening the effect of drain powers others use etc? Now yes I love it the most when all can self stealth. But the stealth pool isnt actually all that popular, many hate anything that obscures their toon and never take it. Same with super speed. Many actually hate its level of speed while being on the ground. And for those that do like the speed, the new alt super speed in experimentation is growing in popularity because it has a built in way to deal with vertical obstacles. In fact about all I ever see from speed anymore on folks at all often is hasten. So folks with full stealth are actually not all that common in the pug scene. And when you pug, you build to be able to help others if your wise, as then you can lift them up rather then have to see them as dead weight or hear them complain about the games balance, mob type or some other such nonsense.
  10. Play a master mind then. You are basically asking to nerf the primary dps ability of Ill trollers in asking for its dmg reduced. I dont see your suggestion as anything but a disingenuous attempt to get a set you have some issue with nerfed. There is no need for them to last longer. You can make them perma, and the re-summon lets you put them in the front as needed every minute. This is actually a needed tactic as we cant direct them like an MM can. Maybe what you should ask for is an ILL MM set. I think that would be awesome actually.
  11. Hate to tell you but Johnny come lately is correct. what you did is generally considered weak forum fu. The way you should of approached what you did was to quote the entire post, then highlight the section you wanted to specifically respond to, to show both the poster you respond to, and those who join the conversation later, that you are not trying to create a false narrative to late comers who dont read the entire thread from the first post. Because you see there is at least an unwritten right and wrong way to approach forum fu. And you sir need to learn it better if you dont want to basically be a thread derailer as you are in this one to date. And when it comes to actually playing the game in anything other then a solo fashion, which is to play in a way that does not annoy, piss off, or in general in any way conflict with he team. And one of the most common aspects of such building dating back to year one and never changing even at sundown is those who team often, have stealth, and run TFs take recall so that should the call to ghost the run be made they can do that effectively rather then try to solo end rooms like glory hogs. I can assure you as one who has lead likely thousands of TFs on live and probably at least another thousand since HC, that in general a team doesnt give two figs if you can solo the end room if you do it without them, they are gonna be pissed. And there is literally not one build, that could be considered so flawless that it couldnt find a way to fit in recall if you also stealth. Stealthing is all well and good solo, but in a team solo killing boss rooms will always be so much faster with the full team, no matter ones personal super solo build, that those who want to run tfs in teams for all the perks of faster xp etc, should be giving back to that team. Anti social solo builds rarely last a full tf run with me, as I will boot them the second I feel they are neglecting even one team mate. My only 2 rules as a tf leader. Do what you do to the best of your ability, and always help ones allies. Those with selfish builds that cant help their allies in a meaningful way like recalling them because they are a selfish solo stalker build can go solo and stay out of my teams. Such players however want to be in my teams because teaming is the best xp gain for such toons who mainly excel at single target dps. You want to roll on teams, be liked, valued, and wanted back, you need to be more then full barbie doll dps mode. You need to have the tools that let you interact with your team mates as well as the mobs. And a once in a while ATT just isnt going to cut it. So really folks like you should be on the remove all cs from att bandwagon, so all desire for players to actually be team players on teams via build choices can go the way of the dodo and we just all build 100% meta game optimal solo builds and just use temp powers to help allies, because obviously no one else even when on a team really should matter. Its like those runs I have joined lately where someone incaps, and everyone else just ignores them, and I am the only one coming back to help recover them. I have a feeling this is growing in common practice as I seem to be getting ever more enthusiastic thanks when I do as if I have done something no one else would ever think to do. Frankly its really reaching a point in game even on bloody everlasting were folks just lack any sense of civility or social build ability. Puggle TFs are growing ever less fun as each seems to be at best 50% decent folks worth being around, and 50% the kind of trash that should stay on solo games because all they do is things that ruin the fun for the people who actually want everyone to have an equally good time.
  12. as far as I could tell on Champions it was just basically a visual for the zone, and enabled some kind of fly effect while in their underwater zone, as all actual travel powers got supressed in it if I recall right. I actually did like the lemuria zone there a fair bit in concept and actual play. even had my guys all have a underwater costume set. I think in theory at least if they could create a underwater atmosphere effect, they could recycle some outdoor maps into underwater locals and just have us all be in auto fly mode in it.
  13. Sorry I cant see it being worth the dev energy to write rogue/villain arc paths for all the mish content there. If you want to go there change alignments, its just not a big enough issue to want dev time on something like this. The idea of the co op zones used to be because the threats in them threatened even Recluse and his plans enough to send forces into them. Likely part of the long term idea that Recluse might end up being the one to step up in the wake of the death of his old frenemy. Kind of like how Dr. Doom in 2099 became almost a benevolent dictator if such a thing can exist. Like I get it, red side was basically ignored after launch, it was just not worth the dev energy then either. And trying to expand blue side content into red side content makes little sense either. And really considering every time I slum it red side running SFs I get at least one real douche bag it seems. A way higher ratio of douche bags to non douche bags exist red side from what I can tell. So really dont see all that much reason to want to see the devs give any energy to that part of the community.
  14. Nope just kind of tells you if the leader of the msr is cool or a dick bag. A good MSR leader spreads out AOE ATs among the teams to help insure everyone gets a good amount of merits. IME if your on a MSR and not getting good merit drops, its likely that you have a lot of afkers with just one pbaoe or pet summon on auto and are just milking it for easy, rather then try harding for the team as a whole.
  15. The old outdated aggro system. I loathe anything resembling tank and spank/cc lockdown type of play. I really prefer combat when everyone is fighting and being fought back against. Its far more fitting of the genre we are meant to be in.
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