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  1. Jack emmert had a vision which included the stance that a player character was roughly equivilant to 3 even con MOBs. This was at base, and would scale with level and enhancing. So, back in issue 1-5.5, yes, this was generally accurate. He did acknowledge that certain ATs could arrest more, survive more, control more, and would have to sacrifice accordingly; I.e. a tank may survive more than 3, but arresting was slow.. so, basic design scope was balanced around tuning everything to a 3:1 ratio in the 1-45 range... Glad he was "promoted" ðŸĪŠ
  2. Sure it does. Also, you could... You know... Turn off stealth or even.... Not take the power? 😋 Your complaint is, "stealth works on a tank, keeping him from getting noticed." Uh.... Ok? Working well, it seems. So are you actually wanting something from stealth, like the defense bonus, without the stealth part? You mention "a tanks power should not hurt it's performance..." Is assuming it is designed to be turned on and left on. Maybe it's situational? Maybe it's for stealthing when needed? A stealth power doesn't hurt a tanks performance. Because right now, stealth works the it should and the way anyone would assume it would. Maybe you're assuming it's use is something other than it is? If I'm a tank and have stealth, I have more options: 1. Leave it off until needed 2. Leave it on and sneak up and unload 3. ??? 4. Profit.
  3. My vote... Yes, balanced around SOs. Overall this game is pretty sound.
  4. So, somehow, I got that quote. *Shrug* it was so awesome I left it. I'm in the camp of, trainers shouldn't be tailors. Icon rules!
  5. Ok so. I'll do this one time only... And I'll deny I ever suggested anything BUT a nerf to regen... Regen issue: too binary, either ok or dead, scale it enough to be ok... never dead. There are several ways to go about improving the set, if one wanted to; however, it does perform well now, so it doesn't need much fixing. If we truly want to let's say... Refresh it? Then... Return ih to a toggle, albeit a weak one. Incorporate scaling resist, similar to SR to smooth the curve below 50% health. Incorporate an instant revive auto on a cool down. Build in scaling regen debuff resist. The idea is, like SR now vs before, there's a smoother curve. Right now you either out regen incoming dps, or you die quickly. There should e, below 50% health, a flattening of the curve, for both quality of play and realism. Call the scaling desensitization to pain thematically. So, regen is medium at full health, and as health drops, regen begins to increase marginally, dma res scales up a bit and your rate of imminent dirt nap slows a bit, allowing time for regroup, hitting a clickie HUGE regen, or running away like a scared little regen. None of this would be overpowered. That is, if you WANTED to change it... Me? I want to... NERF REGEN!!
  6. So, uh... Derail! I'm a bit sad the peak is 1k players 😭 I hope we continue to climb!
  7. You max out at 40 first person shooters? Need to up your game 😄
  8. Here's what should be done... Turn IH into an auto passive DEGEN... Spend 4 hours in costume creator.... Think of amazing name... Log into Atlas... Dead. Word to the mother.
  9. Depends on the bank... Perhaps you robbed the sperm bank and now you must protect the blood bank.
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