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  1. Absolutely no vote, very sorry.
  2. Most of those are a bug, where there's no animation. As for dual blades, the animation for long and short is awesome, in my opinion, so no change there, but adding alternates is always fun.
  3. Since it seems that there have been several responses that were glib, here's some information on why it will likely not happen. Devs have commented before that the secondary mandatory T1 choice is kind of baked in to how the set system works and changing it would be very difficult and time consuming. For this reason it's basically a non-starter. Not that I advocate one way or another, but thought that some responses from some people were less than cordial.
  4. Hi Burt! Apologies, but I will no longer be sharing any information on this topic, it will be kept private now 🙏 Sorry to disappoint.
  5. Ah, Grey, sad really. I'm disappointed in you, but at least I am aware now.
  6. Ah I see, because you like pvp and others disagree, then you can attack them with insults. That's very noble.
  7. Interesting. So, when attacked, insulted, misquoted, misinterpreted, called a liar, shameful, disgusting and straw manned, its not acceptable to not allow it to slide. Gotcha. I had also expected better of you as well.
  8. Amusing. I did mention that there's two reasons pvp doesn't do well in CoH, the first was the toxicity of pvpers, by and large. I guess, thanks for validating that perception 😆
  9. Hmm hmm, sure, after it was edited. Glacier, the fact you've thrown in with someone who unabashedly resorts to name calling and personal attacks is quite surprising. Sad really, I thought better of you, to this point.
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