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  1. I REALLY hope they fix the bug with Hail of Bullets from dual pistols soon, I miss playing my DP toons... 😌😣😌😁🤔😁
  2. Dude! What's more annoying that someone who talks about economics on a damned game forum?! Amarite?! Sheesh! I hate that 😁
  3. I'm sorry, I cannot support this. No vote.
  4. No. First, we need: 1. Nerf player Regen power added. NPCs have to deal with nerf Regen... NOW ITS YOUR TURN, REGEN! 2. Pie. We need pie added. Until those get added, I must vote.... Pie
  5. To be fair, there is quite a bit of rubberbanding that happens, routinely. Now, much of this is due to internet traffic, server load, bandwidth, etc... NOT specifically the game. When I play at odd hours, there's no lag.
  6. The point is, 100 merits for any io or recipe is foolhardy. So, using merits for recipes is incredibly expensive, when the same 100 merits can buy 4-5 purple ios
  7. Nerf @Mender Derek
  8. Exactly. And spending 100 merits for an ATO, when that 100 merits is worth 80-100 million inf, is worse than paying 20 million for the same ATO at the AH.
  9. No one said selling converters, I said turn 100 million. Yellows, roulette, rares, sell. 1 hour a week, 100 million.
  10. This is a really bad idea, considering that 100 merits is 300 converters... And with 300 converters I can turn over 80-100 million inf easily... That's 4-5 purple/ATO etc...
  11. I bet this is the busiest the forums have been in months!
  12. We can't let the dogs out. Because then we would have to ask one question...
  13. You know, if you want to build your assets, do walking marketeering, deep marketeering and single leg Romanian marketeering. You'll have a nice round trunk of booty.
  14. So this one time... ... When @Mender Derek was at Nemesis camp...
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