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  1. Hmm. Let's sum, shall we? You started a thread titled "I gave it a shot," wherein you discussed in a lengthy diatribe the nuance of exactly why you feel that sentinels are not good, proceeded to use skewed data to draw questionable conclusions and then proclaimed that those conclusions are fact. When any dissenting opinion was posed, you vociferously denounced it as erroneous, disregarding that some of those disentors attempted to understand you and explain their opinions. When your flawed data was analyzed and you were informed you were in err, you acknowledged it off hand and then initiated a new, similarly flawed, line of argumentation. When presented again with any facts that disprove your claim, dissent or disagreement you then insisted that not only were those that do not agree with you wrong, you belittled them with sarcasm, by your own account. Finally, when multiple people voiced further evidence and reasoning that contradicted you, you highlighted, promoted and sang the praises of a poster who stooped to using personal attacks and hyperbole, throwing your lot in with that class of character. Not only that, you then misquoted the very person they were attacking, in what seems to be an attempt to find someone who agrees with you. Well then. We have to realize that it is evident you may not be inclined to discussion, reasoning or understanding, but merely convinced of your belief and resolved in your determination to convince anyone who gainsays said belief. Cogent arguments are exactly that, ideology is unassailable and reason demands understanding. I do hope in the future you're able to be a positive force for change, as no one disagrees that there was a case for change, but the course you tacked into that particular wind was foolhardy, at best. I digress.
  2. Very nice that you suggest people are liars. How fortunate for me that, not only am I lying, but that you were able to help me out. But I do have a question, do you have proof? I mean, if you're going to blatantly call me a liar, have you witnessed said events? I sure hope you would be ethical enough to have proof BEFORE attacking someone in such a fashion. May I ask you to provide the afore mentioned evidence?
  3. Had an elec/kin, rolled it to 41. The whole way I loved the animations, I loathed the sounds and I eventually stopped. Low damage, slow to spread control mechanism, poor synergy with kin. I have many kin ATs, fire/kin, grav/kin (defender), kin/water, Ill/kin. I even tried an elec/kin corrupter and deleted at 44. Elec/kin controller was very low in damage and as such was teams only, as the set was abysmal at solo.
  4. This really almost convinces me to try DM... that flurry punchy animation though... 😣 Ew But tempted😌
  5. His lack of challenge is more about his insistance on playing easy content with a pinnacle AT. Plenty of the game is hard for most of the population, thus his experience is atypical. That said, I would *eventually* be happy to have new, and tougher content. But no changes to the current content.
  6. I love these posts. 😁
  7. Thanks for your opinion, which is what we are discussing as there is little fact here, and that is perfectly fine. Bare in mind concepts such as performance, meta, competitive, outclassed and better are subjective. Better at what? Competitive at what? Performing how? Sentinels survive much better than brutes in many cases, so... better? I've watched whole teams wipe that I chug on through to their amazement. How do we measure better? I have absorbed alpha that kills brutes and tanks, is that better? I routinely out damage scrapers, is that better? I have zero endurance issues at any level on a sentinel, but many other classes gasp. Where is the marker for better? I watch as blasters faceplant repeatedly from 1-50, but... They're better, yes? My nuke is up for every group, but, wait, it's not better. Why isn't it? I have built in self heal that allows me to be self sufficient, is that worse than a scrapper with no self heal? The list goes on. No, not the list proving how anything is better, the list demonstrating that your perspective is subjective, an opinion. For example, I think corruptors suck, having tried several, and I will not play one because to me, they are terrible. But are the factually? No, I'm sure plenty of things about the class are wonderful. To sum, I disagree with your persective and am unconvinced by your method of comparison; hence, in my opinion you are incorrect. That's the Great thing about perspective, yeah? We can both disagree and be happy.
  8. Slicey and dicey. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜£
  9. I've been reporting feedback in multiple threads that since the changes to tanks and brutes, enemies flee at a very high rate now. I'm not the only one reporting actual test feedback. I've tested scraps, blasters and sentinels who all now cause foes to run excessively.
  10. Let's play a game called... Never have I ever. Here, I'll start, Never have I ever... Point blanked my Sentinel, unless invited.
  11. Nerf Snarky. And brutes. Nerf Snarkybrutes. Twice!
  12. Again, sorry you're unimpressed. *Shrug* You seem pretty vehemently opposed to people who are impressed with the AT, even when they agree the AT needs a bit of polishing. Perhaps you should not play sentinels? I accept your views, perhaps you could be accepting as well? Differing opinions do not invalidate each other, so, it's probably ok that your opinion isn't fact, neither is mine. However, in light of the fact there are those that disagree with you in some ways would be an indicator that your proclamations are not quite accurate. So, even though I'm making it sound "nice," it's probably quite a good deal more "competitive" than you think. Compromise is honorable, no?
  13. Did you have salvage window open while trying to attuned? If you leave salvage window open and enter the manage enhancement screen, it bugs out.
  14. So I wonder, if the 20% chance fires, does that stack with the conversion, pushing it over 1.0 and causing KB instead of KD?
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