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  1. Hope that helps. I haven't posted in months and I am going back to silence again, so I won't be replying. Good luck out there.
  2. Also, you asked about stacking .. your taunt capability is cumulative, meaning aura, attacks and taunt can hit many or similar mobs and the "work" is spreading the Argo capturing around. So punch this way.... Taunt that way.... Move about to make aura work well... Etc.
  3. Agro cap is 17. For everyone. That won't change. Your max is 17 and you may reach this in one, two three or many ways.... But the hard cap is 17. No single tool can hit all 17 at once as that would reduce agro control to one button.
  4. We need Peanut Butter Jelly Time. With a baseball bat.
  5. For several game mechanic reasons, not possible. And, it would be immersion breaking as well Sorry.
  6. This is why CoH puts the leather boot squarely on all other games, forever: the community. The best people in the realm. +1 on you for the shout out to a teammate!
  7. This one is very stupid. And I should know better. And pines tells me better. But I'm thorough. So, incarnate destiny rebirth applies a heal and Regen to.... Allies. A side effect of youth, and my native tongue. Ally, allies and allying is third person, by nature precluding the self. The buff applies to the self as well, correct? Rather daft of me to inquire, I am aware. Apologies in advance
  8. They brought this project back from the dead, are accepting thousands in donations, and just leave it as volunteer work for patches? Shouldn't the people taking your money be working on the game? I thought homecoming actually had a crew who cared about it? Why run it if you're not going to update it? I mean don't get me wrong, what they have done is unreal, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see some new options for archetypes etc. Ah, where to begin. I have a few words of wisdom for you. 1. Karma works. Tread carefully. 2. While you may sound exceedingly smart in your own mind, those same utterances are rarely thus when voiced aloud. 3. Pounding sand is cathartic. Try it 4. Take the high road when you feel angsty. Even little girls know better, and often pout, showing at least a modicum of self restraint. And... 5. Bitch not about gifts granted freely. Bad form.
  9. Ah, I misunderstood what you were trying to say then. I was just saying you can get the sound by at least changing the body type. I cried a wee bit.
  10. Sunsett. Two things. One, I plus 1 you on this. Eb on sents is lackluster. Two, it's probably not a high priority fix, as free Dev time would be spent on more pressing matters. In the end, sents suffer from Jack of all syndrome. Looks fun on paper, requires specific sets.
  11. Hmmm... Pie or cake.... What to choose....
  12. You do know that through discussion and sharing thoughts with others, ideas and opinions can change and evolve over time, right? Most assuredly. I am pleased we agree and can teach and learn from each other. Similarly, I am sure we can agree than should an individual make suppositions found to be contradictive, this can cause confusion. Being that confusion can be the direct result of contradictive statements, I am further sure we can both summarily agree that pointing this contradiction out is valid, in order to properly understand. Hence, the mention of incongruent statements.
  13. Yes ... that's kind of the purpose for having a discussion - to discuss a topic with others and flesh out ideas. I'm glad you educated me on the nature and purpose of discussion. Alternatively, the purpose of highlighting your evidently contradicting statements would be to demonstrate the incompatibility of your posts. Now that we have helped each other, would you mind further helping me by clarifying your EVOLVED disposition on this matter? I kindly ask, as it has evidently changed from your original stance. Imagine my inability to comprehend your views, due to the quixotically juxtaposed nature of your thoughts. Mind helping a brother out?
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