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powexecname afterburner activate Evasive Maneuvers


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There were issues with the name 'Afterburner' internally due to its previous use in the game, so the internal name for the power labeled 'Afterburner' is actually 'fly_boost'. The way powexecname works is odd. If you activate a power by name, and you have the power icon in a visible tray, it works normally. If the power icon is not visible, powexecname activates the power with that internal name, which may not be the same as the label name (particularly if the power was copied from another power). Evasive Maneuvers' internal name is 'afterburner', so if you don't have Fly active (opening the pop-up tray with the Afterburner icon) or dragged the Afterburner icon to another tray to keep it visible, powexecname won't find 'afterburner' in the visible power icon names, so it looks for a power with the internal name of 'afterburner', which is Evasive Maneuvers.

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