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  1. Uh... Most of this wasn't entirely cogent, and I think you're mistaking me for someone else. I'm not sure who you're "sticking up for" but I'm not being attacked by anyone, you may need to review who you're referring to.
  2. That seems unnecessary, considering that the long recharge was one of the reasons nukes were skipped so often on live, coupled with the insta-gib. Returning nukes to that 180s recharge as a means of addressing balance issues would instantly cause me to strip and delete any blaster or sentinel I have.
  3. Pool > Fighting > Cross Punch: Fixed critical damage values May I ask, did this result in a net change to this power's damage output?
  4. I repeat, I can blast something in the face with a right cross. Or a can of paint. Or I can get blasted on a case of beer. @blapforlife.
  5. 1. End heavy, but just about the best set for safety. Justifiable. 2. Bind can fix that, but you don't really need to locate the pointer, tornado runs all over anyway 3. Storm is not about heals, so, no need to change o2
  6. What's wrong is, only affect self is a very poor way to properly implement game functions. It's like not putting doors on bathrooms and giving the person taking a poop a blindfold. Stinky.
  7. I was taunted by this thread... ...and lured in.
  8. Sorcery pool updates look very good. RoP ignoring recharge and at 33% uptime is spot on, very eloquent. Grav Singy changes are fun. Need to play with this one a bit more to make sure there are no odd mechanics.
  9. 1. Passive power granting mag 4 status prot in human form 2. Raise the damage cap 3. Toggles suppress in forms, balance end issue 4. Orbiting debt carries over to dwarf 5. Make extraction pets much tougher This would solve most Warshade issues. Warshader do not need more slots, there's plenty. Going forms has always had that opportunity cost, which is one of the rewarding challenges of getting it right.
  10. Aggro cap change, no vote. Pet summons, I would be open to discussion of small changes on a set by set basis.
  11. Lvl 50+ Mind/Psi Dom here.... I would not recommend psi epic. I would recommend cold. Mind/psi/cold, IOd properly is absolutely terrifying, alpha strike, great damage, massive control, n41%defense to everything, huge regen and end recovery, turn AVs and GMs into drunken sleepy kittens. Debuffs as well. Be prepared to spend around 900m-1bil.
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